How to Make Banana Bread Moist After Baking

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There is only a hand full of items that can be eaten for breakfast and dessert and tea time snack, and banana bread is the star of all those items. Banana bread is the most versatile cake/bread that the humans came up with, and so very delicious too.

The best thing about banana bread is that you don’t even require completely fresh bananas, the riper the better. Banana bread is a great way to utilize those bananas that you may have contemplated throwing away.

But the thing is a good cake is always a moist cake unless there was a way to make your banana bread stay fresh and moist longer, even after it has been baked?

Dry Cakes Are A Big No

There are a number of things that make a cake a good cake, and the first thing on that list is whether that cake is moist or not. A cake needs to be moist with a melt in your mouth kind of texture in order for it to be delicious.

There are a number of things that can make a cake go dry. Dry cakes are a big no because it is almost impossible to swallow a dry cake, no matter how good the taste may be.

The thing with cakes is that due to the ingredients present in them they tend to dry out pretty quickly, and then you are left with a dry cake, which can be used in trifles etc. but what about banana bread?

Some people say that covering a cake with a damp towel can help retain the moisture, but personally, I don’t think that actually works like it is meant to, it just makes your cake soggy.


Pre-Baking Measures

The best thing you can do for moist cakes is switching up your recipe a little because the ingredients that you put in and how you put them in can really affect the outcome of your final product.

Different people have different recipes and ways to make banana bread, but there are some certified ways that can guarantee you success every time.

Use brown sugar instead of white, even if the recipe calls for white, this will give you a moister cake. Also, try adding your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients after you have already mixed them up well.

You have to be careful about not overmixing your wet and dry ingredients in an effort to come up with a smooth batter. Mix very lightly, just until combined, and it is totally fine if your mixture looks uneven, it will ensure a soft banana bread.

People suggest adding more butter, but that can actually go wrong if you go overboard with the butter. What we suggest instead is adding some sour cream to the batter, this really makes sure that your cake stays moist, and adds richness too.

Another thing that works for a lot of people is shifting and aerating your flour and dry ingredients. This will help incorporate your dry ingredients evenly and also makes your cake lighter. A lighter cake is less likely to go dry.

Saving Your Banana Bread Post-Baking

An interesting to way to salvage your dry cake and make it even more appealing and delicious is by adding syrup, yup syrup on cake equals moist and yummy cake, a perfect idea no?

There are a couple of syrups that you could make to compliment your banana bread if you just want to make your cake moist and keep things simple then try the basic sugar syrup.

The basic sugar syrup is just half sugar half water, simmer till it’s a good consistency and then you can just pour it over your cake.

In order to make it work even more efficiently, you could try poking holes in your cake with a skewer and then pour the syrup all over so that the banana bread absorbs all that sweet rich goodness.

To take your banana bread to the next level, you could give this extravagant butterscotch sauce a try. I make this with my banana bread, dry or not, and it just makes the banana bread ten times better tasting.

All you need for the butterscotch sauce is some butter, sugar, cream, and vanilla. Caramelize your butter and sugar and then add your cream and vanilla. Make this sauce on low heat in a non-stick pan for the best results.

Serve the hot sauce over your banana bread to make it moist and delicious. You can pour it right before serving or just store with the sauce poured.

Personally, I feel that banana bread tastes greatest when it is warm, so give it a few rounds in the microwave right before serving. Yum yum yum!

In Conclusion

The breakdown is that anything can be salvaged if you just put your head to it, even dry banana bread. But what else can you do with bananas and cakes?

Well, a very socially acceptable way to have the delicious banana bread for breakfast is by turning it into banana muffins. Banana muffins can be made by the same batter, and the smaller serving size will help it cook faster. Muffins are also an easy to-go breakfast for the road.

As far as salvaging cakes is concerned these instructions can be applied to any cake with a few minor variations.

For example, if you have a dry chocolate cake, make a thinned out chocolate sauce to restore its moistness while at the same time also adding so much more flavor.

Baking is all about trial and error and experimenting, you won’t get it right if you don’t try. Enjoy your moist banana bread and keep baking.

Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons; Robyn Anderson and BitchBuzz

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