Pasta, Pasta, Everywhere!

Now, We are pretty damn sure that by just reading the title your mouth started to profusely salivate and your foodie’s heart was captured by chains of macaroni instantly, after all, it is all favorite, all beloved our very own, PASTA!!!

Pasta has made its way through literally every home and household and restaurant and cuisine around the globe. It is found in a variety of different styles and shapes and designs and cooked with millions of different sauces and meats and vegetables. All dishes differing from border to border.

We mean if you want to talk about the popularity of pasta you just need to recall the last time you put a spoon of sin into a bucket of oozing warm mac and cheese. Not so far back in time right? Pasta, now these days, is a staple meal in most of the households. And that is a fact.


Product NameBrandSpeciality
J. K. Adams Rolling pinJ.K AdamsTraditional thick rolling dowel without handles (lifetime warranty)
Eppicotispai Beechwood fettuccine Cutter Rolling PinEppicotispaWorks as fettucine cutter too
Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling PinJoseph JosephAdjustable so roll according to your needs
Imperia Foglio Pasta Mat and Rolling PinImperia FoglioTraditional style rolling pin with silicpne mat
Norpro Ravioli Rolling pinNorpro RavioliRavioli Cutter and Rolling Pin
We Love Pasta Pappardelle Cutter Rolling PinWe Love PastaCuts and rolls Pappardelle

Pasta Rolling Pin Recommendations

1. J. K. Adams Rolling pin

•This rolling pin is made up of maple wood and is quite reasonably priced.
•It is 19 inch in length and 2 inches in diameter.
•It comes with a lifetime warranty.
•It showcases tradition and resembles one of the earliest rolling pins.
• It is handcrafted and requires hand washing; so it is not dishwasher safe.

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2. Eppicotispai Beechwood fettuccine Cutter Rolling Pin

•Eppicotispai offers four sorts of rolling pins and cutters both; Fettucine, Pappardelle, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle.
•These are wooden rolling pins which are hardly costly.
•They come in unique designs with rings on the rolling pin bodies with a specific diameter depending on the pasta type you are making.
•The customers have highly praised it.

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3. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

•This is again a wooden rolling pin which requires handwashing.
•It comes with measurements written on the rolling pin’s cylindrical body which can help you cut pasta according to your desired widths.
•It also helps you determine thickness with multi-colored removable discs so your pasta won’t be too thin or too thick.

•This is a wooden cutting and rolling pin with pretty much the same design as that of Eppicotispai’s.
•This is a spaghetti cutter rolling pin
•It is made from natural beech wood and cuts spaghetti to a width of 0.2 cm.

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4. Imperia Foglio Pasta Mat and Rolling Pin

•This might be heavy on your budget but it comes with a silicone non-stick rolling mat too.
•The rolling pin is wooden, traditional style and long in length.
•Like most of the rolling pins mentioned here, this requires a hand wash too.

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5. Norpro Ravioli Rolling pin

•This is again a wooden rolling pin 18 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter.
•It is made from beech wood and requires to be washed with a wet cloth.
•This is specially designed for ravioli making.
•It may be high on your budget.

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6. We Love Pasta Pappardelle Cutter Rolling Pin

•It is made from beech wood.
•There are the rings on the body just like the previous design from this company but they are ought to cut strips according to the diameter of a pappardelle.
•Most customers seem satisfied with it and are not too bothered by the price either.
•You don’t need sloppy knife work to get right measurements but just this wooden tool to get all the measurements right on point.

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Let’s put things in reverse gear now.

Pasta is originally from Italy. It was first sighted in 1154 and became quite the hot potato in the 14th and 15th century. We have all heard the tale of Marco Polo importing pasta.

Since then, its fame and popularity have grown, large and wide, unprecedented. It has 310 different types which have almost 1300 different names, again due to the difference of border and localities and cuisines.

So whether it is Fettuccine Alfredo or lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs, pasta is present everywhere in one form or another.

And why not? I mean,

  1. It is delicious. Let’s not even put that into question.
  2. It is healthy with a huge amount of carbohydrate (starch) and protein, manganese, iron depending on the wheat it is made from and the sauces, meats, and vegetables you incorporate it with. Carbohydrate yes, it is fattening but not if taken in a calculated proportion. Of course, if you are used to eating pasta in a bucket rather than a bowl, then you are ought to put on a few kilograms. There is not fighting that. It is inevitable.
    However, calculated proportions of carbohydrates are necessary, more so, vital for your body. It is the primary source of energy for the body and the brain. After all, carbohydrates are broken down to glucose and that is what oxidizes at the cellular level to give you the energy to do work.
  3. It is easy to make and takes zero time at all. Just buy a packet of pasta and get it boiling while you prepare a creamy sauce and shitake mushrooms to pair it up with or a rich tomato and lamb sauce to marriage it well with.

