Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie Jar!

When it comes to vegetable and fruit smoothie making, containing it and storing it and freezing it is a major hassle so you need to have the best smoothie jars there are available in stock.
Wait, what?

You do not make smoothies yet? Why not? That is just too bad. You are keeping yourself deprived of a whole world of nutrition and health. Here is why you should start making smoothies as soon as you can.


Name of Mason JarBrandQuantity
Ball Mason Jar (regular mouth)BallQuart Size
Ball Mason Jar (wide mouth)BallQuart size
Paksh Novelty Glass JarPakshGallon Size
Aladdin Classic Mason Salad JarAladdin34 Oz size
Bormioli Rocco Fido Clear JarBormioli Rocco2 litres
Packaging for you Square Mason JarPackaging For you8 ounce


1. Ball Mason Jar

•This Mason Jar by Ball has regular mouth perfect for drinking and sipping. Easy to carry by young and adults.
•They come with steel lids which cover fully and tightly, sealing in the freshness and taste.
•This comes in a pack of 12 with 12 lids to accompany them.
•This one is quart size, though ball offers them in 8 Oz, 12 Oz, Half a gallon, half a pint, Pint, Quart, Pint and a half and many more sizes!
•Moreover, they can be in a pack of 2, 3, 4, 9, 12 however you like it and however, you want it.
•The glass is thick and does not break easily. Shock resistant to an extent.
•It is time tested and can seal and preserve up to an entire year!

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2. Ball’s Mason Jars

•This is ball’s wide mouth jar.
•It ensures zero spillage when pouring from the blender and from the blender into glasses. In fact, you crave a wider mouth to drink from, this is perfect for you.
• It has the same benefits as that of the regular mouth and they come in all the different sizes in all the different quantities Ball has to offer.
•In fact, the best thing about the mason jars from Ball is that they come with a freezing line. Most people complain that glass jars crack on freezing. So if you freeze below this line, your jar is less likely to crack.

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3. Paksh Novelty Glass Jar

•This is in gallon size with a wide mouth.
•It has an airtight metal lid with a plastisol liner which helps create a vacuum seal.
•It is BPA free, like all the products here.
•It is dishwasher safe and can be used for a multitude of purposes like canning and kefir making other than as a smoothie jar.
•It is available in a 4 pack quantity.
•It is dishwasher safe but the lid should be washed by hand.

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4. Aladdin Classic Mason Salad Jar

•It comes in 34 Oz size and is not very costly either.
•Lid tightens securely.
•It is BPA free, and dishwasher safe.
•It is light weight and durable.
•Since it is typical, a salad jar, it has a dressing container too.

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5. Bormioli Rocco Fido Clear Jar

•It comes in 67.75 oz size. (2 liters)
•It is not costly at all.
•It is dishwasher safe and shock resistant again.
•It has a classic granny’s jar look and can be recycled.
•This model has no lead traces.

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6. Packaging for you Square Mason Jar

•It comes in 8-ounce size and has 2 piece gold lids by Richards packaging.
•They come in a pack of 12 and their size is perfect for little kids.
•They might be a bit too costly.

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7. Down To Earth Le Parfait French Super Jar

•These come in a pack of 2 and might be costly. (there is one single available too)
•They have an 85 mm gasket keeping the product fresh and can store up to 2 liters.
•It is made of thick, strong glass.
•It serves your needs other than smoothie containing as well.

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8. Lily’s Home Glass Mason Jars

•They come in packs of four with 8 ounces, 16 ounce and 32-ounce sizes.
•They are not very costly and come with lids and bands both.
•Their mouth is regular sized and their lids are pretty too!

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So, this was our list of recommendations for smoothie jars. Although some people bid to differ that glass is not very durable and it can break and that the steel lids rust over time as well. Worry not, in this world of technology there is a solution to every single thing.
There are silicone holders and jackets for these jars which come separately and seamlessly drape around your jar giving it a secure grip and making it more shock resistant; so when it falls down, it does not break. Hence, these jar jackets make the jars durable.
Moreover, there are separate lids available too so you can change them whenever you want too.

reCAP Mason Jars Flip Lid

•It is available in silver color and is made for the regular mouth.
•It may be a little costly.
•It is made with BPA free plastic and it does not allow any spilling.
•It is durable and locks the freshness in well.
•This lid is dishwasher safe and also, stain resistant.
•It can survive freezers without breaking.
•It is easy to clean and use.

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Ball’s Generic Mason Jar Canning Lids

•These are made for the wide mouths and are gold in color.
•These are 4 dozens of lids since they are one-time use only.
•They have no rings or bands.
•These lids are free of BPA again.

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JarJackets Silicone Mason Jar Sleeve

•They are for regular mouth and fit 16 Oz jars.
•They come in packs of four and in multicolored exciting patterns to perfectly fit into your kitchens.
•This is reusable and is BPA free and plastic free and free of all toxins.
•They are light-weight and shock resistant.
•They are dishwasher safe and are durable making your mason jar durable too.
•These may be a burden on your budget.

