Wusthof Under Cabinet Knife Block

A set of knives is the most important tool that you need if you want to be a good cook.

If you are very fond of cooking, you must have a bunch of knives in your kitchen. Not only knives, you must have other tools too. So you need more space. The knives will surely take up large space in your drawers.


In order to get all your knives in one compact place, you need to have a knife holder or a “knife storage block” If you are keeping your knives in your kitchen drawer the blades of the knives can become dull. The sharp blades of the knives can be harmful if you have kids.

Buy a knife storage block and you will not have to worry about the safety of the kids.

You can easily insert the knives in the box. The blades of the knives are inserted in the box and the handle of the knives remains out. So it is safe to have it.

Also, the knife storage block is installed under a cabinet. The cabinet is at least 6 to 7 feet high above the ground. This is a safe level as kids cannot reach this height.

Wusthof Storage Blocks

1. Wusthof 8001 Under-Cabinet-Swinger Knife Storage Block

  • The Wusthof 8001 model is the storage block every person would love to have in their kitchen.
  • This storage block has a construction such that it can swing in and out from under your cabinet with a touch of your finger.
  • The block can hold 8 knives.
  • You can fix this block under your cabinet with just three screws.
  • The block is made up of Beechwood.
  • It is 10 to 14 inches long, 7 to ¼ inches wide, and 3- ½ inches high.
  • It can easily fit under your kitchen cupboard.
  • When counter space is at a premium, this clever knife block stores cutlery underneath a kitchen cabinet.
  • The handles are lower than the cabinet, and the block is made up of steel plates connected to a pivoting device that permits the block to be rotated to 360 degrees.
  • When you are not using it, the block can be swiveled in any direction so knife handles don’t protrude.
  • When you need the knives, a push of a finger brings their handles from beneath the cabinet.
  • The storage block is made of oak, the block has eight slots for knives with blades up to 10 inches long and a ninth slot is for placing a sharpening steel.
  • The magnetic strips help to hold the knives securely in their slots.
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2. Wusthof 35 Slot Storage Block, Cherry

  • The Wusthof storage block has a cherry color.
  • The storage block has a base of rubber which makes storage safe and secure.
  • It is one of Wusthof’s largest storage blocks.
  • This storage block can store 10-inch knives.
  • The storage block has steak knife slots.
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The Wusthof knife storage block is a very useful tool. It makes it easier for you to store your knives. The benefit of this handy tool is that it provides you with more space and saves you from putting in extra effort to search for your knives.

For example, if you have, let us just say 20 knives, you will not have to dig in your kitchen drawer to get the knife you were looking for. Once you buy it you will surely second this. It does not break easily and it is durable.

Buy this today and you will surely be satisfied with it.

Image credits via Wikimedia: Frank

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