How to Clean a Scorched Stainless Steel Pan

Is it heart throbbing for you when you look at your Scorched Stainless Steel Pan or pot, if yes, then we have a solution for you! Just discard your dishwashing gloves and let your hands and arms rest at its fullest.

Nevermind, when you are about to do the dishes and you realize that you got a burnt pan to wash too.

Best Stainless Steel Pan Cleaners on Amazon

ProductRemoves Rust and Hard StainsVersatilityCost
Heinz Distilled White VinegarYesYesModerate
Dawn Dish Soap, Ultra Dishwashing LiquidYesYesLow
Scotch Brite Dobie Cleaning PadsYesYesLow
ARM & HAMMER Baking SodaYesYesModerate
Bar Keepers Friend YesYesLow

Imagine yourself to struggle with it is draining!

We have come up with way outs for you who have no chemical component and there is no need to waste time scrubbing. One of them is this!

1. Heinz Distilled White Vinegar

Vinegar has acetic acid which works amazingly on crusty and stick-on food on your pans. You can choose any from white vinegar and apple cider vinegar, simply pours some in your scorched and burnt pan, add some water and give it a simmer.

You must keep it covered until every burnt thing starts to chip off. Till then keep aside the lid and its properties will make it a natural room freshener or a deodorizer.

It will be totally a chemical free air freshener for your homes.

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2. Dawn Dish Soap, Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Now you can get ultra clean and shiny dishes, pans and pots with the Dawn Dish Soap. It has the power to battle the hardest to remove stains grease and. It has a great consistency and is strenuous.

Main features include:

  • Cleans and washes two times better than the competing brands.
  • Less wastage of the liquid.
  • 30% stronger than other dishwashing liquids.

This would make you feel less worrisome about the mess while you cook for your family and friends. For us, this has been one of the best ways to clean Scorched Stainless Steel Pan.

Each one of you can rely on this powerful dishwashing liquid which is unbeatable for cleaning tougher stains on pans and dishes. All should just give it a try at least, after, all it is a necessity to get a dish liquid or a soap.

Just pour some water, pump out an ample amount of it on your pan and just simmer it for a little while. After letting it cool, the burnt and stick on food would not come off with a cleaning pad or a scrubber.

For that you may let it to soak overnight with that liquid and you are food to go. Do give it a try, folks! It would mesmerize you with its great results.

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3. Scotch Brite Dobie Cleaning Pads

Stainless Steel pans and pots require such pads for regular, frequent and proper cleaning. A superclass Dobie Cleaning Pad by Scotch Brsuperclasss a sponge which can last over a long time and can be used for many washes.

  • Works better than the cheaply priced substitutes.
  • Offers excellence which other brands do not offer.
  • For a long-term, it will keep your stainless steel pans shiny and tidy
  • Can also be used for other household chores like cleaning tiles, or windows.

This sponge does provide the ability to remove hard stains, but they must be replaced once a week at least, to make the most of it. It must be done so because they will worsen after some washes. Hence, it is a bit pricey as compared to other normal cleaning pads.

In addition to it, they are available in different colors and sizes. People with aesthetic sense, prefer to match the color of your sponges. Like a cooking expert would like to match the chopping boards for meats with their cleaning pads.

Hence, this is one resourceful and an adaptable piece as compared to the other cleaning pads.

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4. ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda

You can also try using Baking powder with some water to remove tough stains. You just need to bring it to a simmer for some time them let it cool. It is preferable to soak it the whole night.

Another method of using it is to just keep some paste of baking soda with a dishwashing liquid for few hours.

After that, you need to wash your pan properly and if, something still remains, just sprinkle little amount of baking soda on your Scorched pan and scrub away all the stains.

  • It works well on stains
  • Also works well perfectly on Cast Iron pans and pots.
  • Gives your cookware a new shine after a wash.


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5. Bar Keepers Friend

This totally has been one of the best ways to clean Scorched Stainless Steel Pans. It is a first-class stain remover and cleaner which fades away all the

  • Rust
  • Discoloration Marks
  • Scuff Marks
  • Baked Food

Other features include:

  • It has a double job, i.e. it is a cleanser and a polisher
  • Powder is not much harsh (not abrasive)
  • Works best on Scorched Stainless Steel Pans

Many house makers, cooking experts and chefs were observed using Bar Keepers Friend from a long time ago, bringing shine on the cookware again. Bar Keepers Friend will undoubtedly clean 100% of the stains. This is a huge challenge from them to you.

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Next, we have few tips for you before you purchase any one of the items listed below.

The attractiveness of Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel kitchen appliances and cookware are an all-time favorite for our cooking experts. This gives a classic outlook to your kitchen making it urbane and stylish. This matter is durable and reliable; hence, it is a great investment for your kitchen.

Fine Matter of Stainless Steel

It is the finest substance to make your cooking great! A first-class set of stainless steel cookware will surely never let you down, but they can put you is hard times if they are not used properly.

Adopt a Regular Cleaning Habit/Seasoning

You must develop a habit of cleaning scorch and tough stains on your pots and pans by learning through this article. You can even season them for making it make it non-stick, avoiding the sticking. This will make your pans to easily get washed.

Effects Of Heat And Flames

Flames and hot water might leave stains on your pans and make them dull with the passage of time, if not washed daily. Such pans have a chromium layer on them which resists the normal tarnish or rust.

Simultaneously, it requires care and proper cleaning. You must prevent usage of harsh products on them in order to maintain their quality.

Soaking is not enough!

Some of you do say that soaking overnight the pans is the perfect way to get rid of the scorch. Therefore, every metal consists of various characteristics and must be given attention to one at a time. So soaking will not work for your burnt pans!

Few instructions must be followed when cooking in your stainless steel pans. You must make use of a soft cleaning pad, hot water, and bleach which is not too strong.

Don’t Use “Steel Wool Pads”

Steel wool pads might help you to remove stains and stick on food, but later on, will destruct your pots and pans with a regular use.

We have devised a set of solutions for you to overcome this headache. These are tested solutions which will give you a great relief and make your pots new again.


Some of you might have experienced a time when you are on a too long call with your best friend and totally forgot about what was on being cooked on the stove’s top. This could lead to burning of a pan and it seems that it will not get back its old shine now.

One obvious option is just to discard it. Now, there is no need to throw them away if you have such useful tips and products to get rid of those Scorched Stainless Steel Pans.

No matter how defectively you have burned it, combination or even one of these items in the kitchen would certainly help. Anyway, perhaps that call would go on to voicemail from now on. Your friends might not be glad about it but your pans and pots would be, for sure.

Best of luck and have a happy cleaning time!

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