The 7 Best Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are a versatile tool that can come in handy for tons of things.

Whether you’re using it to store your essential oils, moisturizer, or natural air freshener, or using them for linen spraying when ironing or plant spraying, they are indeed useful. And being a little thoughtful about which spray bottles you buy can save you from having to replace them again and again.

Here’s what you need to know:

This useful multipurpose product is available in high-quality options as well, and getting the right ones the first time can save you a lot of hassle. To make your spray bottle hunt easier, we have listed some of the most highly rated spray bottles and spray bottle kits to meet your needs.

Let’s check them all out!

The Best Spray Bottles – My Top Seven Picks

Top ProductsBest Features
1. BonyTek Glass Spray Bottle KitsSet of 24 spray bottles, bottle cleaning products, lead-free, UV protection
2. Sally’s Organics Glass Spray BottleLarge bottle, reusable glass, modern design
3. Vivaplex Large Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Black Trigger Spray3-Setting spray, UV protection, perfect size
4. Bar5f Empty Clear Spray Bottle with Adjustable Head SprayerAdjustable trigger sprayer, versatile, ergonomic comfort grip
5. Esarora Amber Glass Spray Bottle Set8-versatile set, UV protection, BPA and lead-free
6. Uineko Heavy-Duty Plastic Spray BottleHeavy-duty plastic, upgraded spray head, leak-proof
7. Harris Professional Spray Bottle4-finger spray, includes ounce measurement, adjustable nozzle

1 — BonyTek Glass Spray Bottles Kits

Best Features: Set of 24 spray bottles, bottle cleaning products, lead-free, UV protection

Unlike regular spray bottles with cheap glass or plastic construction, the BonyTek glass spray bottles are high-quality glass can easily hold up well over time. This massive kit includes everything you need in your collection. The set features 24 spray bottle designs, and includes a roll-on bottle opener, cleaning bottle brush, plastic droppers, a plastic funnel, extra caps, and several chalk labels. This kit is ideal for professional as well as personal use. The multipurpose kit is useful for a variety of things, including storing sensitive essential oils, bleach mixtures, and cleaning solutions. The high-quality glass will stay put regardless of the strong liquids and scents. Available in two attractive colors.

2 — Sally’s Organics Glass Spray Bottle

Best Features: Large bottle, reusable glass, modern design

If you’re looking for a large spray container made of high-quality, reusable material, this spray bottle by Sally’s Organics will not disappoint. It is one of the best spray bottles you can get for cleaning products, essential oils, homemade cleaners, and even vinegar mixtures for cleaning.  The clear, modern design is made from reusable glass and features an easy-to-pull clear nozzle that can be adjusted to deliver both a fine and a strong mist. Use the strong mist for watering plants or the fine one for aromatherapy – as you please!

3 — Vivaplex Large Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Black Trigger Sprayers

Best Features: 3-Setting spray, UV protection, perfect size

The Vivaplex amber glass bottles will keep your perfumes and essential oils safe from degradation – thanks to the UV-resistant material. The durable design is a leak-proof and comes with a black fine mist sprayer. The 8 oz. container can easily hold enough product for small projects and serves as the perfect size that is both safe and convenient to use. The best part is that the trigger sprayer adjusts to two different settings: mist and stream. You can even twist it to turn it off when not in use.  

4 — Bar5F Empty Clear Spray Bottle with Adjustable Head Sprayer

Best Features: Adjustable trigger sprayer, versatile, ergonomic comfort grip

Made from soft plastic, this is another high-quality spray bottle if you prefer using plastic over glass. What makes it one of our top choices is how lightweight this spray bottle is. You can easily carry it around when you’re cleaning without feeling a burden on your wrist. It features a fully adjustable nozzle between light mist and full stream. This spray bottle comes with an anti-leak mechanism that prevents the product from spilling. However, it is important to remember that softer plastics are sensitive to harsh chemicals, so avoid using anything that could degrade the plastic.  

5 — Esarora Amber Glass Spray Bottle Set

Best Features: 8-versatile set, UV protection, BPA and lead-free

Another useful kit with varying spray bottle designs. The eight bottles come in four different sizes, including 16 oz., 8oz, 4oz., and 2oz. There are two bottles for each size, so no matter what size you need, you will always have an extra. The amber glass construction works for holding anything from sensitive oils to harsh chemicals. And even though they have a delicate look, the durability of these bottles will surprise you.

