How to Make Buttermilk with Almond Milk

Want your milk to be healthier? Try buttermilk. Buttermilk has fewer fats and calories than the simple milk. Also, calcium in buttermilk is far more than the normal milk used in every house.

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Eatables like waffles, cookies, pancakes etc. if made with buttermilk taste a lot better. Moreover, fat people avoid much intake of regular milk because of the presence of fats and calories, but with vegan buttermilk, you can stop worrying about the quantity you consume, just live in the moment and enjoy your meal.

You cannot find vegan buttermilk anywhere in the market, you have to make it all by yourself. It is very easy to make vegan buttermilk, it is a three-step procedure only which is:

  1. Take a measuring cup and put one tablespoon of white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, lime juice or lemon juice.
  2. Take nondairy milk equal to one cup in the same measuring cup and stir with a fork.
  3. Leave the mixture for 5-10 minutes.

The juice or the vinegar used in the making gives the buttermilk a flavor and makes it thicker.

As the time has passed, methods of making buttermilk have also been changed. In the old times, bacteria occurring naturally fermented the buttermilk as the buttercream sat for a long time before churning. Nowadays, the sour taste in the buttermilk is given by the probiotic bacteria which is known as Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Benefits of buttermilk

According to one study, it was shown that buttermilk significantly decreased the growth of the colon cancer cells.

Another study proved that the consumption of buttermilk for short intervals of time reduces blood pressure. The probiotic bacteria found in the buttermilk has a lot more benefits.


Similarly, there are some harmful effects that can occur if the buttermilk is not used in moderation. Also, you should stay away from buttermilk if you are allergic to milk. It would never suit your body.

Moreover, buttermilk, if not consumed in moderation, can cause harmful diseases such as breast cancer.

What is almond milk?

It is a plant milk produced from almonds with a velvety surface. Also, it contains nutty taste. It is free of cholesterol and lactose and is regularly devoured by the individuals who are lactose-bigoted.

People who love veggies and wish to stay away from dairy products use almond milk in great quantity. You can find almond milk in different flavors in the market including vanilla, chocolate, sweetened etc. It is very easy to make almond milk at home.

Years ago, when not everyone had access to having milk people used to have almond milk. They made it by soaking almonds in water overnight.

Buttermilk with Almond milk

Buttermilk made my almond milk is one of the best vegan buttermilk you can use to make your snacks. Homemade almond vegan buttermilk is far healthier than the regular milk.Let us see how easily we can make vegan buttermilk using almond milk at our homes;

Let us see how easily we can make vegan buttermilk using almond milk at our homes;

For one cup of vegan buttermilk, you need to take one tablespoon of lemon juice, lime juice or any acidic fluid. The acid from any of the acidic substance you take will separate the cream.

Now add almond milk till the whole cup which measures one complete cup is filled, stir the mixture with a fork for 10 to 15 minutes, you have your thick vegan buttermilk made with almond milk right in front of you.

You can use vegan buttermilk as an alternative of the regular buttermilk in the foods such as pancakes, cookies etc. that require it.

Some children hate to drink the regular milk sometimes because of its smell or sometimes because of the taste, but after introducing vegan buttermilk at in your house which potentially is healthier and tastier, you will see your children wanting to have it.

Storage of buttermilk

Because of the presence of acid in the buttermilk, it can last for two whole weeks. Its taste, quality, and nutrition are the best in the first week. After the first week has passed, the nutrition it contains keeps decreasing.

One thing which must be kept in mind, buttermilk once opened should be consumed within one week if one has to drink it directly, otherwise, it would be fine even after a week for baking or anything else.

Buttermilk should not be kept at room temperature, it has to be refrigerated. You can freeze buttermilk for months and then use it whenever you want, but because it separated if kept for so long, freezing it is not recommended. Also, if you still want to freeze buttermilk you must make sure that the mixture is stirred properly before being frozen.

Buttermilk loses the texture and the quality for drinking once it is frozen, if you have to unfreeze the previously frozen buttermilk then you should only use it for baking or cooking purposes.

Uses of buttermilk

As discussed earlier in the text, vegan buttermilk can be used in bakery products such as pancakes and cookies and as well as in smoothies. Let us discuss some recipes in which buttermilk is used;


For making a pudding we mainly need three eggs and two cups of buttermilk are used along with some honey and cinnamon to give it a taste. Also, a pinch of salt is also added after all of this has been done.

Now pour the mixture into a container called ramekin which is then placed in a pan of water and baked for an hour. Your custard is ready to be served.

Buttermilk mashed potatoes with spinach

While boiling potatoes and before they are done, include a case of solidified cleaved spinach. Deplete, mash, and mix in buttermilk. Do some topping with bacon and this dish is ready to serve too.


Using buttermilk in the recipes that require regular milk gives you better taste and appearance. Also, the recipes having buttermilk are healthier as compared to the ones having whole milk.

For each cup of Buttercup used you need to add one teaspoon of baking powder in it. For a detectably tart taste, dispose of any warming powder in the recipe, or relinquish it in to unwind the flavor. This method of substitution can also be used for bakery items such as pancakes and muffins.

Buttermilk in Butter waffles

Make a mixture of flour, baking powder, brown sugar and salt in a medium size container and stir it well. Now take the cooled butter which was melted earlier and add eggs, vanilla extract and buttermilk in it and mix again.

After having the two separate mixtures of flour and butter, you mix them both too, so well that there are no lumps left. Heat the waffle on the waffle iron after applying oil on it, after heating it well when it is golden brown, serve it with the syrup made.

Dehydrated Buttermilk

You can also find buttermilk in powder form in the market which can be kept at room temperature opened. You can have it anytime anywhere, without thinking once about it being expired.

This way you can have a healthy diet with you everywhere you go, without worrying about storing it at a particular temperature.
Sometimes you are too lazy to have the liquid form of the buttermilk because making it takes time. The powder milk being in front of you and ready to be consumed is a lot easier to use.

Nutritional value of buttermilk

Let us now discuss some of the characteristics of buttermilk which should be considered while purchasing buttermilk from the market or making it at home;

Fats and calories

Fat content in the buttermilk depends mainly upon the quantity of milk used, which in our case is almond milk. Buttermilk made with regular low-fat milk has calories ranging from 100 to 200.

Whereas, the buttermilk made using the almond milk has much fewer calories as compared to the one discussed earlier.Protein


The quantity of proteins in the buttermilk varies with the increasing and decreasing quantity of fats in it. One cup of low-fat buttermilk has 8 grams protein whereas one cup of reduced fat butter has 10 grams protein.

As discussed earlier in the text, vegan buttermilk being healthier and tastier than regular milk and regular buttermilk, should be used more.

Also, people who want to control the consumption of fats while not sacrificing their diet prefer vegan buttermilk over any other buttermilk just because it has fewer fats and calories as discussed earlier.

We have also come to know that how easy and simple it is to make vegan buttermilk at home, it is better because you use ingredients according to your own body requirements which are a big plus.

Vegan buttermilk is used in a variety of baked products such as pancakes, waffles, cakes, biscuits, and muffins. Once you have learned how to make buttermilk from almond milk, you can make your own refreshing dairy products such as smoothies or cold drinks. Instead of using regular milk for your dairy products use vegan buttermilk which is healthier and better in taste.

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Zeevveez

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