4 Best Waffle Iron for Crispy and Liege Waffles

There are several kinds of waffles and to be perfectly honest we love them all. But there is something super special about a Belgium waffle; you can just taste the effort that has been put into that waffle.

Nowadays people just tend to buy everything from the supermarket, even waffles. But how can one stand those frozen waffles after having a taste of the actual good that is a freshly made waffle, fresh from the waffle iron?

Best Waffle Iron for Crispy and Liege Waffles

The best waffle ironsRemovable ironsMaterialFlip/Rotate featuresBrowning options
Croquade Traditional Single Thermostat Waffle MakerYesNon-stick coatingyesYes
Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle MakerNoNon-stick coatingno
Chef's Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle MakerNoNon-stick coatingnoyes
Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle MakerYesCeramic Ironsyesyes

Waffles Irons To Choose From

What you are basically looking for in a waffle iron is its ability to make a crispy waffle. Because who likes a soggy and chewy waffle, rather not have a waffle at all than having a bad waffle. But you don’t have to worry about getting your waffles right with some of the best Liege waffle irons that are available in the market

1. Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker


Now, this waffle maker is the definition of the simpler the better. It isn’t one of those fancy waffle irons with a gazillion functions, it’s a waffle iron and it does the job pretty well.

It makes two square-ish waffles at a time, the size of the waffle is 5 inch by 4 inches, so two waffles make a good serving for one person because they are pretty thick.

So, according to the size of the waffle you can evaluate the size of the machine, it’s about 8 inches by 8.5 inches, not too big and hence definitely a good option for people with smaller kitchens or less storage space. 

The insides of the waffle maker are stainless steel which is then coated with a non-stick layer in order to prevent waffle sticking disasters. More often than not waffles end up sticking to the waffle iron, so make sure the machine you buy has a non-stick coating.

The coating is just a thin layer so you have to be pretty careful with it in order to make sure that you don’t end up damaging it because once the coating is damaged your waffle iron renders useless pretty much.

In order to protect that coating use a silicone spatula,s the waffle will come off easily without any damage.

The few cons of this waffle iron include a missing dip tray, which can be pretty necessary. Other than that the waffle irons can’t be removed to clean, so basically you have to clean very carefully using a damp towel or cloth, which can be quite frustrating sometimes. But on the plus side, the different heat setting allows you to get the perfect color on your waffle just the way you prefer it.

Also like most waffle irons, the entire structure of the machine tends to get really hot so make sure you handle it while wearing heat resistant gloves or oven mitts.

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2. Chef’s Choice Waffle Pro Express


This waffle iron switches things up little thanks to its adorable shape. It makes 6 heart-shaped waffles which are pretty regular as far as the size is concerned.

The good thing about this waffle maker is its size, its 12 by 12.45 by 5.15, and unlike most waffle irons it actually stores in an upright position, so it is ideal for small storage spaces or small kitchens. Sometimes even a bigger kitchen is so clustered, that this size will make things pretty convenient for you.

This waffle iron gives you a little more room to experiment with the kind of waffle you prefer, unlike the Hamilton Beach. You have more room to cater different types of requests because of different people life slightly different kinds of waffles.

Personally, I am a fan of a crispy waffle, but some people like their waffle a little chewy in the middle. You can adjust the heat settings on this waffle iron to get the right results.

WafflePro also has a non-stick coating on the irons and similar to the Hamilton, you have to be careful with it unless you can completely lose the non-stick element and end up with a waffle iron that is messy to deal with.

You also have to clean this carefully with a towel or rag because the irons are not detachable, but thanks to the dip tray feature there isn’t too much of a mess that needs to be cleaned.

A cute little feature is an alarm or bell that it comes with, so even if it slips your mind to check up on your waffles, this waffle iron will alert you on its own.

This iron isn’t the cheapest in the market, but it definitely isn’t expensive either. And for the price, it has some really good features so all in all this is a good iron to have in your kitchen if you are a waffle fan.

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3. Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Now we are getting to some really good stuff as far as the world of waffle irons is concerned, pretty sure even the name of this waffle maker has you drooling and craving for some waffle straight from Belgium.

Unlike the other two, this one makes a round waffle 7 inches in diameter. You also have the option of cutting it into 4 quarters, depends on how you are planning on serving this.

As the name suggests this one works a little differently than the first two in that you get to flip this one. It’s actually pretty simple but the end results are close to perfection.

All you have to do is pour your batter, close the latch and flip the waffle maker, what this does is spread out your waffle batter equally so that you end up with an evenly cooked and evenly crispy waffle.

Another plus point for this waffle iron is the fact that it doesn’t have a non-stick coating but it is made up of ceramic and that is just a notch better.

The thing with non-stick is that it works pretty well but you have to make sure that your handling of it is very careful otherwise it can be a huge disaster. With ceramic irons that are hardly a worry, these are more durable and last longer and clean up much easier.

This waffle maker tends to make thicker waffles which are like the Belgian waffles, but if you are a fan of crispier waffles then just keep your waffle on for a little longer and it will crisp right up.

Similar to the above-mentioned waffle irons, the irons in this maker are not removable either, but it is to be expected because that feature comes with the pricier waffle makers.

It is not that big a worry though; you can do the tough job of cleaning carefully if you know you can get a good waffle out of this at the end of the day.

The manufacturers promise that your waffle will be ready in just 4 minutes, now this time setting is for a regularly browned waffle, if you prefer browner waffles leave them in longer, you can eventually find out the perfect setting that makes your perfect waffle.

Again this model stored in an upright position too so saving space again. Combining all those features and then comparing it to the mid-range price, we would say this one is a must-have. It easily gives the quality waffles that one would expect from a high-end waffle maker.

This waffle iron proves that the best waffle iron doesn’t need to be the most expensive.

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4. Croquade Traditional Waffle Maker


This model is especially for the liege waffles which are sweet and sugary and caramel-y.

This is kind of different, in the sense that the irons are made from cast aluminum, and that is actually a plus because the heat conduction is greatly improved. Cast aluminum isn’t completely non-stick so it is coated with the non-stick layer too.

This one also has the option of removable irons which makes things so much easier when it comes to cleaning etc.

This waffle maker especially stands out because of its ability to make liege waffles. Now, these are not your regular batter made waffles, Liege waffles are made using dough and most of the waffle makers don’t have enough heating power to cook the perfect liege waffle.

The interchangeable plates are probably the best thing about this waffle maker because having the option is always a good thing. Plus it has a back and forth function which makes the waffle batter spread out evenly so you don’t end up with a lumpy waffle.

All in all, it’s probably one of the best waffle irons out there.

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Waffles Galore

If you are a waffle fan like us, then you definitely need one of these in the cupboards of your kitchen, because hey let’s face it, store bought waffles are just killing out tastes buds, and the best waffle irons will allow you to make the best waffles in the comfort of your home.

Image credit by Flickr creative commons: Jonathan Mclntosh and Grant Guarino

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