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Outdoor cooking is extremely different from in-house kitchen-based cooking. The basic and the most obvious difference is the lack of an easily defined kitchen area and kitchen accessories.

Campers and backpackers are the one who usually travels a lot and therefore out of dire need has developed a significant number of techniques and specially designed equipment for preparing food in the outdoor.

Outdoor cooking has traditional roots that can be traced back to nomadic cultures and it is these cultures that have been over time transformed and refined into the 21st century for the uses such as dinners and lunches with family and friends in the backyard or lawn of your house.

The Char-Broil vertical smoker is perfect for the food lovers of smoky BBQ.


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Preparing food on smoke is easy, and Char-Broil makes it easier with its multi-purpose and dedicated smokers. All models require the same care and maintenance; the main differences between the models include heat and power sources. There’s a different starting mechanism for each type of smoker, but you smoke food the same way on each — to a safe minimum internal temperature.

Smoker and its type

Char-Broil smokers are classified into types as per their fuel: electric, charcoal, wood or gas. The electric smokers have a cylindrical cooking chamber and use a heating element to burn the smoking wood. The infrared smokers have an infrared heat source that needs electricity for power. Char-Broil offset smokers use charcoal, and gas-powered smokers use propane.

Charcoal smoker types

For Char-Broil offset smokers, the 430-Series, Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Grill and Smoker and Offset Smoker Charcoal, you can use lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes to create smoke in the firebox, which transfers to the cooking area through a damper.

Char-Broil offset smokers don does not have a reverse-flow feature that incorporates a convection plate, a piece of metal that conducts heat from the firebox and directs the flow of smoke under and then over the food before exiting the chimney, so one side gets hotter than the other.

All you have to do is fill the firebox pan with charcoal and light it; don’t let the charcoal touch the walls of the firebox. Open the damper one-fourth of the way and close the firebox door. Let the grill heat for 2 hours, adding charcoal as needed to sustain the fire. Sprinkle dry wood chips or chunks on the coals after 2 hours, and add the food to the cooking grate.

The Vertical smoker

Char-Broil’s electric and gas vertical smokers, the Vertical Electric Smoker and Vertical Gas BBQ and Smoker Oven, are like large meat closets, that are designed to handle a lot of food, these models are approximately over three feet tall and almost two feet wide.

They are the best choice for smoking a large quantity of food. You are required only to fire up the Vertical Electric Smoker by turning on the control panel and setting the desired internal food temperature; add wood chips to the smoker box.

Then start the Vertical Gas BBQ and Smoker Oven by first turning on the propane cylinder. Next, turn the control knob to high and turn the ignition knob rapidly; add wood chips to the smoke box. Load the food on the grates after the smoker heats for 20 minutes; space the pieces of food at least an inch away from one another.

The 30 Inches Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker

Grilled dishes have become a staple food across various nations and different cultures, with the wide range of availability of smokers.

You might have been preparing grilled and smoked dishes and with your family and friends. Cooking in the outdoor has become a common thing during Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners and family birthdays or anniversaries.

Many people have in fact seriously taken grilling as an important form of preparing food and it is always a joy when the family gets together and the men in the house show off their cooking skills during a weekend get together.

From barbequing ribs to kebabs, whole chickens to whole turkeys, there is always something to look forward to eat off the grill. Having a smoker in your backyard or lawn presents you a wonderful way to enjoy luxurious meals with your loved ones.

It can also pave the way towards healthier eating for people who avoid dining out from unknown health standard dishes and processed or canned food products.

In the 21st century, a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle that we all are living, we are mostly tend to be lured by the convenience of meals that came straight out of cans or those that are precooked.

By investing in a smoker for once in years to come, you open yourself to creative ways of enjoying healthy meals prepared from wholesome food. It would definitely be a refreshing change on your dining table to eat organic food that does not come right from the microwave or a takeout box.

With the right brand of the smoker, you can enjoy preparing home cooked meals and organizing family gatherings more often than before.

