5 Best Wood for a Butcher Block Cutting Boards

If you’ve at any point looked for a cutting board, odds are you’ve heard a wide range of suggestions on which is the most green, the cleanest and the minimum harming to your blades.

Flying knife and a tomato

So who do you want to hear?

Whether you’re equipping a chef’s kitchen or just completing off your gourmet perch at home, having a strong cutting surface is an absolute necessity.

Best Wood for a Butcher Block Cutting Boards

Top Picks of Best Wood for Cutting boards

Product NameSizeType Of WoodMaintenanceWhy This?
John Boos Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board20" x 15"x 1.25 InchMaple HardwoodHand wash and oil regularly for best resultsGreat alternative to plastic-easier on knives
Woodworker's Classic American Hardwood Butcher Block Cutting Board8" x 14" x 1" InchWalnut, Cherry and Maple HardwoodShould be hand washed as it is not suitable for dishwasherWood boards are soft on knives and won't harbor bacteria
Mountain Woods Butcher Block Cutting Board15"x 12" x 2" InchHard maple, Teak, or WalnutToo much exposure to water can cause swelling, shrinking, and eventually warping of the boardHandles routed into the sides of the cutting board make it easy to grip and lift
Totally Bamboo Original 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting and Serving Board Set3 1/2"" by 2 3/4"" InchBambooHand-washing is the best alternative to extending the lifespan of these sheetssmooth surface likewise keeps your blades from dulling too rapidly

Why Are Some Woods Better Than Others?

Despite the fact that each surface may have its own specific esteem, it is trusted that wooden cutting sheets and pieces give the best life to your blades, and are likewise a protected and strong choice for your cutting activities.

Some Of Them Are More Durable

Most cutting boards are produced using trees named hardwoods. Hardwoods have a higher thickness so are harder and tougher than softwoods. This makes them a perfect material for cutting boards as they won’t score as effectively.

Cuts and scratches from knives cause an uneven cutting surface, consider microbes and water to enter the board, and can be unattractive. Producers, for example, Larch Wood, make hinders from softwoods, however exclusively utilize end-grain development to hold toughness.

End grain puts the wood strands on the surface of the board, with the goal that blades keep running against the finish of the filaments, rather than over. This plan keeps the filaments from part and scarring.

Some of you may perceive that oak is a hardwood, yet is not frequently utilized as a part of cutting boards. The reason is that oak, while hard, has huge pores. At the point when these pores are sliced through they are obvious to the stripped eye.

Vast pores cause an indistinguishable issue from cuts and scratches – they harbor microbes and can cause water-logging. Woods like hard shake maple, walnut, cherry, and teak are viewed as “close grain,” which means they have little pores for a smoother surface less cordial to microorganisms.

Banana and cucumber on a wooden cutting mat

Some Are More Toxic Than Others

Wood toxicity can appear as bothering, sharpening, and even harming. While a usual cutting board user isn’t presented to wood dust, it raises the subject of whether the wood is suitable for use.

Oils and pitch can filter into foods you are cutting, so it is imperative to consider on account of uncommon woods not normally utilized as a part of cutting board making.

Rosewood is a decent illustration. It is a rich, dim dark colored timber prized for its magnificence and hardness. Be that as it may, a few people are delicate to the oils it filters. While there are not made of wooden rods that are seen as poisonous in the wake of being done, recall that a few people are more choosy than others.

Another concern originates from recovered timber, wood that is recovered from its unique application for an alternate use. Cases are timbers from fencing, old stables, manufacturing plants, or stockrooms.

Wood from these sources is regularly delightful and has a particular worn look. Nonetheless, this timber could have been treated with perilous chemicals or presented to poisons. Despite the fact that lovely, cutting boards produced using recovered timber may not be nourishment safe.

Environment Comes First

There are many entangled issues encompassing the utilization of timber, for example, inquiries regarding natural surroundings devastation, deforestation, maintainability, and human and monetary rights. Probably the

Probably the toughest and lovely wood for cutting boards, guitars, and furniture are likewise jeopardized.

It is imperative while considering a slicing board to consider the natural repercussions, particularly in the event that it is produced using a kind of wood that you are new to.

Make inquiries and hack dependably.

Woods Are Naturally Beautiful!

There’s probably a wooden cutting board adds beauty to your kitchen, and for some that are, an essential twofold obligation for any utility thing in the kitchen to play.

Maple wood, which is light in shading and loaded with inconspicuous grain marks, makes a brilliant compliment to generally workspaces.

