7 Best Meat Grinders for the Money

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance for fine mincing of raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or other food items. It replaces tools like the mincing knife, for example, which is also used to produce minced meat.

All you should do is put the minced food into a funnel, which is placed on the top of the grinder.

From there the material goes on a horizontal screw conveyor. This screw conveyor, which can be powered by a hand wheel or an electric motor.

Before we review the top meat grinders, here is a quick summary of the top ones:

Best Meat Grinders for the Money

ProductsProduct dimensionsItem weightItem model number
CHARD HG-22 No. 22 Cast Iron Hand Grinder11.4 x 4.4 x 7 inches9.8 poundsHG-22
American Eagle Food Machinery AE-G12N 1HP #12 Commercial Stainless Steel Meat Grinder16.5 x 16.5 x 10 inches59 pounds AE-G12N
Bundle 2 Items: Braun G3000 1500-watt Meat Mincer, 220-volt, Acupwr Acucraft Plug Kit WILL NOT WORK IN USA/CANADA OUTLETS, 220VOLT8 x 19 x 12 inches10 poundsG3000
Bonnie manual meat chopper No.22 (japan import)12.2 x 9.8 x 9.4 inches16.3 poundsno model
Weston Butcher Series #22 Electric Meat Grinder (1 HP)24.5 x 16.9 x 14.7 inches59.6 poundsno model

At the end of the conveyor there is a knife installed directly in front of the fixed hole plate. At this opening the minced meat comes out of the machine. The fineness of the meat depends on the size of the holes of the plate.

Following are the top ten meat grinder, for you to choose the best that appeals your need and pocket!

1. CHARD HG-22 Cast Iron Hand Grinder

About the product

The CHARD #22 Hand Grinder is the perfect hand crank meat grinder for making hamburgers, jerky or sausage. The heavy duty, tin-coated cast iron construction ensures years of continuous use. Grind generous portions of meat quickly with the 3 ¼ Inch diameter grinding head and 5/16-Inch-thick grinding plate.

The bolt down style body secures to your table or counter top which keeps the grinder in place while operating. The long-lasting poly handle won’t split or splinter like wood and is removable with a quick spin of the oversized thumb screw.

The grinder fully disassembles for fast and easy clean-up. Includes one sausage nozzle adapter and three sausage stuffing tubes: 3/4”, 5/8”, 1/2”. Great for making links, sausages, and bratwursts. CHARD Products put you in control with a little help from the right tools.

Suet is not recommended as the hamburger will fully cook before suet melts causing suet particles to remain. When making sausage, add at least 20% fat with meat and grind it like a burger. Mix the seasoning with meat after the first grind and then grind the mixture a second time.

Preparing your own meals is one of the best things you can do for the health and well-being of your family. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing you are in control and that the payoff is in the process. With a little help from the right tools, you and your family can build memories and create recipes that will continue for generations.

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2. American Eagle Food Machinery 

About the product

American Eagle commercial meat grinders feature patented design, all-inclusive accessories, and competitive pricing, making them the best value for foodservice professionals, hunters, butchers or home enthusiasts alike.

Their exceptional reliability and attractive, compact designs make them ideal for open commercial kitchens, front-end meat operations, or a home countertop. All grinder head components (feed chamber, auger, grinder plates, knife), feeder pan, and motor housing are 100% stainless steel construction, making everything super easy to clean.

A specially designed grinder head with rifled chamber walls and quick pass auger reduces food waste and makes passing meat through for sausage a breeze. The grinder head combined with a 100% metal gear-driven transmission and 1HP motor means this machine grinds even the toughest meat with ease!

A permanently lubricated, sealed transmission design with air-cooled motor ensures food safety and years of trouble-free service. All internal worms and gears are precision machined from heat treated steel-alloys for extra durability.

A built-in circuit breaker and reset helps prevent damage to the motor. Comes with: stainless steel feeder pan, meat pusher, sausage stuffing tube (3/4” output), 1/4” grinder plate (6mm), 5/16” grinder plate (8mm), and one stainless steel knife. For extra safety, feed chamber opening measures 2.5” in diameter. Feeder pan measures approximately 12.5” x 9.5” x 2”.Uses standard 115V/60Hz/1Phase power. ETL Certified to NSF No. 8, CSA, CE Standards. Covered by a 1-year limited warranty, must be registered to be valid.

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3. Eagle Food Machinery  Meat Grinder

About the product

American Eagle Food Machinery commercial meat grinders kits feature patented design, all-inclusive accessories, and competitive pricing, making them the best value for foodservice professionals, hunters, butchers, or home enthusiasts alike their exceptional reliability and attractive, compact designs make them ideal for open kitchens and front-end meat operations.

This meat grinder kit makes grinding even the toughest meat easy. American eagle meat grinders kits are designed to fit a standard 12 hub and can be used on most equipment such as planetary mixers that feature a standard 12 hub.

However, the fit is not guaranteed if the attachment is used on non-American eagle branded equipment. This attachment kit has been verified to work with American Eagle Food Machinery models: Ae-g12n, ae-g12nm, ae-ts12, ae-js12, ae-mc12n.

Product features are as follows:

  • 12 meat grinder chamber, recommended RPM range 170-200
  • Patented rifled chamber design with quick pass auger reduces food waste
  • Heavy duty 100% stainless steel grinder head, feeder pan, auger, knife and plates for easy cleaning
  • Kit includes feeder pan, 6mm and 8mm (1/4″,5/16″) plate, knife, sausage tube (3/4″ out), meat pusher
  • Fits standard 12 hubs, verified to work with ae-g12n, ae-g12nm, ae-ts12, ae-js12, ae-mc12n
  • New (1) from $348.99 & FREE shipping. Details
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4.  Braun G3000 1500-watt Meat Mincer

About the product

This Braun G3000 1500-watt Meat Mincer is a top of the line product. It comes with many great features such as Stainless Steel Blades and reverse function, it is Able to mince frozen meat over -5 degrees Celsius, has Cord storage for best protection, Power locked 1500 Watt Motor.

