Chef’s Choice M1520 Review

Whatsoever knife set you own, one day you will need to sharpen it for sure!

A razor-sharp edged sharpener which works perfectly on all quality knives is something you need if you are a home or professional chef.

Chef’s choice 1520 is the best thing you can have for your kitchen.

Check out the video review below…

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Western and Eastern Style Knife Sharpening

This electric knife sharpener is designed to sharpen your knives in Western and Asian style knives.  It can sharpen your knife at two different angles which make it distinct from other electric sharpeners. It also eradicates the need for using multiple tools for sharpening. This sharpener alone can give fast and effective outcomes.

Sharpening Knives at 15 and 20 degrees

The Chef’s Choice 1520 is the solution to all your knife related problems and will easily sharp your 15 degrees and 20-degree class knives. It is a patented advanced technology electric sharpener which can recreate and restore your sharp knife. It can provide a 20-degree edge for traditional American and European style knife edge. Also, a 15-degree edge can be obtained for giving your knife Asian touch and contemporary European or American style to the knives.

Automated Feature

The 1520 Model of Chef’s Choice can quickly sharpen all quality cutleries; which includes Asian American or European style knives. The angle select feature can sharpen your knives in the required style. The knife is automatically positioned at the appropriate angle by the knife guide for easy use.

Make your Knife better than before

One versatile sharpening of your knife by 1520 can make it better than its original factory made an edge. The 3 staged Angle Select system and the Diamond Hone technology makes the angle control highly precise. These outstanding features make this product stand out in the market with a renowned position.

Multiple Stages

This multi- staged model features pure diamond abrasives and patented flexible polishing discs. These features can create a sharp and durable edge of your knife. It is also considered to be the choice of worlds leading chefs.

Let’s now see how this remarkable gadget works and what the different stages of its working are.

Stage 1- Asian Style

If you like Asian style knives or want to give you knife European and American touch, which is at 15-degree angle, stage 1 is your thing. The stage 1 uses 100% pure diamond abrasives and sharpens the knife edge at 15 degrees.

Stage 2- Euro/American Style

To get a Euro/ American touch on your knife’s edge, stage two and three works the best. Like the stage one, it also uses 100% diamond abrasives and sharpens the knife edge at 20 degrees.

Stage 3- The refining Stage

Now comes the stage three, which is recommended after both sharpening stages. It does not sharpen your knife edge at any degree but is important for the process. It has a revolutionary flexible stropping disk which polishes the recently sharped knives to hair-splitting sharpness. Your knife sharpening process will remain incomplete if you don’t go at stage three. It gives your knife a microscopically flawless polished edge. Stage 3 can be used to sharpen serrated knives at times.

Pros of Chef’s Choice 1520

After reading out the three stages of Chef’s Choice 1520, you would surely like to know the pros of this amazing machine. Although, you have seen how efficiently it works but what’s the harm in knowing more about it?

Quick and Reliable

The performance of the tool is really quick and reliable. The spring guide allows its user to pass the blade quickly through the wheels and maintains a consistent angle.

Remove Damages

If any sort of damage signs appears to the blade, then the diamond abrasives remove them quickly in stage one. This is how it helps itself from preventing destruction.

Easy to Use

Unlike other manual and electric sharpening tools, this one is simple and easy to operate.

Sharp a Variety of knife

This knife sharpener is not limited to a restricted knife set and can share a large variety of knives in different styles.

All of its stages are excellent in working and maintains perfection throughout the cycle.

The Cons

With every good thing, there comes something bad. Let’s see a few of the cons:

Elimination of blade material

The 1520 Model requires its user to re-profile all their blades at a single angle. The 20 degrees is reserved for Western style knives and the degree 15 angle is specified for Asian and Japanese styling. This restriction may result in the elimination of a significant amount of blade material in its very first sharpening.

Requires Attention

The consumer should be attentive enough and should not run the knives one sided through the right slots. It will prevent the bevel from running.

The same old style sharpening

Using merely the Western-styled knives will lack the potential and intelligence of other good models.

The best choice for you!

If you are among the list of people who just love to shop and cook and own a wide range of knives, then again, Chef’sChoice 1520 is the best thing for you. It offers good flexibility in knife sharpening and stops you from buying the same machine again for the similar purpose. It serves the purpose of two machines in one. Though it is definitely not like that buying one get one free offer. You have to pay for the whole set in this case.

Mild errors in the beginning

This sharpening system has also a little scope for errors while functioning. Once you will get familiar with it, you will learn how to deal with those minor errors. After that, you will easily sharpen batches of knives in really less time.

Demands for Maintenance

Some maintenance is also required by this machine. What’s the big deal? Everything in your home and especially kitchen demands for maintenance. The magnet inside the machine, which is incorporated to catch tiny metal shavings, needs to be cleaned after its chronic use.

Requires your least efforts

If we have an overview of this product, then it does not fail in surprising anyone. It is the best thing indeed if you are tired of the manual knife sharpeners. 1520 will make you put your least efforts in the knife sharpening process.

Use with proper instructions

The machine is no doubt simple to use but if you will not use it properly, it will damage your beautiful knives. An instruction/ owner’s manual comes along with the product with the detailed instructions. We advise you to read that instruction guide out instead of throwing it away, as you do with other booklets. It is a one- time read and you will learn how to use this machine.

15 Minute Checking

You need to dedicate fifteen good minutes to check out the thorough working of this sharpener. You will end up knowing the angle to use and how much pressure you need to apply during the process.

Fluency in using 1520

After using it once or twice, you will feel consistency in your process. You will do the sharpening of knives in real quick time.

This cost-effective gadget permits you to sharpen thicker knives and even cleavers and works efficiently every time.

Repairs Damaged Knives

If you have some damaged knives in your kitchen drawer and cannot gather enough strength to throw them away, then again 1520 is the solution. If you precede those knives through the stages mentioned earlier, you will be left with wonders.

No matter how much the knife is damaged, it will come out of the machine with the life back in it. This too will not take so long to happen. The process will require a couple of minutes for this magic.

Time Requirement of a knife

The time duration for resharpening also depends on what the knife actually needs. The process can be as fast as a speed of a bullet or a blink of an eye. It depends whether the knife requires sharpening or honing.

Flexible Knife Range

No doubt, this unit is flexible enough in sharpening angles and can be used for bread knives, hunting knives, Santoku knives, and fillet and pocket knives. But, this unit is not at all recommended for axes, scissors, machetes and even ceramic knives. Ceramic knives can be sharpened, but it will wear the diamond abrasive down much quicker.

A piece of advice for you

Friendly advice:

Hone your knife prior to using them.

This tool is probably the best thing for quick honing of knives.

You don’t need to wander here and there in the crockery store nearby or the big supermart in search of this sharpener. Chef’s Choice 1520 is easily available online.

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