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Characteristics of the best Knife Sharpener would vary from person to person because of the knives they use, awareness of different types of knives, the level of interest to make them sharp, and of course affordability the most.

In any case, the sharp-bladed knife is vital for cutting and protection. Non-sharp knife needs more power for performing the task than a sharp one. This is preferable for any sort of knife.

Many brands do offer sharpening services, but it takes a lot of time to get the job done and makes you bound as well. Hence as a solution, we have brought you Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener (Check Price Here).

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You may browse the internet for Presto Knife Sharpeners or others as well what you wish, but you need to look into some factors before purchasing one for your kitchenette.

Set Up Of Your Kitchen

You must have an idea of what will fit in your kitchen well. Consider the knives there and buy one of an excellent quality which has a long-lasting sharpener. If you want one for your daily usage, you can even buy stone made affordable sharpeners as well.

Material Of The Sharpener

Knife sharpeners are available in the different material in the market; normally they are made of steel or stone. With that, there might be different prices for different products. Therefore, the matter should be taken as a significant factor while purchasing one.

Cost and Affordability

You must look for the prices on the internet and then assess the affordability. If knife sharpener is not to be used on a daily basis, it would be certainly better to buy the inexpensive manual sharpeners. It must be easy in your pocket.
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Following are the brief descriptions of the famous knife sharpeners available in the market; both manual and electric.

Stone-Produced Knife Sharpeners

They are also called as whetstone knife sharpeners. It is made from a combination of various diamonds, minerals, ceramic and other conventional sharpening stones are used to produce rectangularly shaped sharpeners. They are amazing gadgets for your kitchen and must be made use for sharpening every kind of blade-like, razors, scissors or knives even.

What Else?

Such essentials work just like steel knife sharpeners. They do not sharpen blades which have become dull totally, but they can efficiently keep up and sustain the sharpness and shine of knives.

Steels That Sharpen Knives

Sharpeners produced steel by work for sharpening rough knives. Hence, such are used too for keeping up the sharpness. Nowadays, many kitchen chefs choose them.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Restaurants and café kitchens have such sharpeners. Electric devices like them are efficient, long lasting and work fast and efficient. If a lot of cutting and chopping is done in your kitchen, due to your family size or any other reason, you must prefer the electric ones.

Coming to our Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, it is a three-stage electric sharpening procedure. This unit’s stages are accurate and fine. We have some prominent features:

  • Quick and effective work
  • Normally 3-5 stages are good enough, but not for rough knives which may require much more time

Talking about its function-ability, it is simply of no use. Just kidding, guys! It is even better than our expectations.
It has an interchangeable blade.

With dimensions- 12″x 5″x 4″ and having a weight of 5.1 lbs:

  • It is portable and can be placed anywhere after its use
  • Its outlook is metallic silver and black, suitable for any sort of kitchen’s interior these days
  • It will fit amazingly in the conventional kitchen setups as well
  • It is affordable
  • It is excellent for blades to be used in a household kitchen, not for hunting or any other purpose.

Pros and Cons

This compactly sized knife sharpener works fast and can sharpen almost all home-used kitchen knives. The sharpener is not noisy as compared to the other similar products. This can be used for cooking beginners with no experience for sharpening.

If any queries, a guide is added to the box, which is well enough to guide you and inform you about its functions and use.

It is less time consuming because of its speed, even for those who were comfortable to use stone or steel sharpener. Plus, this will ultimately work for low to mid-level knives. With all these plus points, negatives also show up.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener has to put more force and time for thick blades or could even damage them while grinding.

CAUTION: This is not suitable for high-end cutlery.

On the other side, it is not a good pick for Japanese Style Blades, because of the higher bevel angle given on blades. Similarly, Japanese style blades, along fillet knives with have an angle around 15 degrees, which is not attainable by such sharpeners.

Besides, every knife sharpener works well with small sized paring knives and blades. Like the lock and key hypothesis, you could assume every sharpener to have an active site where only a knife of a particular shape could fit in. Yes, biology works here too! You can never underestimate the reach of science.

Yes, biology works here too! You can never underestimate the reach of science.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener comes with three various adjustments – thick, medium, thin. You just need to adjust the setting you wish for and sharpen it right away. Moreover, it comes with the cups attached to it for sucking the entire grind.

As a reminder, Stage one is significant enough for it being so precise and powerful. You must ensure that your knives which are to be sharpened have bad cutting power. If not you can switch to stage two and three.

Its motor is very powerful along with the product’s exterior. It seems that it is long lasting and I assure you that it will be there when you need it.

Now, we would elaborate more features for you to make it more convincing and make this a better choice for you according to your kitchen needs.

This sharpener will definitely sharpen jagged blade knives. With the passage of time, it might look straight and smoothly edged bladed knife. Plus, it works with 110 volts. Besides, you must not sharpen scissors blades. It is manufactured in China.

It cannot sharpen ceramic blades so you must avoid it for that use. Many of our customers have tried and tested this sharpener and claim that it sharpens Santoku knives amazingly.

Presto Sharpener is comparable with other top brands in the market. It gives a great service as compared to expensive ones and completes the task greatly for home kitchen use. It is enough for use at home.

For instance, if you want to sharpen any knife, you must not have to get tensed or overuse the blades. All you have to do is to just pass your knife through stage three and slide it twice or thrice only. This will help to get the job done easily.

On the contrary, ragged knives need some real grinding and sharpening to get that smooth and sharp blade. What you need to do is just start from stage one and go up till stage three. To maintain the knives, you only have to slide it through stage three, and that is sufficient.

After comparing electric ones with the manual ones, we have a brief analysis regarding it. The electric one is way faster than the manual one, after learning how to do it. It makes sharpening time-saving. It is simple and easy to use at the same time. It is very reliable and durable rather than the non-automated ones.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener does what it is supposed to do in daily routine and for which it is designed for. Especially, if you are looking for an affordable sharpener, it is the best choice which will not let you down and will make cutting vegetables and fruits utterly effortless.

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