This product is for Overseas Use Only and we will provide our exclusive (ACUCRAFT® ACUPWR Plug Kit – Lifetime Warranty). WILL NOT WORK IN USA/CANADA OUTLETS Made for 220/240 Volt Factory Made Overseas Use only Will not work in the USA.

Features are as follows:

  • Stainnless Steel Blades and reverse function
  • Able to mince frozen meat over -5 degrees Celsius
  • Cord storage for best protection
  • Power locked 1500 Watt Motor
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5. Bonnie manual meat chopper No.22 


About the product

Package Dimensions are 12.2 x 9.8 x 9.4 inches, item Weight is 16.3 pounds and so is the shipping weight.

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6. Weston Butcher Series  Electric Meat Grinder 


About the product

New! Get amazing value from this commercial-style meat grinder. Built to last with a powerful permanently lubricated, air-cooled motor, precision engineered gears and a 5-year warranty.

Features Permanently lubricated, 1 HP / 750 watts air cooled motor (120 volts, 60 Hz) runs smoothly for a lifetime of use Grinds 9-12 lbs per minute Offset head design (patent pending) promotes high speeds Precision engineered steel gears for quiet performance & rugged durability.

Five Year Limited Warranty Disassembles for easy cleanup Non-slip rubber feet for added stability Sturdy handle for carrying & transportation Includes: Auger Grabbing Stomper for simple disassembly and cleanup Stainless steel grinding knife

Two stainless steel grinding plates:  Coarse (7mm) and Medium (4.5mm)

Sausage Stuffing Kit: Set of three funnels: 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm 10mm

Snack Stick funnel & high-speed auger Stuffing star/spacer

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7. Weston #8 Manual Tinned Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

About the product

The Weston brand meat grinders – over 100 years of quality and tradition. The Porkert multi-stage tinning process is a closely guarded secret that has never been duplicated and carries a lifetime guarantee.

Prepare burgers, sausages and more with freshly processed meat from your own kitchen. Stuff a variety of sausages with the included 14 mm, 19 mm and 24 mm sausage making funnels.

Features are:

  • Cast iron
  • Durable handle
  • Heavy duty nylon auger bearing
  • Includes two steel plates for fine (4.5 mm) & coarse (10 mm) grinds & steel grinding knife
  • Sausage stuffing kit including adapter, spacer & three different sized funnels also included
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Includes sausage stuffing kit containing adapter, spacer and three different sized funnels.
  • Also included and includes two steel plates for fine (4.5 mm) and coarse (10 mm) grinds and steel grinding knife.

The mission of Weston is to fuel a movement of food traditionalists with enduring, well-built products needed for a self-sustaining approach to food. Weston develops, markets, and distributes appliances and accessories under the proprietary Weston brand and private label brands.

Products are designed for hunters, gardeners and food enthusiasts who have a passion for farm-to-table and field-to-table foods.

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8. Electric Meat Grinder Model STX-4000

About the product

Introducing The All New Patented STX Model STX-4000-TB2-PD Turboforce II Quad Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder – Now Featuring Optional Foot Pedal Control. This New Electric Meat Grinder is a “Beauty and a Beast”.

The Futuristic Styling of our Turboforce II was a creation of our Model/Art Design Department and is designed to complement any kitchen counter. Available in either Black or White with Chrome Accents.

The motor inside this unit Features 2000 Watts of Peak Output Power and this allows it to grind even the toughest cuts of meat without bogging down in the least. The 4 Air Cooling Intakes make up our Patented Quad Air Cooling Design, engineered to keep this grinder’s motor Ultra Cool which will Virtually Double the Life of this product.

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9. Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder, Silver

About the product

Perhaps you’re a hunter looking for easy affordable ways to handle your game at home. Maybe you’re a foodie who simply enjoys making it all yourself from scratch. Or perhaps you’re concerned about the nutritional value and cost of the overwhelming amounts of highly processed, industrialized food available today.

Whatever your passion, Weston has what you need. For home gardeners, home cooks and homemakers who appreciate the value of good nutrition and taste of homemade, Weston products can help you take a healthy, back to basics approach to your meal planning and preparation.

Our entire line of quality houseware products deliver unique, highly specialized tools for every step in the home food chain: Process, Prepare and Preserve. Get the right equipment to turn your game, your harvest or your bulk purchases into good nutrition, good value and good eats.

Product features are:

  • Imported
  • Quality and performance driven products for your home
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of living in your home with Weston
  • 3 stainless steel grinding plates for fine, medium, and coarse grinds
  • Sausage stuffing funnel for easy sausage making
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10. Meat Grinder – ALISKID Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Mincer w

About the product

Made of high-quality food grade material, is durable, strong and solid. The operation is simple. The grinder comes apart easily, so all the parts can be thoroughly cleaned. More safe and healthier. It is multi-purpose, hence best grinding for meat, garlic, pepper, chili, peanuts, noodle & pasta maker, vegetable, fruit, etc.

Powerful Suction Base: Choose a non-wooden, there should be no water, smooth and flat edge of kitchen counter, then, turn the knob on the bottom and the meat grinder will attach the surface strongly. The ceramic and glass countertop is the best work for the Powerful suction base.

Manual Meat Grinder Material: Made of high quality food grade material, durable, strong and solid. Lifetime Warranty with 24 Hours Friendly Service! How to Use it ? Please Search “ALISKID” on YOUTUBE Video.

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