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Mason Bottle Silicone Sleeve

•It fits 4 or 8 ounce, regular mouth mason jars, perfect for you and your children without a doubt.
•It may be the most shock absorbent.
•There is an empty cavity corridor on the side of the silicone sleeve which has measurements next to it so you know how much to put in.
•It can also help you see the contents of your very own mason jar.
•They come in a beautiful teal color and will fit into your kitchen just fine.
•These sleeves are dishwasher safe.
•These are not very costly.

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Smoothies! (what are they, why you need them, their benefits)

Well, most of you already know this but smoothies are a healthy way of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your life. In fact, fitness freaks and health fanatics already drink two to three smoothies at a time.
And many a time, all the famous stars and celebrities, when on a tight schedule, replace their meals with smoothies because they are just that fresh and good for your health and packed with nutrition and wait, it is not just about health because they are packed with boatloads of flavor too. It is like all in one!

Smoothies are typically fruits or/and vegetables blended together with sugar or salt or cinnamon or any other flavor for taste and also with ice or milk or water, however people like it.

People have been making smoothies for centuries now and it is not a surprise that they do consider all the amazing health benefits.

Now you need to know what these health benefits are. Well, brace yourself and prepare to be baffled away!

Health Benefits of Smoothie

Smoothies are literally overloaded with flavor, like literally, not just saying. They supply you with fat, vitamins, essential oils, water, calcium, minerals, and healthy probiotics. You name it, a smoothie can supply you with it all.

All these help make your immune system stronger and healthier. You are less likely prone to catch the flu or cold or any other illness if you are an ardent smoothie drinker.

Smoothies with milk in them help to give you your daily dose of calcium which is necessary for making stronger bones that are less likely to crack. Hence, by giving milk incorporated smoothies, you are saving yourself and your child from osteoporosis and rickets respectively.

Green smoothies help in weight loss! Yes, that is absolutely right. Instead of going on crash diets and taking weight reducing pills and what not, you can just replace all meal times with smoothies and you can lose weight the healthier and unharmful way. Many weight loss programs are now channeling their focus to encouraging people to consume more smoothies.

Many weight loss programs are now channeling their focus to encourage people to consume more smoothies.
If you are not that into eating vegetables and fruits otherwise or you don’t have the time to, worry not. Smoothies can easily provide you with your lost does of fruits and vegetables. Consuming it on daily basis can help you take an everyday oral injection of these vital goodies that will bless your health and help you achieve your fitness goals!

That is once again, absolutely correct. If you are lacking hemoglobin, you just need to find out which fruit can provide you with lots of it and voila, your job is done. Just freeze that fruit, put it in the blender, add milk, and two or three more berries or veggies and you can get a rise in hemoglobin in just a week.

Our point is that the variety is limitless. It literally knows no bounds. Whatever nutrient you are malnourished in, just start to add that in your diet through rigorous smoothie intake and you are done. Add any fruit, any vegetable, it is all on your choice and needs.

Kids love them! Because let us admit it. Smoothies are delicious. Just with a dollop of honey, the flavor profile of smoothies goes from 50 to 150. So yeah, all the green kale leaves and broccoli that your children have been refusing to eat.

This is the best way to make them eat it, we mean drink it. Put them in a smoothie, pair it up with another fruit or vegetable and your job is done. Your kid will not even realize if there are spinach leaves inside his smoothie.

Many smoothies especially the green smoothies, improve digestion. They provide you with buckets of dietary fiber which help you to increase your peristalsis movement and hence help you avoid constipation. Moreover, smoothies keep you hydrated too, avoiding constipation and many more skin issues again!

Greens, help you to detoxify too. With the raging about of toxicity in the air and your surroundings, it is necessary to not let the toxins build up in your body. Devouring green smoothies can help you detoxify easily which is extremely essential for your skin and your body as well.

Hence, it is right to say, that the right ingredients in your smoothie can help achieve a better, younger, fresher and healthier skin. Not only that, your hair and nail growth gets better and stronger.

Let us go back to fitness goals. Smoothies have all the essential nutrients to make up a good built and can hence, save you hours and gym and even assist your gym hard work by helping you get more strong muscles making the threshing process easy. I mean, just look at J.Lo. Those biceps and triceps are seriously major goals. And there is no way, that she needed to consume smoothies in the process whether it was a simple banana and milk smoothie.

Your athletic abilities would improve. You will naturally more strong and healthier and a sense of serenity and well-being will descend upon you.

Smoothies will be your constant source of energy! Your cranial and spinal activity will be boosted instantly and massively!

When in smoothies’ form, it is easier for your body to digest and absorb more and more nutrients in lesser time, that is efficient.

So, don’t just hog down those multivitamin tablets, they may have side effects, smoothies don’t.

Smoothies are Easy to Make!

Additionally, smoothies are easy and quick to make. Woke up late? Don’t have time for breakfast? No worries! Don’t panic! Just blend in some fruits! It will take you less than five minutes and maybe two or three steps and your on-the-go smoothie will be ready just like that!

So to sum up, it is a great simple way to get the extra nutrition. It is fresh, healthy, flavorful, and cheap! Trust me, they cost less than a juice bar’s shakes.

