Cooking Baby Back Ribs in Oven

Have you ever thought about the secret behind the tendering, appealing, enchanting baby back ribs you have at five-star restaurants?

You cannot resist yourself when this mouthwatering and tempting ribs served on your table. It is a misunderstanding that you cannot make your baby back ribs in the home. You can easily make your ribs in your oven easily. The process is long and may be tiring but you will enjoy because you are going to make your baby back ribs in your oven.

Watch this video and learn some methods of making ribs at home.


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Legendary Flavor of Baby Back Ribs

The flavor of barbequed baby back ribs is legendary. The method of making barbequed baby back ribs is a little bit tricky that’s why most of the people reluctant to try it. However, roasting process and quit long tiring though its simple you just have to be extra careful otherwise you may burn it.

Unlike other parts, rib meat is hard and needs a long cook time. This may make it juicier and tender. The secret or may say the magic behind the juicy ribs you may eat in different famous restaurants is its roasting at low temperature. They call it “Low and Slow”.

 Two Methods for Cooking Baby Back Ribs At Home

First of all, make sure that your baby back ribs are clean and blood free. Now inspect them and if you find a membrane inside the ribs, loosen it with a sharp knife and pull it away from the bone. You can use a cloth for getting a full grab over it, it may be slippery for your hands.

Make sure your knives are sharpened well and if not then sharpen them a honing steel or an electric knife sharpener before starting on the membrane.

Normally there are two methods for roasting baby back ribs in the oven. They are similar in many ways however few things are changed. You can roast them in an aluminum covered pan or in an open pan, a choice is yours. Mist professional chef’s cooks baby back ribs at 185 to 190-degree F, but they are done at 145-degree F.

Your oven should be cleaned before you start roasting your ribs in it. A greasy and dirty oven may leave an unpleasant odor in your meal. Regular cleaning of an oven is very important.

We all use our ovens almost every day. We are making bread, pasta, lasagnas, pies and other dishes in ovens. Because of continues, usage dust will build heaps of dirt. If you don’t clean your oven regularly or on schedule it may burden your work. You may have grease on your elbow whenever you open your oven. You can clearly see the discoloration and deposit of foods in your oven.

No matter how hard you work on your seasoning you will get the taste of charcoal in your meals. It is also dangerous for your health too.

It is not hygienic to keep using your dirty oven. Your food will be cooked along with all bacteria around. Moreover, your oven provides a perfect habitat for germs to grow. Now, are you sure that you will be cooking in this oven?

Covered Pan Roasting

When your oven is fresh is clean place your rack in the middle of your oven. Preheat your oven to 275-degree F. next task is preparing your ribs, place your ribs on a tray or cutting board. Dry them with a paper towel. Your paper towel should be of high quality and should absorb all excess water from your ribs. Now apply some sauce or seasoning on ribs.

There are various prepared sauces available in the market. You can rather use barbeque sauce or any jalapeno sauce. You can just apply some butter and season it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, brown sugar and onion powder.  If you want the original flavor of ribs, you can just season it with a little salt.

Now take a pan and cover it with aluminum foil.  Place your seasoned ribs in the pan. If they are large in size and don’t fit in your pan you can cut them into smaller pieces with a sharp knife.

After placing all of your ribs in the pan cover them with aluminum foil completely. Place it in an oven and roast it for three to four hours. after three to four hours check takes your pan from oven and remove the foil and check the ribs with a thermometer.

Now take your rack to the top of your oven. Turn the temperature to broil. While your oven is preheating you can cover your ribs with the sauce you like. Now take your pan again in the oven and broil it for few minutes.

It may need almost 10 minutes to do. In this time the sauce will be absorbed into the meat giving your meat tenderness and flavor. It will also give color to your ribs. Some people like their baby back ribs a little dark.

Open Pan Roasting

This is the second method in which you can make your baby back ribs. In this method, you have to boil your ribs first. Preheat your oven to the broil setting. Take your pan which you are going to use, make sure that your pan is large enough to hold all the ribs you are going to roast. Cover it with aluminum foil. Take a roasting rack and set it on the top of the foil. Place your ribs on the rack such that there is a layer of air beneath them.

Now put some dry seasoning on the meat. You can use any dry seasoning you want. You can also find some dry seasoning on an internet. Place your pan in the oven and broil for it for five to seven minutes. Or until you note that seasoning is perfectly absorbed in the ribs. Open your oven and take your pan and out of it. Now move your rack in the middle of the oven and raise the temperature up to 300-degree F.

Apply your chosen sauce over your ribs and place it back in the oven. Roast it in the oven for about one and half hour. Then removes your ribs out of the oven and check whether it is cooked or not.


We have discussed above the two methods in which you can make your ribs however you can also make them using wine. You just have to marinate your ribs in a mixture of wine and spice for overnight. Customized it with some sliced onions and chopped garlic. Slow roast in the oven and cover your ribs with brown sugar sauce and broil it. You are done. Simple isn’t it?

Liquid Infusions

You can make your ribs a little fancy by roasting them with some liquid sauce. It will imbue its flavor while roasting. You can add flavoring liquid after broiling. You will be adding an extra layer of flavor.

Add your chosen liquid in the pan where you have placed your ribs. Be careful you are going to imbue flavor not cooking meat in liquid so your meat shouldn’t be dipped in the liquid. Liquid should not come up to the level of meat. You just to give your meat a steam with this flavor. You can use

  • Beer
  • Colas
  • Apple cider

Sauces and other stuff you can use

Barbecue ribs are very famous. Your favorite barbeque ribs are incomplete without barbeque sauce. A lot of barbeque sauces are available in the market. If you want some change in traditional barbeque flavor you can add some peach or apricot preserves with your barbeque sauce. You can also cover your ribs with some hoisin sauce. It is similar to barbeque sauce but you will find some difference in flavor. It is sweeter than original barbeque sauce.

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Meat has many essential nutrients which are necessary for our body. It provides iron and vital proteins and fats which help in many ways. Ribs are delicious and also enrich with nutrients. Their delicate flavor makes us it like them. They can be made at home easily. Don’t worry if you can’t go and eat them you can easily make your baby back ribs in your oven.
Image Credits via Flickr Creative Commons:Xzanthya Sharielle



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