Cast Iron Accessories You Need With Your Cookware Arsenal

Here’s a complete guide to the cast iron accessories that will keep your cast iron cookware market new and ease you into using them.

1. Polycarbonate Pan Scraper

These are considered beasts while working with cast iron equipment.

It is a heavy duty polycarbonate molded for cleaning the greased cast iron. An oily layer or meat layer that has glued to the bottom of your cast iron pan and you want it removed, then this pan scraper can help you with it.

It has a stiff nature which tears off every minute and a tiny piece of dirt and food particles from every edge and corner of your pan and also, does not break in the process.

In simpler words, it makes the job of you dishwasher easier without spoiling the layer of seasoning on your bare cast iron tool, thus a fast and efficient way of cleaning.

They come in packs of two to be used repeatedly. And since they are durable you don’t need to run to the shopping mall again to fetch them over and over again.

The design aids in such a way that least effort from your muscles is required.

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2. Silicone Handle Covers

If you want to save yourself from a third-degree burn then these can assist you more than anything else.

As it is a well-known fact, that cast iron cookware is heat retentive so when you need to move that pot from the stove to the dining table, your bare hands are not enough. The handle of your cast iron is made to wear this durable insulator and that’s it job done. It can stand up to 233 degrees Celsius of temperature are dishwasher safe!

The handle of your cast iron is made to wear this durable insulator and that’s it job done. It can stand up to 233 degrees Celsius of temperature are dishwasher safe! They come in one master size which fits all handles, however for some smaller handles; you’ll still need oven mittens. Huge thanks to the guys at the lodge.

They come in one master size which fits all handles, however for some smaller handles; you’ll still need oven mittens. Huge thanks to the guys at the lodge.

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3. Wooden Scrub Brush

Now imagine a toothbrush, only the toothbrush is ten times larger and has a wooden handle.

The bristles on this brush are strong enough to scrape off any sort of meat layer or grease however you might have to get some grease on your elbow since this requires a huge amount of effort which can also sometimes cause the wooden handle to break apart.

Therefore, it is not suitable for heavy duty scrubbing and washing.

It does not affect the seasoned coating of the pan either. To make effective use of this, use the scraper first and then this wooden scrub brush with some dishwashing detergent on the bristles.

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4. Dutch Oven Tote Bag

This is a bag for keeping all your cast iron equipment and accessories in with nylon straps whenever you want to go camping or hiking or on a trip!

It is durable, lightweight, and do not wear and tear easily.

They come in all shapes and size according to your cookware demand and they have a strong zipper so you don’t need to worry about that.

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5. Pan and Pot Protectors

These are padded clothes which you keep below or around your cast iron equipment to save them from all sorts of abrasion and to protect their seasoning layer.

They help to avoid contact with water with the utensils hence avoiding rust to catch them up to them.

It also avoids direct contact of your hands with the blistering hot pots and pans.

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6. Cast Iron Lid Lifter

These are high-quality lid lifters made of superior materials to again save your hand from the pain and mark of the third-degree burn.

So basically it had two metal rods joined together, one rod has a bent handle in which the handle of the cast iron equipment is fit, and other two rods hold the lid down for ease in lifting.

They are durable and can also help you keep that burglar out! The handle is padded for further ease in lifting.

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7. Plastic Scrub Brush

This is much like the wooden brush, and the application is pretty much the same too with you having the same amount of effort.

However, you don’t have to be worried about the plastic handle crumbling under intense pressure being bored on it. It is durable, though the bristles may damage over time.

It is also more compact taking up less space in your cabinets and provides ease in use.


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8. Cast Iron Oil

It is a high-quality oil which keeps your cast iron kitchenware up to date and new. It also aids in making your food nutritious and healthy due to its coconut oil content.

This layer also provides a protective coating for inhibiting rust and does not reek at any point. It does not go sticky and also does not destroy the appearance of your cookware.


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9. Cast Iron Conditioner:

This is again to season your granny’s old cast iron pots and pans to avoid rust to corrode them and deplete them. It maintains their appearance over time. It is a must-have in all kitchens.

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10. Chainmail Scrubber:

This is a very pretty looking cast iron accessory, one must say!

It is a grid of chain which holds on to the adhered food particles or grease until it scrapes off.

Moreover, it is light in weight and does not destroy the seasoning of the utensil.

It is very effective to completely clean and tidy your pots and pans and is a must-have; usually present in all modern kitchens.

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11. Cast Iron soap:

When dealing with special cookware, you need special soaps to preserve the beauty, quality, and working of that cookware.

It keeps the cookware clean and does not affect the seasoning, neither does it promote the rust of the equipment. Not just that, the surprising thing and the most attractive thing about that it is lightly scented which eliminates all odors of the previous meals cooked in your pot.

Moreover, it is made of pure vegetable oils which negate any point of contamination in food.

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12. Crisbee Stick

This cast iron accessory is like a lipstick. Only there’s no color in it no, just a wax stick which helps to season your cast iron pots and pans hence again, preventing it from our greatest enemy in the iron world; RUST!

It is pocket-friendly as you save money when you don’t need to change your everyday kitchen tools and equipment which have rust away.

It is easily available on Amazon and people have given really positive reviews about it.

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13. Presto

All kitchen people have used this a million times to tender that beef when the guests were just an hour away.

This is a rubber or plastic insulator used as a pressure sealing ring wrapped around a pressure cooking. When you’re cooking in a cast iron pressure cooker, you need to seal the warm air inside and avoid conventional currents so the meat cooks quickly.

This seal exactly what you need for efficient cooking. It is durable and does not wear and tear. It is available in all sizes and shapes to cater to all your needs and requirements.

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14. Hand Mittens

No list of kitchen accessories is complete without these beauties.

For the newbies, it is a cloth glove which you wear to take your cast iron pot of the stove, or take your cast iron dish out of the oven or touch and hot thing.

It saves your hand fromthe immense and torturous pain of a burn. They come in all shapes and sizes some with beautiful designs and patterns which are sure to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

They are available on Amazon and probably all kitchen accessories shops and marts.

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15. Tongs

Yet another accessory without which your kitchen experience would remain incomplete.

They are used to pick up hot and bare cast iron accessories and assist your hand again, to escape the need of going to the doctor and using burnol.

You just need to bear force on the arms and the teeth capture the handle of whatever you need to hold on to. There are various deals on Amazon about it; one such is:

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In A Nutshell…

So to sum everything up, here you had all the important and best cast iron accessories, you need to a tie a knot with the cast iron cookware.

We are sure that there a million and gazillion other cast iron accessories present out there in the world due to all the changes and advancements made every day but with these, you can secure a happy future with cast iron cookware and you will never need to worry about changing utensils every single day for the rest of your life.

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