But with all the different brands and models of smokers and grills in the market today, all you have to do is choose the right one that fits your need. There are some factors that you need to be considered into account.


The Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30” was developed by Char-Broil, one of the leading companies in the USA that specialize in manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances. This particular unit has a total weight of 49.6 lbs and a 17.5” X 20” X 37” dimensions, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.

Just like most brands of smokers, the Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30” comes in a sleek black color. This smoker is constructed using heavy-duty materials, as it is specifically designed for outdoor use and built to withstand direct exposure to the elements.

To offer an efficient and more convenient cooking process, this unit is made with three adjustable chrome-plated cooking grates. You can also easily control and monitor the smoker’s temperature with its built-in thermometer and temperature gauge with the bezel.

It’s insulated double-walled construction is intended for easier maintenance of cooking temperature. The unit also includes a porcelain-coated wood chips pan.

Clean it

For cleaning and fuss-free maintenance, the Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30” also features a porcelain-coated ash pan and grease up to store the accumulated dirt and oil during the cooking process. With its sturdy iron handles, opening and closing the smoker is made more convenient and safe.

Since a smoker is primarily built for outdoor use, the heavy construction of this unit is designed to be weather resistant. This means this smoker is built to last for a long period of time.


The cooking unit has a total cooking space of 504 square inches. With its three adjustable oven-style cooking grates, you can conveniently cook three different dishes simultaneously thereby saving you time. The innovative combination of built-in temperature controller, smoker chamber, and heavy-duty grates, you can look forward to experimenting different recipes to impress your guests and surprise your family.

Since the unit has a small cooking area, this model is not the ideal choice for people who love hosting large parties. They can then approach the brand website to look for the one according to their need.

However, for intimate gatherings and family dinners, you can definitely look forward to enjoying good food over great conversations with this smoker. There’s nothing like heartily prepared food to bring people together.

If you have a patio, this smoker may just be the missing piece to add to your outdoor ensemble. In spite of its small cooking capacity, this unit can process almost all kinds of smoked dishes. You can cook small amounts of meat, sausages, hot dogs, fish, veggies, sandwiches, ribs and many other types of dishes using this unit.

If you still want to cook large amounts of food through this smoker to feed a large gathering, you can choose to prepare food for three or four times and cook each batch in the unit’s burner.


This cooking unit is constructed with vertical configuration. It uses electric power to control and maintain the temperature and heat for your smoked dish. This unit is made with 1,500 watts of heating elements.

Unlike the more advanced smokers in the market these days, this unit is not digital, which means you need to monitor the temperature manually and also maintain it.

To prepare the smoker for cooking, you need to manually set up the fire using wood to produce smoke to cook food. Any brand of wood chips or chunks can perfectly fit into a wood pan of this cooking unit.

Cook it right

As discussed earlier, this char broil smoker set is manufactured along with three adjustable oven-style cooking grates, with a total cooking capacity of 504 square inches. This feature makes it a perfect choice for your lawn if you love cooking in small amounts of smoked dishes for your lunch or dinner with friends.

A smoked dish which can be eaten by 10 to 15 people would be fine enough to fit perfectly in this unit. You can control the temperature of this cooking ware by just pressing the dial buttons. It has a temperature gauge with bezel, and double-walled construction and the 1,500 watts of heating elements make it easier to maintain your desired heat and temperature so that you can easily cook your desired food to perfection.

This smoker set can be set at the maximum temperature of 300ºF. The temperature controller and maintenance of this cooking unit is accurate and hence is reliable, so this means that it will save up on a lot of your time, that you earlier spent on monitoring of your dishes after you kept them in the smoker.

This smoker set promises to process a smoked dish at a greater speed since it uses electric power to maintain the heat and temperature. By preparing your food on char broil smoker set you can now smoke up to 23 to 30 lbs of turkey for up to ten hours using this unit.

If you are among those who prefer eating chicken, crispy barbecued chicken wings or a scrumptious chicken burger would present as a suitable meal.

