M.O.C. Board Magnetic Knife Strip Review

Knives are probably the most important staple in our kitchen, something that we use on a daily basis. Hence our knives deserve to rest or be stored in a place that makes their life last longest, while also making it easier for us to access them

What is the most common way to store knives?


And why is that not ideal for the knives? Because it tends to reduce the longevity of the knives.

What happens in a drawer is that you chuck everything insides, and everything keeps moving and bumping into each other every time you open a drawer. Knives can be really sensitive in this department because mishandling like this causes them to lose their sharpness.

Different Ways To Store Your Knives

The first way and the most common is obviously drawer like we have mentioned already. So what are some other ways?

Well, some knives tend to come with a knife block, and yes a knife block can be a pretty efficient way to store your knives because it will save them from unnecessary contact.

But What Are The Downsides To Keeping Your Knives In A Knife Block?

Well first of all hygiene. The very thin knife holding compartments in a knife block can be a torture too clean, and one can only imagine the kind of dust and dirt that must settle inside it after some time has passed.

One way to deal with this is to clean your knives every time you take them out to use, but really who has the time for that?

What you need is an ideal way to store knives that will ensure their longevity and give you no trouble as far as cleaning is concerned, and as it happens we have just the right option for you.

The Right Way To Store Knives

The right way to store knives is by using a magnetic strip. This is something that is used in most professional kitchens and by professional chefs in order to make sure that their knives are not damaged.

This is a very simple and basic idea, the magnetic strip is attached to a wall of the shelf and the knives can just hang out on it, literally. You can access your knife easily and always have an eye on them rather than sifting through a drawer with 20 other utensils to find the right knife.

The M.O.C. Woodworks Magnetic Knife Strip

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The M.O.C just upped the game by a hundred percent with their new magnetic knife strip, this is not your regular magnetic strip, this is something that looks like class and will probably transform your knife storing ways.

The M.O.C Woodworks designed a magnetic strip that actually looks like a sleek piece of wood and nothing more, but then you realize how beautifully the designer has crafted the entire thing and you just want this magnetic strip in your kitchen.

The knife strip was actually designed by Aaron Weinstock, who is also the creator and founder of M.O.C Woodworks. Aaron is somewhat of a creative genius and his innovations are taking the creative world by storm.

Like us, Aaron also wanted to come up with a knife storing solution that will not compromise the elegance of your kitchen and also be perfect for the handling of your knives.

The cons of the steel magnetic knife strip are that first of all it doesn’t really add to the interior of your kitchen. And secondly, when you pull away from the knife from a metal the knife is bound to get scratches and marks after several pulls. These scratches are hardly affordable for those who own professional knife sets like Shun and Global Knives.

Just by looking at the knife strip by M.O.C Woodworks, you would think it is a simple piece of wood. It looks light enough but it definitely is not considering all the different little tricks that are inside the wooden block that the wooden interior hides.

Interestingly enough the logo of M.O.C. Woodworks appear on the backside of this knife holder which I actually prefer. The thing is that when you are putting something on display and it becomes a part of your interior, you have to make sure it’s elegant and not too flashy.

Aaron really did put a lot of thought before coming up with this genius invention.

The Construction: How Does It Work?

You must be wondering where the magnetic power comes from because all you see o the surface is the plain wood.

You would think the magnet is inside the wooden covering right, but the finish is so neat you cannot possibly find the places where the wood was attached or nail marks or glue or anything at all, it just looks like a slab, I mean we really checked.

So here’s what Aaron says about how he made this happen. Basically, they use a good quality wood and create a groove inside that. The magnetic force comes from the rare earth magnets that they use, which are simply placed inside the groove that was created.

To wrap it up and make it look beautiful, the designer/inventor Aaron places a veneer over the magnets which is perfectly matched and then rubbed and polished for that perfectly neat look.

It seems that this would be a simple enough idea, but Mr. Weinstock had to face a number of hurdles before getting it right.

The first trial of the design was actually somewhat of a disaster. The thing with magnets is you have to work really hard to make sure the strength of the magnetic pull is just perfect and not too harsh.

I mean imagine sticking your knife to the magnetic strip and then pulling it with all your strength to get it off. Not very convenient is it?

So it took Aaron a few tries before he came up with the perfect formula and now it is the best knife storage that is available in the market. The knife sticks and doesn’t fall, and when you want to use it will detach easily enough as well.

The Features

To give you a better idea of how it looks we will just mention the size and all. So it is basically 12 inches long, 2 inches wide and 0.8 inches deep, you can find the right spot in your kitchen where you can place it.

In order to give you some variety and option, it comes in different wood finishes and you can choose whatever goes well with your interior so it just blends in. The few options they offer are;

  • Cherry M.O.C. Board 12 Inch
  • Walnut M.O.C. Board 12 Inch
  • Maple M.O.C. Board 12 Inch
  • Zebrawood M.O.C. Board 12 Inch
  • Lacewood M.O.C. Board 12 Inch
  • Wenge M.O.C. Board 12 Inch

Another great thing about this M.O.C Woodwork strip is that it can be used in a very versatile manner. You don’t necessarily have to use it for just your knives, although that is the main purpose.

You could use this in your office or as a key holder in your foyer because anything that’s metal will stick to it and it will hold it.

So give this a shot and experiment how it goes.

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