Best Pizza Stone for Kamado Grills

If you are a pizza lover and you don’t own a pizza stone, you NEED to get your hands on one ASAP!

Not only does the pizza stone provide a perfect base for your homemade pizza, but it also adds a touch of that sought after vintage vibes.

Also, do check out the top 2 best pizza stones we recommed below.

2 Best Pizza Stone for Kamado Grills

Product NameMaterialItem DimensionsColor
Aura Outdoor Products AOP-BSL Ceramic Pizza StoneSteel0.5 x 14 x 14 inchesBrown
Primo 338 Porcelain Glazed Pizza Baking StoneCeramic16 x 16 x 0.5 inchesBlack

Obviously if you are going in a traditional direction, pizza stones and clay ovens are a match made in heaven. But practically speaking who owns a clay oven in 2017? Not me for sure, which is why you need to get the next best thing.

And That My Friends Is Where The Brilliance Of A Kamado Grill Comes Handy!

As the name suggests it has a Japanese origin and is quite diverse in its functions. A kamado grill doesn’t only aid your old style pizza cravings, but can also be used for a number of different things, from barbeque to steaks and whatnot! Which is why investing in one will prove quite useful.

The best thing about using a Kamado pizza stone is that it will give you the same delicious taste that a traditional clay oven would, without nearly any of that hassle. So just imagine taking a bite of that perfectly crispy crust with a topping of melty cheese, yep, it is making my mouth water too.

So if you want the taste of Italy in the comfort of your home, you know what to do.

What’s The Appeal Of A Kamado?

It is not just a single feature that makes the Kamado grill such an appealing purchase, there are actually several. First like I’ve already mentioned, are the various ways in which it can be used for different recipes and concoctions.

Secondly it is how the makers have brilliantly crafted the design, which combines the ease of modern day usage, with the aesthetic of the traditional, much like the pizza stone.

Another attractive feature how easy it is to control the temperature setting to ensure that that pizza crust is perfectly golden and crisp rather than burned. So you have full control in the kitchen and you’re not working blind folded.

What About The Pizza Stones?

Pizza stone are not just limited to being made with one type of substance as I’m sure you already know. But you may find amusing how much the substance of pizza stone accounts for the quality of it.

Be it a clay pizza stone or the more modern cast iron pizza stone, they can both affect the quality of your final dish in both positive and negative ways.

And Baker’s Stones?

The thing with baker’s stone is that it pretty much works on the same principal but if we are being brutally honest, it can be quite a hassle. That is only because it involves more steps and you have to make careful consideration regarding the temperature and whatnot.

Besides, it is a little too heavy for the Kamado grill, rather than being easily portable like most pizza stones would be.

Putting Skills To Test!

You must be wondering who’s skills exactly am I talking about? Well yours, of course!

And the pizza stones and Kamado grill, in making the most perfect homemade pizza.

Is there anything better than making something great and then getting to enjoy it too? Nope, there isn’t. This is why I can tell you with much surety that you need to invest in a pizza stone that works well with a kamado grill and then put your kitchen skills to a test.

Obviously, you might not churn up the perfect pizza in the very first try, but the fun is in the process. Making your own dough, and customized toppings with your favorite cheese, hmmm, I know I would love that.


What Is Available In The Market?

There are quite a few options that are available in the market that will interest you. Each model caters to different kitchen needs and requirements, not to mention how many great price ranges you can choose for.

The best part is these pizza stones are perfect for your kamado grill, and will work in perfect union with the grill to provide you with a mouth-watering and taste bud tantalizing pizzas.

You can choose from something like the Kamado Joe, KJ-PS23, Pizza Stone, which promised to absorb any moisture that is present in order to ensure a perfectly crisp crust.

Or you can go for something like the Primo 338 Porcelain Glazed Pizza Baking Stone for Primo Oval XL or Kamado Grill, for something that’s a little more lavish, and a slightly more pricey option.

What Would Work Best For Your Needs?

When it comes to our requirements in the kitchen, we all have very different needs. And not just that, but you must consider a lot of things before making a purchase, to be sure that you’ve made the right decision.


If you need something that is super cheap but workable, there are some good options by Aura Outdoor, such as the Aura Outdoor Products AOP-BSL Ceramic Pizza Stone.

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And if you have the dough (punny right?), and you are willing to invest, then I suggest you go for this amazing kamado pizza stone by the Big Green Egg. It guarantees that the stone will not crack like many others do with the rapidly changing temperatures. Hence it is a long lasting option.

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Another one that I already mentioned above, is by Primo, and they are known for the beautiful glazed kamado pizza stones. The glaze is not just a beauty factor but it also ensures ease in cleaning up and provides a non-stick surface for your pizza.

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If you are the kind of person who loves to hold large parties and gatherings and need something that will cater to all your guests without making you work the double shift, there’s something for you too.

This Kamado pizza stone is again by Big Green Egg, and although it is somewhat costly, it is totally worth it. Firstly the company guarantees that the stone would not crack or break no matter how rigorous your temperature settings.

Secondly, it is 21 inches by ¾ in size, and hence you can make a New York style pizza easily. You could also bake or grill several small pizzas at once, so like I said, perfect for parties.


Basically, you can go for a variety of different options as far as the kamado pizza stone is concerned, and all these amazing companies have got you covered with uniquely different models to satisfy your specific needs.

I say you go get your kamado pizza stone and put it to the test.

So, what do you think is the best pizza stone? – Share your thoughts below.


Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Kattebelletje and Ciaran Mcnulty

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