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A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate food lovers in a wide range of tasks in the preparation of their favorite food. In the 21st century, the term almost always refers to an electric-motor-driven- kitchen appliance,

Food processors are often thought to be similar to blenders in many forms. The primary difference is that the food processors use interchangeable blades and disks rather than a single inbuilt fixed blade.

In addition, their bowls come in various sizes from smaller ones to larger. Usually, little amount of liquid is required for the efficient working of the food processor.

We hence bring before you one of the best-known food processors by the brand name cuisine art, the product we will be discussing in detail is: cuisine art 7 cup processors (DLC-2007N 7C).


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The past dates back to…

One of the first electric food processors was the Starmix, introduced by German company Electrostar in 1946.  Although the basic unit resembled a simple blender, numerous accessories were available with it, including attachments for slicing bread, milk centrifuges and ice cream bowls.

At a time when electric motors were expensive, they also developed the piccolo, where the food processor’s base unit could drive a vacuum cleaner. In the 1960s, Albrecht von Goertz designed the food processors for Starmix.

In France, the concept of using a machine to process food began when a catering company salesman, Pierre Verdun, observed and pondered over a large amount of time his clients spent in the kitchen chopping, shredding and mixing.

He hence to save time and effort produced a simple but effective solution, a bowl with a revolving blade in the base. In 1960, this evolved into Robot-Coupe, a company established to manufacture commercial food processors for the catering industry.

The Magimix food processor arrived from France into the UK in 1974. Then, a UK based company Kenwood Limited started their own first Kenwood Food Processor in 1979.

Operate it

The base of the food processor is usually designed with a motor which turns a vertical shaft. A bowl, generally made of transparent plastic, fits around the shaft. Cutting blades are then to be attached to the shaft; these fit so as to operate near the bottom of the bowl.

Shredding or slicing disks when required can be attached instead; they spin near the top of the bowl. The feed tube allows ingredients to be added while chopping, grinding or pureeing.

In modern times, almost all food processors manufactured have safety devices which prevent the motor from operating if the bowl is not properly secured to the base or if the lid is not properly secured on to the bowl.

Food Chopper

A food chopper is actually a food processor but one with a smaller size. It also suits best for chopping food rather than for making smoothies.

Some of the many functions are…

Food processors are usually manufactured with having multiple functions, depending on the brand and model and type of disks or blade. These functions normally include slicing and chopping of any vegetable, for grinding items such as nuts, seeds, meat, or dried fruit, for shredding or grating cheese or even vegetables, for pureeing, for mixing and kneading doughs.

Cuisine art

Cuisinart 7 Cup Processor (DLC-2007N 7C) with its 7 Cup Work Bowl is efficient for your Kitchen. The company Cuisinart was founded in 1971, it is now a leading brand of kitchen appliances in the United States and Canada as well as internationally.

Food processors are used in kitchens all over the world to simplify preparation time before you began to cook and it also assists the home cook in creating delicious and healthy meals just from scratch.

Cuisinart models can even be used to make baby food, sauces, spreads, juices and pastry dough. The Cuisinart DLC-2007N 7-Cup Model is one of many of the company’s high-quality models. Learn more about food processors here!

Its Capacity

This Cuisinart DLC Model is equipped with a 7-cup capacity Lexan work bowl which is large enough to hold a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheese for all of your dicing, slicing, chopping, mincing or grating needs.  It measures 14.5 X 13 X 9.3 inches and weighs 12.5 pounds.

The Blades and Other Features

The Cuisinart 7 cup version includes a stainless-steel slicing disc, shredding disc, chopping and mixing blade, and dough blade. Moreover, the biggest advantage is that any Cuisinart blades you previously have will also fit in this machine.

The DLC-2007N comes with a spatula made to fit the contours of the work bowl, a recipe book, and even an instruction video that goes over basic use, tips and techniques and some of the recipes from the included in the recipe book.

The Lexan work bowl is virtually shatterproof, impervious to heat or cold and will stand the test of time in your kitchen.  If you make your own butter or mayonnaise, you will love the small pin-hole at the bottom for dribbling in ingredients.

The speed on the DLC-2007N automatically adjusts itself to ensure proper dough consistency for all of your baking prep needs.  The Supreme wide mouth is large enough to hold whole fruits and vegetables, to minimize time wasted in chopping your food before putting it into the bowl.

The powerful 600-watt motor provides ample power for the needs of any home chef.

Clean it

The 7-cup food Cuisinart compact build fits conveniently on any kitchen surface within easy reach or you can store the DLC-2007N in a cupboard when not in use. With its beautiful finish, the DLC-2007N compliments any kitchen with a touch of elegance.

All of the parts of the appliance are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. All you have to do after every use is simply toss everything into the dishwasher and after that wipe them all with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

The warranty

Cuisinart products are made in America and built to North American Electrical Standards.  This model comes with a full 10-year motor warranty and a 3-year limited entire unit warranty against workmanship and defects.

If you come across some technical failure, in that case, contact the manufacturing brand, and they will be more than pleased to assist you and make your experience a cuisine art worth remembering.

Amazon Reviews say…

Satisfied customers on Amazon rave about this Cuisinart 7 cup version, rating it a total of 4.6 stars out of a possible total of 5.

The DLC-2007N is easy to clean, powerful yet quiet, and makes adding ingredients during use simple.

A customer writes, “It’s super easy to use and clean; simply a dream to use.”

Bari Allen says, “. . . the item paid for itself the first time I used it . . .” due to the huge amount of time savings.  She goes on to express her delight at how quiet the DLC-2007N is and writes, “I can use it near sleeping people without waking them!”

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This version from Cuisinart can also be used to make homemade pet food. One user writes, “We also make all our own natural cat and dog food, which calls for whole eggs, shells and all, and more vegetables.”

The Cuisinart food processor, “. . . makes cooking now a whole lot easier and more rewarding!” so check it out!

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