Handmade wooden cutting boards

For the individuals who don’t have space for a huge maple butcher square, a cutting board gives an awesome and appealing choice.

Why Not Plastic?

Plastic is not self-healing, like wood, and therefore once a plastic board has been nicked there is a place for bacteria to dwell until it has been thoroughly sanitized.

Though there was a brief time in the last few decades when wood was all but banned from commercial kitchen use, the NSF now approves the use of Hard Rock Maple in commercial kitchens and chefs are not shying away from it.

Cleaned and cared for properly, maple is an excellent and safe option for food preparation.

Top 4 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

There are thousands of tree species around the world but few of them are suitable for making a cutting board:

1. John Boos Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board

By a wide margin the most tastefully satisfying, and conventional alternative, a wood cutting board is a kitchen staple.

They may have missed out in prevalence as of late with the ascent of bamboo and plastic choices, yet a 100 percent wood board is a kitchen must-have.


  • This wood cutting board is made of maple hardwood
  • Arrives in a scope of five distinct sizes
  • The biggest 20-by 15-inch board can deal with everything from cutting a pork dish to hacking every one of the veggies from your agriculturists’ market pull
  • The butcher square quality wood won’t effortlessly endure scratches, scoring, or gouges from your cutting and dicing
  • Remember that you should give a wooden board more TLC to keep it fit as a fiddle, yet caring your board is simple
  • The main grumbling about this item has been with the bundling
  • A few commentators report that their shipment hasn’t accompanied the best possible plastic wrapping.
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2. Woodworker’s Classic American Hardwood Butcher Block Cutting Board

One of the prettiest cutting boards you’ll possess, this is produced using furniture-review walnut, cherry, and maple, and is an edge-grain outline, which makes it self-recuperating.

The wood is sourced from furniture producers, and the sheets are treated with sustenance safe oils.


  • Since it’s so beautiful, you might need to utilize it for filling in and in addition cutting – simply utilize one side for cutting and leave the turn around side unused and unscratched
  • This single cutting board is 8 x 14 x 1
  • You can get it as a total arrangement of three sheets: 12 x 18 x 1/2, 8 x 14 x 1 and 7 x 10 x 1
  • There are likewise different sets and single sheets accessible.

Like other wooden sheets, this ought to be hand washed.

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3. Mountain Woods Butcher Block Cutting Board

If you need to have the vibe of butcher square counters without replacing your current kitchen, this substantial wooden cutting board is an extraordinary decision.

Not exclusively is the striped dim and light wood grain tastefully satisfying, yet the board is sufficiently substantial that it won’t slide around on your ledge when you’re attempting to hack something.


  • It can go from slashing piece to serving board without overlooking anything
  • At under $50, this is likewise an awesome can foresee such a strong wooden square, and it holds up regarding quality also
  • Purchasers sing these cutting sheets praises even following quite a while of reliable utilize
  • Additionally, at two inches thick it can also be useful for tall cooks who discover their edges a bit on the short side
  • This board should never go in the dishwasher
  • An excess of introduction to water can cause swelling, contracting, and in the long run twisting of the board
  • Hand-washing taken after by standard care with an oil or glue implied for wooden sheets is prescribed to keep it fit as a fiddle for the whole deal
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4. Totally Bamboo Original 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board Set

The best thing about this Amazon best dealer is that the sheets in this set are shockingly intense.

Bamboo won’t appear like an extreme material, but rather it is one of the best at covering the wear and tear it perseveres from all your blade work.


  • The three sheets in this set are advantageously estimated, with the biggest measuring 9.5 by 13 inches, the medium, 9.5 by 11 inches, and the little one 6 by 8 inches
  • The non-permeable surface of these sheets mean they won’t assimilate any juices from your crude hamburger or chicken, and will oppose recoloring from tomatoes, beets, carrots, and the sky is the limit from there
  • The smooth surface likewise keeps your blades from dulling too rapidly—a positive reward
  • The two bigger sheets have set patterns to make handles or make them simple to hold tight a snare on the divider
  • Hand-washing is the best alternative to extending the lifespan of these sheets, and it’s prescribed that you utilize the renewing oil also
  • These durable loads up are known to stand the trial of time for a long time, keeping substitution costs low
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Wrapping It Up

Taking all the considerations maple wood is our best choice.

However, your choice might depend on your requirements but if you are not so sure about it, go through again the above article.

This is all you need.

Image Credits Via Flickr Creative Commons: Kamil Kaczor, Easy Heathy Smoothie, and Corey Burger

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