How to Deep-Fry a Whole Chicken

Now- a- days nothing is more frequently cooked than chicken. As said by someone that “Everything happens for a reason”. So, there is surely a reason behind the excess use of chicken all over the world.

Chicken and Human Health

Chicken is the most common poultry used across the globe. It contributes a lot to human health and adds taste to the meal as well.


High Protein Supplier

Chicken has high protein content and is among the highest suppliers of protein. Protein is made up of amino acids; the building block of body muscles. The recommended intake of protein is 1 gram per kg weight of the body on daily basis. It depends upon you that which source to opt for fulfilling the protein requirement.

Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Not only restricted to proteins, it is also a major source of vitamins & minerals. The vitamins and minerals found in chicken are important for proper body functioning.

The vitamins prevent skin disorders, increase immunity, regulate digestion process and improve the functioning of nervous system. The vitamin D present in it helps absorb calcium while phosphorus provides bone health and stimulates brain function as well.

Vitamin A & B and minerals like iron, sodium, and potassium etc. are also found in chicken. These vitamins and minerals eliminate weakness; avoid gray hair and controls cholesterol.

Controlled Cholesterol Level

The proportion of saturated fats found in red meat is much higher than the number of saturated fats and cholesterol in chicken. The American Heart Association has also advised the consumption of chicken and fish instead of red meat.

Chicken lowers the risk of cholesterol and heart diseases. The consumption of chicken must be moderate, as excess intake can increase the risk of heart diseases.

Normalize Blood Pressure

White meat, especially chicken has been found effective in controlling blood pressure along with cholesterol. Chicken leg meat is considered to lower the blood pressure and is recommended by researchers.

Helps Lose Weight

Protein diets are good for weight loss activities.  According to some surveys and researches, a prominent weight control has been seen in people who regularly use chicken in their diet.

Reduces the Rate of Cancer

Intake of warm chicken soup and in other forms relieves from the common cold and sore throat. A reduced rate of colorectal cancer is also observed in the eaters of fish and chicken.

Chicken in your diet

Let’s now see how you can incorporate chicken in your meal. Chicken burgers and sandwiches, Chinese and Thai cuisine, think of a dish and you will find a way out to add chicken in the food.

Here we have mentioned an easy and delicious recipe for deep fried whole chicken. The deep frying process keeps the whole food into the oil until the temperature reaches its maximum level.

The chicken will be crispy inside out and will be cooked from the center as well. Deep frying is a speedy process and destroys the harmful bacteria in the chicken.


This recipe requires 5-6 main ingredients. To serve around 8 persons, you need to have the following ingredients in the mentioned quantity.

  • 2 whole chickens, weighing 4 ½ to 5 pounds
  • 2 teaspoons of garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 4 teaspoons salt


  1. Peanut oil for frying (depends upon size of your chicken and frying utensil)
  2. Place the chicken in a deep turkey fryer or any other similar large sized pot.
  3. Measure the quantity of cold water consumed in dipping one inch of the chicken.
  4. That water quantity is actually the measure of oil to be used while deep frying.
  5. Pat and dry the chicken properly and the pot as well. The same pot will be used for deep frying.
  6. Mix the dry ingredients properly in a small bowl.
  7. Sprinkle the mixed spices on the chicken properly and let it rest for a couple of hours at room temperature.
  8. Add the required quantity of peanut oil in the deep fryer or pot which was measured earlier.
  9. Attach a thermometer to the side of your pot/ deep fryer and heat the oil up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit at medium flame.
  10. Dry the chicken if it is still moist.
  11. Place the chicken (s) in the deep frying pot and reposition the thermometer if required.
  12. Carefully handle the chicken when inserted into the hot oil.
  13. Fry the chicken (s) if cooked thoroughly and read the temperature on the thermometer when inserted into the thickest part of chicken’s thigh.
  14. The thermometer should read out 165 degrees Fahrenheit in 25 minutes.
  15. Flip the side of the chicken if seems to be undercooked.
  16. To avoid oil drips, slowly and carefully lift the chicken out from the oil by the help of a tong.
  17. Place the fried chicken on baking sheet or on the tray you want to serve it.
  18. Cut the whole chicken into halves or quarters, or else you can serve it as it is if you want to surprise your guests.

No hard- and- fast Procedure

You have got a good recipe for frying a whole chicken but it isn’t like that you can’t add or lessen even a pinch of salt in it. You can add and cut as many spices as per your taste buds. The recipe given above can be modified easily according to your requirements.

Tips for better Frying

Before just noting the recipe down, a few tips are also waiting for your attention to make your meal better. Be it is the above- mentioned recipe or any other, these tips will help you out either way.

Don’t use frozen chicken

If you are going to use the chicken which has come straight from your fridge then you need to stop this practice. If you will do this, then the oil temperature will drop down and your chicken will be cooked unevenly. Always use the chicken when it is at room temperature.

Don’t make haste

Don’t make haste while cooking and check out the ways to add flavors to your dish. You may avoid the brine, but to make your whole chicken taste good and moist it is the key tip. Seasoned buttermilk can take its taste to another level if you have plenty of time for making the chicken.

Don’t use Olive Oil

No doubt that virgin olive oil is tasty and healthy, but it is not at all recommended to fry chicken. Due to its low smoke point, you will just waste your money and chicken because it will make your fried chicken bitter. Neutral- tasting oil and peanut oil are suggested for such frying pieces.

Use Wire Rack

Don’t use paper towels to absorb extra oil from your chicken, as you do for other fried items. Paper towel will ruin all your efforts in this case. It will make your chicken soggy if you place the fried chicken on it.

Try a wire rack set or basket to drain the excess oil for a few minutes after frying.  The crust may seem to be cooled down after a few minutes but the inside will be surprisingly hot. So, having a wire rack set is a wise decision for your fried items.

Best Deep Fryer for Whole Fried Chicken

Well, after having the recipe and a few tips, why not look for the best chicken fryer?

Not going towards that out of the topic debate, we have just found out the two best whole chicken fryers.  They may not be “THE BEST” out of the lot but works perfectly fine and are common among people.


1. Hamilton Beach 35137 Meal Maker Multicooker

Hamilton Beach 35137 is top ranked according to people’s choice. It is a versatile appliance which works as a deep fryer, steamer and a slow cooker as well. It has a roomy basket with the capacity of 5-quart oil capacity to accommodate a whole chicken.

It has a splatter free lid and the basket hooks allow the food to rest above the liquid to drain the excess oil. It also has temperature controls and light indicators.

To make this black deep fryer yours, click the below link.

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2. Tinychefs Multifunctional Airfryer, Oil-Less Airfryer 10 liters Health Halogen Turbo Hot Air Fryer Multi Grill Oven Temperature Control No Splatter

Tinychef air-fryer can prepare the tastiest fried chicken with little or no oil for keeping it low fat to make it healthier. The transparent lid allows you to see the cooking process and progress more clearly.

The 10 Liters capacity enables you to roast the complete kitchen. Food is heated and cooked evenly in this air fryer. It is easy to operate with simple setting modes.

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