The Best Smoked Brisket Rub Recipe

A brisket rub has to be a concoction of technical and flavor aspects, you need to it to make meat taste delish and also make your meat cook perfectly.

A lot of people don’t realize the amount of role that a brisket rub recipe plays in the texture and tenderness of the meat. The best brisket rub recipes usually involve a lot of different spices that can help in breaking down the protein in the meat and make your brisket tenderer.

You always have to be careful that the balance between the spices is perfect so that the flavor of the meat also shines through, and the spice doesn’t overpower your brisket.

What You Need To Know As A Beginner

Like most cooking endeavors you might not get this right the first time around, which is why you have to make sure that you are well prepared before you start your project: the best brisket rub recipe!

The most interesting part of this entire project would be the smoking of your brisket, BUT before we can get to the fun part, we need to lay some ground rules and get our facts right about the more technical parts.

When you have decided upon the rub, get your smoker going, and if you don’t own one, check Amazon for some great and reasonable models that will come in handy whenever you want to smoke things up.

What’s The Deal With Dry Rubs?

A ‘rub’ is basically like a marinade right, so why is dry rub such a popular term and are all runs dry? Well as it happens most of the rubs used on brisket meat are dry, there must definitely be the logic behind it.

But sometimes rubs include wet ingredients too such as Worcestershire or lemon, to give your meat some acidic hit and help break down the proteins.

A dry rub recipe is no less than a chemical experiment and if it isn’t balanced perfectly, it could be quite a disaster.

Traditional rub spices are mostly very dry and can make your final product a bit dry too, especially if the heat content is high. A way to make your meat spicy but not too dry is by using chipotle chilies rather than the dry spices, it will add some depth and flavor to your meat.

You might be thinking you don’t like too much spice, but as it happens the spice tends to enhance the sweetness of the meat itself, and so the end product is always very balanced.

Ingredients That Make The Best Brisket Rub Recipe

I think we all know the importance of salt when it comes to cooking, and hence you will not be surprised to know that this recipe calls for a good deal of salt too. But you have to remember that with the salt come to some precautions and rules.

The thing with salt is that it has the power to cure meat, there are recipes where you can break down the meat tissues using salt and something acidic, and it becomes consumable in its raw form.

When you are using salt in your brisket rub recipe, make sure you only apply the rub a little while before you start cooking so that you don’t cure the meat unnecessarily, THAT will not be delicious.

The texture of the brisket is just as important as the flavor, and with a few tips, you can get that meat just rightly cooked.

Hence if the rub recipe doesn’t have a huge amount of salt or any salt at all, then it would be a great idea to apply the rub a good while before actually cooking the meat. This will enhance the taste of the meat greatly.

Like a marinade, the spice rub and its deliciousness will literally absorb into the brisket meat so that the meat is flavourful throughout and not bland. The longer the spice rub stays on, the better the end results will be.

So that was pretty basic, right? Now onto some interesting stuff that you may or may not be used to doing when making your brisket. Another trusty ingredient that will bind all the spicy flavors together is sugar, yes that’s right, sugar.

You can make use of brown or white sugar, although personally, I would recommend brown because the earthy flavor really compliments the meat. The sugar helps cut through the sharpness and pungent flavor of the spices to release a more balanced flavor.

After the sugar caramelizes with the meat’s crust while cooking you will end up with mouth-watering results for sure.

These were some necessary ingredients, but if you want to add some extra flavor you can totally do that by adding some herbs, fresh or dried. Meat goes well with rosemary or oregano or even paprika.

To make the flavors more complex try the powdered versions of onion and garlic, it will be easier to get that sweet onion and garlic goodness without any actual mess.

Taking It Up A Notch

For people who are regular meat consumers, their flavor palettes are definitely more refined and they like that extra something, which can be added by smoking your brisket.

Smokey and spicy together, would it be too much? Not if you do it right, by keeping some balance smoking the spice-rubbed brisket would be an amazing idea.

Make sure you don’t go overboard with different spices if you plan on smoking because that will be too many things happening and your taste buds will just be confused rather than amused.

Choose a distinctive flavor that you love, and then make it the star, like chipotle chilies, or barbecue or black pepper etc. By focusing your brisket rub recipe you will be able to cook a gourmet style brisket.

The Technicalities

By the technicalities, we basically mean what to look for in the best brisket rub recipe and why. The term technicalities made it look tough right? But don’t worry because it is all very simples.

Remember we talked about the basics, recall the basics because that is what you need to look out for in a good recipe. Sugar, spices, herbs, and spicy, a balance of these basic flavor profiles is the secret to making a good brisket rub.

For the crust of the brisket use brown sugar, like I mentioned earlier, the sugar along with other spices caramelizes into the skin of your meat and makes a sticky and delicious crust.

If you prefer a milder flavor in your brisket then you should try flavors like garlic and herbs, they will enhance the flavor of the meat without adding too much heat.

Applying The Rub

When you see the professionals do it they usually prefer to rub in the spices by literally massaging the meat, but there are also people who just put the spice on and that is it.

The Question Arises: “Is One Way More Efficient Than The Other?”

Personally, I think that massaging the meat does enhance the flavor a bit more and helps to get the spices through the meat. Usually what happens with a brisket is that all the flavor is on the crust and the meaty flesh inside is quite bland. You can fix that by trying the rubbing technique and also leaving the rub on longer.

Another way to get those best flavors going is by toasting your spices. Its very simple just chucks the spices in a non-stick pan and toast them on low heat till the aromas start appearing.

This technique helps release the aromas and oils present in the spices. Also, be sure to make the surface of your brisket is wet, you can do that by applying oil or water so that the spice rub actually stays on.

Well, that’s all you need to know about the best brisket rub recipe, hope you find that one recipe that will blow your socks off.


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