During the winters, fish dishes are ideal for your nutrition requirement as well as the mood. As they would also fit perfectly in this smoker set. For preparing unique and new recipes of fish on the smoker, you can check out online recipes and look for crispy smoked fish served with lemon and soy sauce.

If you are a fish eater but also love eating barbecue dishes, maybe the deboned fish barbecue is the ideal meal for you. All of these fish dishes can be cooked in this unit for about eight hours.

This smoker set is also the ideal choice for you if you love eating processed food. As you can have a delicious sausage sandwich breakfast, topped with lettuce, cucumber, and pickles. If hot dogs will satisfy your craving, why not prepare hot dog sandwich topped with honey mustard!

You can now also enjoy a special hot dog steak recipe with an Asian twist – the possibilities are practically endless. No matter what type of smoked dish you prefer, it would surely fit perfectly with the Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker.

Assemble it first

Before using this smoker set, first of all, you are supposed to set up this cooking unit, for that you need to manually assemble the parts, it will approximately take you more than an hour to do this since this is the first time.

A good tip, that you should follow is, carefully read all the instructions first and then closely follow them. For this you can use the enclosed manual, you need to assemble the ash pan, wood chips pan, grease cup, cooking grates and the iron handles to be able to start cooking. All the instructions for putting the parts together are explained clearly in the user manual, so do read it before doing anything.

Cleaning and maintenance of this smoker are quite a straightforward and simple affair. The grease cup is designed to store all the accumulated oil and grime during cooking, making it supremely easy to clean up once done with cooking.

You are only required to simply need to take out the grease cup and properly dispose of its contents, before cleaning the container with soap and water then dry with a towel before placing it back in the cooking unit.

Meanwhile, the porcelain-coated ash pan can cover the entire chamber of the unit, and catch all the ashes after cooking. This feature prevents you from spending extra time and effort scraping the ashes and creating a large amount of mess after cooking.

All the instructions for cleaning and proper handling of the unit can be found in the user manual. Maintenance must be tedious as you only need to clean the surfaces with a damp cloth to remove dirt and oil which can hasten deterioration it left unattended.

Proper cleaning of all the parts of the charbroil smoker set, this will allow you to achieve the best results and your smoker is going to last more.

Other Accessories

Generally, every brand of smokers has recommended accessories along with the smoker unit. These accessories are sold separately from the smokers, which mean purchasing any of these accessories is entirely optional.

Mostly many of these accessories are intended for customization and protection of your cooking unit, there are also some accessories that are specifically designed to enhance the taste and flavorings of your smoked dish.

Let’s have a closer look at these options that can perfectly go along with this particular brand of the electric vertical smoker.

While this cooking equipment is made out of heavy-duty materials it is still important to protect it from dirt as well as direct exposure to the outdoor elements such as air and water.

As a solution to this problem, Char-Broil offers high-quality smoker covers that are designed to fit most of their vertical smokers. These smoker covers are constructed using insulated metals and irons, which are intended for enhanced durability. You can buy these accessories in most local stores or online shops at the price of $20.00 USD.


The manufacturing brand offers a 90-day limited warranty for this cooking unit. Within this 90-day period, units can be replaced if the unit came with minor damage or if certain parts are defective and need to be replaced. You simply need to return the unit to the store where you made the purchase along with the receipt.

There are no local stores that provide warranty extension plan for this cooking unit. Since it has a very short warranty period, it is very important to properly inspect the product for any defects and follow the safety procedures and maintenance guide.

We highly encourage you to follow all the instructions for proper handling and cleaning provided in the product’s user manual.


Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker is one of the ideal choices for most households. Compared to other smokers in the market, this one is offered at a more affordable price although you must always make a comparison of the size and the quantity of the food that a smoker set can prepare in each time.

One must also consider the amount of money you can afford to invest in the smoker set, we would recommend you to grab this char broil smoker set as this surely is worth having.

If you’re looking for an affordable smoker for that occasional outdoor cooking, this one presents a perfect choice. Put this smoker on your list of finalists!

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