Now here is what we are going to question. Why not make artisan pasta? (artisan pasta: Pasta made by hand)
Like yes, you have a busy schedule which makes it hard to squeeze in time for making your own homemade pasta and why put in the extra effort when you can purchase the already done and dusted pasta along with your grocery. It saves you time, energy and yeah, that is pretty much it.

Perhaps here is why you should make your own pasta.

Why make your very own Pasta?

Now I know the Italian grannies and absolute kitchen nerds and foodies already do make their pasta at home and will stand by me in all my arguments. Thank you for the support guys, truly appreciate.

Making homemade is not, I repeat, NOT time taking! It is barely more than an hour of work. You could just put on a movie of your choice on a Sunday morning and make your very own pasta with it.

Pasta is NOT hard to make. Absolutely not. The pasta manufacturers have created such an aura that has compelled us to ponder that maybe pasta is too difficult to make and we can only buy it from a supermarket or have it at 3 Michelin star restaurant or in Italy! The truth is, these presumptions are all horse poop.

In fact, I can guarantee that the ingredients needed to make pasta are already present in your kitchen cupboard. That’s right. All you need is flour, eggs, water, and oil. And the process consists of simple steps like making a dough, kneading it, rolling and thinning it with a pasta rolling pin, leaving it to rest and cutting it into any shape you will!

Now you can argue that kneading a pasta is not a child’s play. You are right. That is why those Italian mamas have those big a muscles. And that is exactly why you should need to knead. It could save you hours and hours of workout in the gym and you could have buffed up shoulders and your very own homemade pasta.
Besides, making your own homemade pasta, helps you to connect with your food. You know exactly, what goes into your food.  That is a pro in itself. Who knows what goes into the already packed and processed supermarket goods?

Moreover, the pasta is fresh. It is preservative free, color free and additives free which all contributes to accentuating the taste of your pasta. And if that is not healthy, nothing is.
Homemade pasta cooks faster too. Since this pasta is already hydrated so you just need to dehydrate it in boiling water thus it takes less time to boil up. While with a packet pasta, when boiling I, you are both hydrating it and dehydrating it so it takes twice as much time.

As mentioned earlier, homemade pasta is fresh and it has both better taste and texture. There is more to it. Homemade pasta absorbs the sauce better as well.

Perhaps, the biggest pro of all the pro’s is that homemade pasta is way, like way cheaper than the supermarket pasta. Yes, you are saving time by simply buying it from the supermarket which is more valuable but considering the stats, in an average household in this day and age, pasta is at least eaten fortnightly. So that is twice a month and around 24 times a year.

A superior quality pasta costs around 5 to 6 dollars and that makes 120 dollars per year. Whereas the homemade is made from the staple ingredients of every household that are flour, eggs, oil, and water. And these are way cheaper and you already purchase them for other kitchen purposes.

Henceforth, undoubtedly, homemade pasta saves you an arm and a leg.

Besides, it saves you a trip to the market. You can be as creative as you want. Make thin sized pasta, make it fat sized, make the dough into lasagna sheets or ravioli or tortellini, whatever suits your needs and cravings.

Let us not forget the utmost satisfaction of getting your hands all floury and watery and doughy and the pleasure of being able to savor the hard work of your hand.

It is a weekend and your friends are coming over. So you decide to create for them the more delicious homemade pasta and what will your effort get? Praise! And trust us on this, they will be influenced and they will try to make their own homemade pasta as well.

So now that we know why we NEED to make our own pasta. You might be thinking to go and buy those pricey pasta machines which thin your pasta in no time and then you will just need to put in the effort of making and kneading the dough while that pasta machine will do the rest of the magic for you.

That is where you are wrong again. Yes, pasta machines reduce your time and effort again.  But the money you save through making your own pasta at home will be spent in buying this pasta machine because they are extremely costly.

Besides, you need to give your pasta a traditional touch. You need to preserve the magic of your grannies’ pasta and you can only do that by using a pasta rolling pin for thinning and shaping your pasta.

The question that arises now is what sort and kind of rolling pin would suit your needs? Well, we will be sorting that worry out of yours soon too. But without further ado, here is how to make and knead and roll your own pasta with the ease of the simple ingredients and tools already present in your kitchen.

Here was our favorite list of pasta cutters and rolling pins which can make your homemade pasta experience a walk in the park without any argument. The weekend is just around the corner so let’s get kneading and most importantly rolling! Make yourself a delicious bowl of white pasta or lasagna with béchamel, ain’t nobody stopping you!

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Yamanka



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