Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife Review

The kitchens with the best knives are usually well recognized. The Japanese kitchen knives are on the top of the list in today’s world. The Japanese knives often have a signature razor like edge for sharp cutting and filleting. Some of them are able to make paper thin cuts and the Japanese dishes are also famous for their taste and healthy ingredients.

Zelite Infinity - Chef Knife vs. Executive Chef Knife Special Edition

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Impress your guests

What can be a more clever way to impress your guests than amazing them with your chef’s knives and a modern kitchen? Thin refined slices of meat or veggies in your tempting and delicious meal will grab your guest’s attention for sure.  A good knife is really hard to find and at times hard to keep because some of them require frequent sharpening.

The Best Knife

An ideal knife has various properties which indicate about it being the best. The best one would not come with a label on it that it’s the best knife. Obviously, every knife would say that it is the best but only a few will indicate. Let’s see which kind of knives are actually the best ones.

The thinness and thickness of the knife behind its edge indicate about its quality. A thin knife behind the edge is preferable because it is durable and cut through clearly. Whereas, the one with thicker material behind the edge may break after some time of usage.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the best option for great Japanese knives. Stainless steel knives do not rust while the others rust when they are left wet. In contrary to it, carbon steel rusts faster when left wet.

Wooden Handle

The knives with wooden handles are easy and comfortable to use. So, most of the Japanese knives have wooden handles for smooth cutting.

The Appropriate Knife

People have different choices regarding knife’s length, which are according to their requirement. The size of the cutting product usually decides for the knife’s size. Big items like pumpkin and watermelon will demand a sharp long knife whereas, small items will ask for a shorter knife.


Chef’s Knife is the one with great performance. If you want to buy it online, then it comes with an elegant magnetic gift box, a protective plastic tip guard, and a red felt inlay.

About Zelite

If we talk about ZELITE, then it is a family run a business. It has an uncompromising mission to excite their customer’s expectations. Their family has been cooking enthusiasts since generations. So, they have felt a sense of satisfaction in the kitchen tools which led them to innovation.

They took this business as a matter of innovation, excitement, and change. Let’s see what Zelite Infinity represents.

  • ‘Z’ indicates the buzz and fun element or maybe the legendary swordsman “Zorro”
  • ‘Elite’ shows that they operate their own league
  • ‘Infinity’ represents that the products are designed not to wear out- your life investment

Being precise, Zelite Infinity promises uncompromising quality with exceptional customer support.

Razor Sharp Blade

Zelite knife has a razor sharp blade which is about 12 to 15 degrees each side. The sharp blades are convenient and help out in easy and smooth chopping. The 12 to 15 degrees sides make the knife extra sharp with no wrist overtiredness.

Faster Cutting

It also makes the cutting and chopping faster with less force and effort. The chances of slipping blade are also minimized which will prevent injuries.

Angles of Zelite Infinity Knife

The angle ranges around 8 to 10, 12 to 15 and 16 to 20 degrees are considered to be the best for a knife. No doubt, the knives with 8 to 10 degrees sides will be sharper but they have a worse edge. This is the reason that the Zelite Infinity knives are 8 inches long and are preferred because their degree ranges from 12 degrees to 15 degrees.

Mirror Polished Blade

A sharp knife is always a safe knife if you don’t want to work hard and spend a lot of time in minor cutting and chopping.  Zelite Infinity knives use Japanese VG10 Super steel clad with 67 layers of CUS410 high carbon stainless steel on each side. The knives are also mirrored polished with Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern.

Buy Directly from Zelite Infinity

We would recommend you, and in fact, everyone to buy Zelite Infinity knife directly from Zelite Infinity. It will give lifetime warranty in case of any manufacturing flaw found. The knife comes in a premium packing and will last you for long.


As every kitchen appliance and tool requires maintenance, same is the case with knives. Whoever has a close relationship with kitchen and its accessories is in serious consideration regarding their maintenance. However, maintenance of Japanese knives is a bit tricky.

The maintenance of knives includes sharpening, honing, maintenance and geometry of handle. Honing is essential in order to bend the knife on either side while using it on a cutting board or on a hard substance.


