9 Best Popcorn Popper For Roasting Coffee Beans

Has the word coffee made you yearn for it yet? And you are thinking of going to the nearest coffee house to grab yourself an espresso? Or, are you smarter? And roasting your own coffee beans at home with the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee and then brewing it yourself.

If not, don’t panic, here is your complete guide to it !

Coffee is the second most drunk beverage in the world after water. In fact, some people have just replaced water with coffee! And why not? It is so warm and bitter and sweet and yuuummm…

Best Popcorn Popper for Roasting Coffee Beans

NameFurther DetailHot air Popper?Popcorn Popped
Hamilton Beach73400Yes16 cups every cycle
Nostalgia APH200REDYes16 cups every cycle
Toastmaster6202Yes3 quarts in 3 minutes
Poppery II -Yes4 quarts in three minutes
Toastmaster6203Yes4 quarts every cycle
Severin 117803Yespops according to capacity in about 2.5mins
Toastess TCP-713Yes-
Presto PopLite4820Yes18 cups in less than 2 and a half mins
West Bend Air Crazy82416Yes3.5 quarts in 3 mins


You can imagine coffee popularity by the fact that it was first grown in Africa and made by the Yemenis back in the 15th century and is still devoured by fans all over the world in the twenty-first century!

We mean, how often do you say, wanna grab a coffee? And how often do you not see a new coffee place opening up near you?

Yes indeed, coffee is a really popular drink and this article would tell you why you should be drinking it more and how easily you could do that with just a popcorn popper! I’m not kidding!

The Roasting Process of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are picked by hand from the berries of the Coffea Plant when they are fully ripe. These beans are then processed and dried and have a green color till now. After this, coffee beans are roasted to a multitude of degrees to attain different types of coffee beans which have different colors and aromas.

In this roasting process, the green beans decrease in weight and lose moisture. And also, during this process, caramelization occurs which causes the complex starch to break down into simple sugar and hence results in colors ranging from light brown to dark brown and black.

Darker roasts result in sweeter coffees being made while lighter roasts cause a more complex and strong flavor to develop. Then these roasted coffee beans are stored in airtight packets or containers for a substantial amount of time to maintain the freshness and a taste. Airtight helps to ensure that no contact is made with moisture or odors floating in the air.

After this lengthy process, roasted beans are crushed and ground. This coffee powder is then brewed with boiling water to make the well known simple coffee. With little more sugar and milk or maybe ice or some syrup, espressos, lattes and iced coffees etc are made as well.

Pros of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is not only used by people to shake them back to their senses in the morning or to help them burn the midnight oil but also, used to increase their life span!  (Bet you didn’t know that)

Coffee helps to increase brain activity and also helps, lift your mood. People who intake coffee are less likely to suffer from depression or commit suicide.

Coffee reduces the risks of type II diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, dementia and it even protects you against heart failure!
It reduces liver disorders (especially cirrhosis of the liver) has a wide range of antioxidants which ensure a longer life expectancy.

So, here is why you should drink more coffee. Now how should we make that easier for you?
Only with the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee ever! You will find out soon enough what I am talking about.  Till then, grab a coffee!

Now right now, you are probably wondering. Why do I need a popcorn popper? To roast my beans? Why do I need to roast my own beans? In fact, why do I even need beans when I can just grab a coffee from that nearest café? Is that not quicker?

We have answers to all your questions and queries. Settle down.

Cost Effective

For those of you who do not know, green beans are actually quite cheaper than the already roasted coffee beans or the coffee from the coffee shop. According to an estimate, coffee prices have risen astronomically. And in this day and age, being on top of your budget is an essential part of running a good household.

So yes, buy green beans instead of that Styrofoam disposable coffee. Roast them yourself. Make your own coffee! Without the hassle of going to that café every day. You will save huge sums of money. Take my word for it.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy Process

Now you might be thinking, that oh lord, now I have to roast my coffee as well? Do not worry; it is not that hard a process. In fact, it is quite simple and efficient and most of the supplies will be in your cupboard already.

You JUST need to add your green beans into your popcorn popper, turn it on, wait for five minutes or 10 at most and voila! Your very own coffee beans are roasted. Now just ground them with a mortar and pestle, and brew yourself a coffee!

More Healthy

See with already packed and processed coffee beans or coffee shakes and lattes, you don’t exactly know what kind of preservatives or additives, or flavorings, or colors or anything goes into your coffee. Because you have not seen it happen in front of you, you have not made it.

So an advantage of this is that you know exactly what goes into your coffee. You know where your beans come from, how you have used them to make your coffee.


When you roast your own beans, you will roast them to your desired degree to attain your desired color and flavor which will make your coffee tastier. You can experiment with different temperatures, make different flavored coffees, some dark, and some light with your touch in every single one of them.

Exotic Smells and Aromas

When roasting your own coffee, different smells and aromas extract from the green bean and waft into everywhere and for those who love this coffee smell, well you should start roasting from today.


You can roast your coffee beans every day. Make fresh coffee every day, whenever you like. Green beans can stay fresh over a longer period of time than the already roasted ones. So more fresh, more health.