People have also been reported saying that they reduce cravings. If you are too much into junk and can’t help but ingest all of it relentlessly, smoothies are a great substitute for them which will not only help you get back in the right shape but also help you abstain and control yourself when it comes to burgers and pizzas and fries.  (Oops, hope I didn’t make anyone hungry)

Needless to say, smoothies are fun and creative too. You can come up with your own choice of smoothies by being creative and letting your mind wander in the lesser known and walked corridors of fruit and vegetable blends that will help you oomph up your health and take your diet to the next level. Want more nutrition? Add protein powder to that delicious smoothie! And even your children can make it. Trust us, it is that easy, you just have to blend!

And even your children can make it. Trust us, it is that easy, you just have to blend!

So now who’s up for smoothies? Yes, all of you!

Now that your passion for smoothies may have been ignited or rejuvenated or amplified, you need to know why you need jars.

Why do you need smoothie jars?

Now, this photo pretty much sums up why you need those jars. Yes, you can pour your smoothie into a glass or mug and cover it up and store it for what? Two, three hours? Yes, that’s it. Then your smoothie might go stale besides, just putting a lid on your smoothie is not sealing it airtight. It will catch the other odors in your fridge and start to smell. We mean, do you really want your banana and berry smoothie to smell like kimchi? Obviously, you do not!

So yes you need your smoothie jar if you want to store it. Jars are a good and possibly the rightest way of sealing in the freshness of a smoothie. Then you refrigerate it and have it later or even freeze it and have it a week later!
In fact, you can even use this jar to drink from it and even your little ones. They are durable, resist breakage and wear and tear. Due to this, you can carry them anywhere as your jar mug!

So yes, if you want to store or even drink your smoothie, do it in a smoothie jar. Because why not?

Jars as mentioned before, have sealing capabilities. They vacuum out all the air which helps to preserve the healthy goodness and freshness of your smoothie for a long period of time.

They are durable. They last long. They store more and in bulk so you do not need multiple glasses just one big jar. They are shock resistant to some extent. They are easy to carry and store in. They do not occupy too large space in your kitchen. In fact, they have been tried and tested for over centuries. You must have seen your granny using them in her kitchen whether it was to store a tomato puree or her knitting implements.

So now that you are convinced that smoothies and jars are a well-balanced marriage. You need to what kind of jars you are looking for.

What kind of smoothie jars can take your smoothie experience to the next level?

Personally, we prefer glass jars since they fill and tick all the requirements in our checklist and as compared to plastic jars, they are way healthier. And you will soon find out why. Hold on tight, amigos!

The glass is biodegradable and can be recycled, unlike plastic jars.  So by using glass jars, you are saving energy resources which are scarce and worth billions of dollars.

Plastic in most cases causes a problem called leaching in which chemicals and toxins enter our eatery products and contaminate them whereas glass is a complete brick hard block wall. It is impermeable. It does not allow toxins to enter into your food keeping your smoothies safe and healthy for you and your family. The purity of flavor is a major thing; you do not want your peach smoothie to taste really sour.
The glass is, therefore, cleaner than plastic. Moreover, a glass container is way more durable than a plastic one. Glass can last a century while plastic jars will start to be toxic just after 5 years or so.

Besides, most metal and plastic containers are lined with bisphenol A. Commonly known as BPA, is a cause of infertility and weight gain and hormone imbalance.

So yes, plastic and metal containers although do not break as easily as glass, are more harmful to you than glass ones. Besides, metal one’s debt and lose color and rust over time while glass jars do not. Moreover, glass looks more pretty. It gives a more sophisticated and a classier look as compared to most plastic and stainless steel.

Hence, our recommendation to you for smoothie storing, filling and all, is glass containers. You save your family from the side effects of plastic containers and no wonder how many diseases that take birth from their toxins.

Besides, We’re pretty sure that wherever you look these days, your eyes will land on a glass jar.

Glass jar at coffee places, glass jar for storing spices, glass jar for lanterns, glass jar for loose coins, glass jar on weddings as decoration! Everyone is using them and pretty much for these reasons so it is best to use them for our very favorite and very beloved smoothies.
Glass jar come in all shapes and size and are reusable.

Also, you are able to store in bulk quantity which saves you the cost of buying more and more jars. Just one jar, and a smoothie of three stored.

So here is a short and informative video on YouTube on how to make some great smoothies for those with a busy schedule and those who hence, get failed to be refueled by breakfast. Just have a smoothie in a glass jar!

Now, here are our Amazon Recommendations for all the glass jars that you should be using and before that an overview of the recommendations in a table:

So when it comes to glass jars, Ball’s Mason Jars are the best in the market. They come in all shapes and sizes and have all the best trinkets to accompany them.

The Final Words!

To sum up, here was why you should start having smoothies and why you need smoothies jars in that process and what sort of smoothie jars are need to assist you and why they are necessary for you. Also, what add-ons will help you take your smoothie experience in a mason jar to the next level.

Hoping you make the best choice while choosing the best smoothie jar and its gizmos and enjoy the best smoothies ever! Adios, dear readers!

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Segal



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