Storing Kitchen Knives

One of the most used and sadly the negligible pieces of kitchen equipment is the method for proper storage of knife. We, therefore, bring before you the best way to store your kitchen knives such that they last longer in your kitchen.

Generally, very few people are aware that knives are also part of kitchen equipment and require same attention. Today we bring before you how you need to store knives for maximum sharpness and safety, and how you can avoid ending up with dull blades a lot sooner than you should.

There are a number of ways to store knives safely in your kitchen, and we will go over our top five recommendations, along with the pros and cons for each.

Magnetic knife rack

I would recommend you a magnetic knife rack, if it is mounted on your kitchen wall, it would allow you to store the blades vertically against the magnetic strip.

It is an easy way to organize the knife blades and keep them safely off the counter when not in use. The knives will be quickly available as all you have to do is reach up and grab the knife of your choice. And, most importantly, this rack keeps your knife blades stable.

Wooden holder

Another way and the widely used worldwide is to store kitchen knives in blocks. Many knife sets come along with their own knife block storage, and if they don’t. All you have to do is, simply buy a knife block to store knives from a nearby grocery store.

Kitchen knife holders like these seem ideal as they can be placed on countertops, just before your eyes. No need to sift through drawers and now, no worry of losing your most expensive knife somewhere between your culinary tools.

One of the biggest pros of this way of storing kitchen knives is that you avoid accidents while reaching for the right knife.

In-drawer knife holder

An alternative way is to keep knives safe by keeping them in, In-drawer knife blocks. If you are one of those people who really want to store kitchen knives in a drawer. Now you can do it!

It is a useful way, as by this you can manage your kitchen counters clean, as the knives will be out of your way and off the counter. It is ideal and highly recommended for those who have small kitchen spaces.

Cabinet knife storage

There are many who love to arrange their kitchens as per their needs, and wants. This set up is quite similar to the in a drawer, however, the difference is that it in the cabinet. It is a widely-practiced way, as you don’t have to bend down to search for knives here and there in the kitchen. It is easy to access storage location.

A bag

Another possibility is to arrange the knives in a case or a bag like structure commonly referred to as a knife bag. It is popular with people who travel with their knives, especially chefs or culinary staff. You can order one for yourself or make one out of leather for yourself. A customized one!

It will not only look cool but will also fulfill the purpose. If you want one, you can hang one in your kitchen. It will keep knives packed away safely and properly stored to avoid damage to the knives.

Storing Kitchen Knives in A Drawer

Apart from using an in-drawer knife block storage method or an in-cabinet knife storage, I would strongly suggest avoiding this unless you have absolutely no other choice. Free storage of knife blades in a drawer can chip the handle or the blade itself, knives will dull easily, or you could even end up hurting your hands.

In case you don’t have the option of countertop, magnetic strip, or an under-cabinet, or even an in-drawer storage, you could definitely invest in a set of knife blade covers.

Knife sleeves will allow you to keep the knives blade’s edge longer, and they provide protection from catching the blade with your fingers, so it is a perfect safety feature.

Importance of storing knives properly

The key to keeping your kitchen knives sharp, safe to use, and protecting them from breaking is to choose a knife storage method that keeps each knife safe, secure and separately. You can choose a method for protecting your knives as per your requirements.

For those who know, a good set of knives is a big investment one makes and is a big dig in one’s pocket if you have to do this after every few months.


An important tip to remember is always clean your knives immediately after use and before storing them away.

The prime reason being that if you keep your knives longer to wait before cleaning them after use, it is more likely that the food particles can accumulate on your knife blades.

If you work with tomatoes or citrus or other acidic foods in the kitchen, not cleaning the knife blades immediately, and drying and storing them correctly can cause corrosion or deterioration to the metal on the blade.

Well, we hope that you find this article informative enough, as well as inspiring so that you also end up buying a knife storage block for your kitchen knives. And it would serve as an icing on the cake if that storage block is by Henckels, one of the top brands in the world.


Image credit via Flickr creative commons: Ricky Leong


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