6 — Uineko Heavy Duty Plastic Spray Bottle

Best Features: Heavy-duty plastic, upgraded spray head, leak-proof

The large spray bottles in plastic construction have enough capacity to carry out various home-based spraying needs. You can use it as a hair spray in a professional environment, and the capacity will ensure you do not have to keep refilling it again and again. The bottle is available in both 24 and 16oz sizes, and the chemical-resistant plastic is durable and can easily handle a variety of products without any damage.

7 — Harris Professional Spray Bottle

Best Features: 4-finger spray, includes ounce measurement, adjustable nozzle

This spray bottle is a pro! A single fill goes a long way, which makes it an excellent fit for professional use where heavy spraying is required. The set contains three spray bottles of the same size. The high-quality nozzle stands out in the design and rotates to give you a selection between fine mist and a targeted stream. The highlight is that the plastic bottle is compatible with many solvents and chemicals and can easily carry out a variety of household spraying requirements.  


1. Can I put bleach in my spray bottles?

Low-quality, cheap spray bottles may not be able to hold to bleach and other strong chemicals. However, many spray bottle materials are bleach compatible. And with bleach, you should always rinse the bottle and nozzle after use to prevent the spring in the sprayer head from rusting.

2. How can I unclog my spray bottles?

Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a container and dip the nozzle inside the solution for at least 10 minutes. This simple method should unclog the spray nozzle.

Here’s a video demonstration on how you can unclog your spray bottles effectively:

Basic Household Cleaning : How to Unclog a Spray Bottle

3. Are spray bottles the best container for essential oils?

It is best to keep your essential oils in glass-made spray bottles instead of plastic ones. The glass material prevents your essential oils from degrading.

4. How do I choose the best spray bottle for me?

The best spray bottle for you would be the one that meets your needs. Choose the right material and size, depending on your needs. Invest in kits to add these useful products to your household collection. Also, don’t forget to check out our list. There’s something for everyone here.  

The Best Spray Bottles – My Remaining Top Picks

8 — UCEC Plastic Spray Bottles

The cool-looking spray bottles are functional and lightweight – perfect for various general uses like cleaning, plants and garden care, and hair care. The adjustable nozzle allows you to set the stream as per your needs. These bottles are made from high-quality, non-toxic plastic, and are environmentally friendly and safe for different purposes. The set comes with two spray bottles, a small mist bottle, a dropper, and a plastic funnel.

9 — Airbee Plastic Spray Bottle

This one by Airbee is a heavy-duty spray bottle designed from HDPE plastic, which is highly resistant to chemicals, making them safe to use for chemical solutions like bleach, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar. The durable construction ensures no clogs or leaks and allows various spray settings for added convenience.  

10 — Yesland Plastic Spray Bottle

If you’re looking for good looks and great functionality, this is the perfect set of spray bottles for you. Available in three eye-popping colors, including blue, pink, and green, the bottles feature enough capacity to make everyday spraying tasks easier. The adjustable nozzle gives you control over spraying pattern and flow.

11 — Dedoot Mister Spray Bottle

The set of two mini plastic spray bottles has a 7oz capacity making them a very handy and convenient design for daily use. The sleek bottles fit your hand like a glove making them easy to carry. They make excellent plant misters, and these bottles are great for other tasks like cleaning, storing beauty mists, essential oils, cleaning sprays and home-made liquid products.  

12 — Soft ‘N Style Fine Mist Spray Bottle

The durable plastic spray bottle has measuring scales on top so you can add the product up to the desired level. While the material is not clear, the see-through poly bottle makes it easy to fill according to the measuring scale. The 8oz. container can hold enough product for smaller tasks, while the large trigger makes it easy to spray.

13 — Cosywell Glass Spray Bottles

This one’s another impressive spray bottle kit by Cosywell designed in high-quality glass. The set includes two 16oz spray bottles with caps, a dropper, a funnel, and labels. Serves as a great addition to your aromatherapy kit, the leak-proof gasket prevents leakage and keeps the product safe. The bottles can be used for various purposes, but they are particularly best for liquid soaps, lotions, dish soaps, essential oils, mouthwash, massage oils, and more.


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