Honing is essential on the edge of a knife bend one way or the other when hit on a cutting board or hard item. A knife requires honing after using it 4-5 to keep it sharp. If you will frequently hone your knife, then you will have to sharpen it once in a couple of years.

Clean it instantly

Proper maintenance of particularly the Zelite knife is not at all a difficult job. Zelite Infinity knives are dishwasher safe but should be avoided. Using a dishwasher can quickly dull the knife’s edge, so, prefer cleaning it manually. Towel dry the knife instantly to keep the patterns on the blade shiny.


It is pretty easy and simple to keep the edge in shape. A few swipes are required on the steel and the former shine and glory will be retained. The edge of Zelite Infinity is itself sharp enough that most of the electric sharpeners don’t work properly. You will have to take it to a professional if the edge becomes dull.

Zelite Infinity Reviews

People have given reviews regarding Zelite Infinity knife but the majority is in its favor. However, whatever product you use, there are a few flaws present which is observed at times. But the best product is that whose pros are dominant over its cons. Let’s have a look at the customer’s reviews and experiences regarding Zelite Infinity knife.

About the Packing

The very moment one picks the beautiful box up, a secure feeling will be developed and a quality thing in hand will be observed. The artwork on the box has a metallic silver effect which makes it more appealing.

Knife Balancing

A good knife isn’t meant to be sharp only; it has a few other things to consider as well. The handle and the balancing quality are equally important. What to do with a sharp blade if you can’t hold it properly? If you use knives periodically, then a good handle and balancing features are a must. The military grade steel used in it is triple-riveted to the high carbon stainless steel frame.

Interest in Cooking

After the introduction of Zelite Infinity, the professional and home chefs started to enjoy cutting and chopping due to its sharpness. The edges are stain and rust resistant which makes the use of it more exciting.

Pinch Grip

A few people complain about the bolster because it tapers forward from the top to bottom of the knife. This is why an awkward pinch grip is made and people don’t find it comfortable to use.

Exposed Steel

A little percentage of people said that the exposed steel layers are among the surface imperfections. The food particles stuck to the blade, but on the other hand, it is easy to wash and wipe clean as well.

Belly of the Knife

The belly of the knife’s blade is quite rounded which troubles while using it at times. It takes some time to use it with consistency but works fine when you will get used to it.

Zelite Infinity Japanese Knives - Product Review


The Reason behind Zelite Infinity’s Success

When people were asked the reason for the success of Zelite Infinity, they replied that it gives the best product design and a world class customer service. Zelite Infinity provides its customers with 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty to gain their trust. The warranty removes much of the customer’s risk factor regarding the product.

Premium Quality Material

Zelite Infinity knife provides its customers with easy balance and a premium quality material. When compared with West, Asian knives are much lighter in weight, whereas Zelite Infinity fits perfectly in between the Asian and the Western knives.

Though Zelite Infinity couldn’t excel the best chef’s knife competition and regardless of it, Zelite Infinity reviews are in its favor. The unique features and the extremely sharp blades help it stand out in the market. After all, which company will give a lifetime warranty until they are themselves ensured of the product’s quality?


Zelite Infinity 8- inches knife comes in black color and is ideal if you want your dishes to like the chef- made dishes in cooking shows. It will prove to be a smart choice and addition to your kitchen and knife set.

Chop Vegetables

Zelite Infinity knife will let you cook vegetables and other dishes in much less time due to its easy and fast usage. You don’t have to worry while using Zelite Infinity if you have a large lot to chop down.

This amazing product is a bit heavy and weighs 8 ounces. But we guess it is fine because lightweight knives have more chance to breakdown.

Buy it via Amazon

You can buy Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife 8 inch with Best Quality Japanese VG10 Super Steel 67 Layer High Carbon Stainless Steel online as well. Click the link below and read what the customers have reviewed after experiencing it.

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You can also know other specifications of the knife which we may miss out. Though, we have tried our best to tell you about the Zelite Infinity knife in this article.

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