So, we are pretty sure that with these benefits we have convinced you to roast your own coffee. Now let us take a look at why you need a popcorn popper to do that job for you!

Why a Popcorn Popper?

The answer to this is pretty simple. The commercial roasting process is extremely complex so if we are to perform this task at home, we need something simple and easy going. Using a popcorn popper is fairly easy, it does not involve many steps and it is fast! Just a matter of minutes and your green beans are roasted.

You can control the roast time yourself by using designs which suit your needs.  You can roast as long as you want, to the point and color you want. You can control yourself the watts supplied. So you are totally in charge of the flavor profile of your coffee. You can always experiment back and forth. Making different colored coffees, storing them separately, and

You can always experiment back and forth. Making different colored coffees, storing them separately, and maybe even start a small little business or just be able to fully entertain your guests.

How will a popcorn popper help you out?

With a popcorn popper, the quality of your coffee is also ensured. You know what goes into your coffee and what goes out of it so it remains nutritious and healthy just according to your needs.

Besides, the list for the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee will be given out shortly and you will realize that they are made with such fine materials which ensure no reaction will occur with the popping chamber or the chute. And the flavor profile is in no way affected by the popper.

These supplies are generally easily available. You can order your green beans and popper online or buy them from your nearest mart or you already have them in your kitchen cupboard set away for movie nights.

Now that you know why we should use a popcorn popper, you should know what kind of popcorn popper you are looking for. Generally, popcorn poppers the ones we are looking for are cost friendly and do not add on to your budget so you don’t need to worry about cost.

Which popcorn poppers to choose?

Generally, popcorn poppers the ones we are looking for are cost friendly and do not add on to your budget so you don’t need to worry about cost.

The first thing you need to make sure is that your popcorn popper is a hot air popper. Through this mechanism, the hot air will caramelize your beans. Direct heating is basically, a fast processor and hard to control whereas the hot air, is slower and will give you a better result.

Now it is said, that the older popper, the better it is. Since old poppers have a wide range of controls. You can adjust the power according to your liking after a few tries. Hence you have the complete control over your cup of coffee.

You also need to make sure that your popper has side air vents. This allows the chaff of the beans to leave out of the chute, keeps the beans moving which ensures even roasting and also propagate the roasting process.

Your popper should have NO bottom holes.

The Roasting Process

Here is your complete visual guide on how to roast your very own coffee. If you want to improve your coffee roasting; you should change a number of green coffee beans you are using; you can check the air flow and change temperature by varying the power or voltage.


Having discussed pretty much everything, I think it is best that we get down to business now.

Best Popcorn poppers for roasting coffee on Amazon

1. Hamilton Beach Hot Air Popcorn Popper

  • It uses hot air to make the popcorn hence you can stick one of your need boxes.
  • This Popper not very expensive.
  • The quality is high class.
  • The cup at the top can be used as a measuring cup.
  • It is in red color and unique shape.
  • Hamilton Beach pops up 16 cups every batch.
  • It is easy to clean up and operates at and around 1012 watts.
  • It will make your coffee beans ready in a matter of minutes.
Buy From Amazon


2. Nostalgia Air-pop Popcorn Maker:

  • This popper is cheap.
  • It can make up to 16 cups of popcorn every batch.
  • It again has a measuring cup.
  • One should not use oil when using this popper.
  • The Nostalgia popper can operate at 120 Volts, 1040 watts, 60 Hz.
  • Customers appear satisfied with it again.
  • Easy to use with just an on/off button.
Buy From Amazon


3. Toastmaster Hot Air Popcorn Popper

  • The cup at the top can convert into a measuring cup and can also be used to melt butter while the popcorn or coffee beans are undertaking their respective processes.
  • It can make around 3 quarts of popped corn in around 3 minutes.
  • It makes oil-free popcorn and is easy to clean with fair customer reviews.
  • A little expensive.
Buy From Amazon


4. Poppery II – Hot Air Corn Popper

  • This model is pretty much similar to the previous one.
  • It is easy to clean and again has a measuring lid.
  • Poppery II can pop up to 4 quarts of popcorn in around 3 minutes.
  • It makes oil free popcorn which is more nutritious.
Buy From Amazon


5. Toastmaster Popcorn Popper


  • Most expensive of all.
  • It makes oil-free popcorn.
  • It can pop up to 4 quarts every cycle.
Buy From Amazon


6. Severin Popcorn Maker

  • It’s white in color and again has a measuring lid.
  • Easy to use with just an on/off switch.
Buy From Amazon


7. Toastess Hot Air Popcorn Popper

  • It is again oil-free and has a measuring lid.
  • White in color and good customer reviews again.


Buy From Amazon


8. West Bend Air crazy and Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

West Bend Air crazy and Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper shown respectively, have similar features and designs. The customers have reviewed well about them too.


Buy From Amazon


9. Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper

This air popper pops faster than a microwave i.e. up to 18 cups of gourmet corn in around 2 minutes.

It pops without oil for up to 42% lesser calories than the microwave bag popcorn. However, it can be used for roasting coffee beans as well.


Buy From Amazon


Hoping this article was helpful in helping you choose the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee, ciao amigos!

Image Credits via Flickr Creative Commons: Brian Hoyt

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