Best Way To Wash Kitchen Towels

If your kitchen is not clean your meal is not going to be good. To make sure your meal is germ-free and made of all hygienic ingredients you need to keep your kitchen and its appliances clean. Kitchen towels are often used by many of us for cleaning kitchen.

Cleaning of these towels is also very necessary. You can try different methods to keeps them clean and bacteria free. By keeping them in a clean and good condition they will last for a long time. But watch this video first!


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Why do You need to Wash Your Kitchen Cloths?

If you are economical and environment concern person you definitely have a large variety of kitchen towels in your kitchen for cleaning. You use and reuse your towels and wash them when they are dirty instead of buying.  Your kitchen towel will last a number of years if properly looked after.

If you are using cloth towel for cleaning kitchen make sure that it is clean, hygienic and well maintained. No one likes smelly, stained and greasy kitchen towels for cleaning kitchen.

Most of us simply wash our kitchen towels with laundry. This is also fine for some cases, however, if you have a greasy towel here are some extra tips for you. You may know some methods by which you can easily clean your towels but here are some tips and tricks which are beneficial for you.

Kill Bacteria

Kitchen towels are used for cleaning all dirt, mud, grease from shelves and counters. It is very obvious that your kitchen cloth may have some bacteria in it. To remove bacteria from your kitchen cloth towels you can adopt many methods. Take a small amount of bleach and wash your towels in it. You may have some delicate and bright color clothes for your kitchen, bleach will be tough on them.

Use a very small amount of such kind of towels. This is very effective and efficient way of cleaning and removing bacteria from your towels.

You can use bleach either in your washing machine or your washing tub. If you are washing your towels in a tub then add some water, detergent and a small amount of bleach in a tub. Mix all these things well until bubbles start. Now dip your kitchen towels in it for about an hour. Now rinse it thoroughly with clean water and dry it in sun light.

If you are using a washing machine your process is more simple. You just have to add water in the machine with some detergent as required. Now add some couple of tablespoons of bleach to water and allow it to settle. When you are sure that you bleach is mixed with water and your towels and start the cycle. After the complete cycle, you will have clean clothes ready to be used again.

Your towel may gain some bad smell with time. Sometimes this smell remains in your towel after washing them. Though there are some ways for removing the smell from your kitchen towel.

Removing Odors Using Vinegar

You can use vinegar for removing the smell from your kitchen towels. It will remove all dirty smell your kitchen towel may get. You will be needing just vinegar, baking soda, and your laundry detergent.

Add required water to your washing machine, add your detergent and add you towels in it. The amount of detergent may depend upon load and clothes you are washing, if you are washing two or three towels you will be needing a very small amount of detergent and water. After adding detergent, you have to add a full cup of vinegar and baking soda in your washing machine.

Then start the cycle and wait for its completion. Then leave your clothes in the machine for an hour and two. You can also leave it for overnight if your towels have an extremely bad smell. Baking soda is very good over grease. It will remove all grease from your ovens, grills and even from towels.

Now after waiting after an hour or two, again start the cycle. Now allow the towels to dry in a sunlight. I suggest you to not use the dryer on your kitchen towels. It will shorten the lifespan of your kitchen towels. Sunlight not only dries them but also sterilize them.

If you do this method monthly your towels will stay in good condition and will not smell bad.

Products for Strong Odors

Besides vinegar, there are certain products made for the removal of bad smell from your kitchen towel. These products work very well on smells and odors. These products are good and do not harm your towel.

Fill a tub with water and add your chosen product to it. Follow the instructions on the packet to decide the correct amount. Now soak your smelly towels in this solution for several hours or overnight. Now next day wash them in the washing machine and wash normally. For an additional boost, you can add vinegar.

For good results use your dishwasher soap or dishwasher liquid instead of laundry detergent. As it will remove all the germs and bacteria and all residues.

Stain Removal

Removing stain from your kitchen cloth towels is same as removing a stain from regular clothes.  Add your laundry detergent to the washing machine and then add your towels too. You can also add some extra stain removing material. Cloth kitchen towels shouldn’t stain quite like clothing, as they are tougher and do not come into interaction with the same things as our clothes, just like glass and motor oil.

Your Towels Are Ready to Use

Store your clean towels in a cabinet of your kitchen and replace your dirty towels with fresh clean ones. I know nothing last forever but with regular care and maintenance, your kitchen towels not only look better but also cleans properly.

Here are some products which can help you in cleaning your towels and makes the process easy.

1. Clorox Bleach Regular


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2. Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator


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3. Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover

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Your kitchen towels may get dirty, greasy and smelly with the passage of time and use. You need to make sure you are not using dirty clothes for cleaning your kitchen. Clean them on regular basis to ensure full hygiene.

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