6 Best Oven Mitts For Small Hands

Your parmesan and meatball lasagna is almost cooked in the oven and your timer starts beeping so you blissfully turn the television off and open the oven, drawing the ceramic lasagna dish out just have your hand touch the blistering hot dish and involuntarily withdrawing your hand causing your dish to drop on the kitchen floor with splatters of lasagna on the floor and on your oven window.

Now, you are left with a third-degree burn and a spoiled lasagna just because you did not use oven mitts! How devastating.

You are wearing over-sized gloves and you have three pots cooking on your stove. One of a cheesy béchamel and another of boiling hot water and another of stir-fried vegetables.

You lift the lid of the boiling water to add in pasta sheets and your over-sized gloves get stained with the cheesy béchamel.

Point being, this article will tell you about oven mitts. And oven mitts which fits your size. Which is basically made for your protection! Whenever you have to shift or lift a blistering hot lid or pan, to protect your hands from a third-degree burn, you wear an oven mitt. This oven mitt acts as a shield to protect your hand from the heat avoiding you from getting harmed.

Here a few Oven Mitt Safety tips wrapped in a YouTube video which could further help you enhance your comfort using them.

Best Oven Mitts – My Top Picks

Oven Mitts Flame Retardant MittsBest JoyCotton
Black Silicone Oven MittsLife QuintessentialsSilicone
Fred Bear Hands Oven MittsFred & FriendsSilicone padding
Curious Chef Kids Child Chef Mitt SetCurious ChefCotton
Aicok Oven GlovesAicokPolymer
Silicone Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Oven Mitts JY ModernSilicone

1. Best Joy Oven Mitts Flame Retardant Mitts

  • They are resistant up to 425 Fahrenheit and come in a pair.
  • They are 15 inches in length and in black color.
  • They are made up of cotton and spot cleaning is advised.
  • In our opinion, not the best in business, but for those who want cotton oven mitts.
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2. Life Quintessentials Black Silicone Oven Mitts


  • They come in pairs of 2 and in different colors; this one is in black.
  • The inner lining is quilted and the silicone is FDA approved.
  • It is heat resistant up to 250 C and is waterproof.
  • It has loops to be hanged.
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3. Fred and Friends Fred Bear Hands Oven Mitt

  • They come in a pair of two and are bear oven mitts.
  • They are cotton made and for small hands.
  • They are silicone padded and come in different types and shapes too.
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4. Curious Chef Kids Child Chef Mitt Set

  • These are for small hands and made up of cotton.
  • They are dishwasher safe and made for children above five years of age.
  • It is BPA free.
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5. Aicok Oven Gloves

  • They are non-slip and come in a pair of two.
  • They are black in color and heat resistant up to 464 Fahrenheit.
  • They are BPA free, FDA approved and made with Nanotechnology.
  • It comes with lifetime warranty.
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6. Silicone Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Oven Mitts by JY Modern


  • One pair is extra-long other is for small hands.
  • They are heat resistant up to 482 degrees Celsius.
  • They are waterproof and non-slip.
  • It is made from 100% silicone.


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Best Oven Mitts- Buyer’s Guide

Oven mitts and their benefits

In the olden days, oven mitts were just pieces of clothes manually used to shift hot dishes and pans into ovens and on and on the stove.

So basically oven mitts are like gloves. They are padded and insulated to protect your hands. While gloves have separate sections for each of your finger, oven mitts have one single section for all your fingers and one for your thumb, unlike gloves.

But they both do the same purpose except oven mitts are especially for the kitchen.

They come in a single form usually but you can find them in pairs too. The old ones were made out of cotton and thick cotton lining only but the modern ones are silicone and polymer made.

They are usually used when dry and not only in kitchens but in science labs too to protect oneself against toxic liquids.

One may say they are similar to pot holders but yes, only the function is, not the rest.

Lore has it that they were invented in the United States in the 1870’s by the American Baker, Earl mitt. These were made up of wool and leather.

There are types of this protective glove that can withstand a temperature of up to 500 degrees Celsius.

The basic mechanism behind these gloves is that oven gloves are manufactured with materials which do not conduct heat well. So heat is inhibited from reaching your hand and your hand is protected. This is the major advantage of an oven mitt. We mean yes, the tea towel can do that for you too. But many tea towels are not as insulating in nature as the modern gloves. And you will probably have to fold it and then use it which also might expose some of your hand or wrist and maybe burnt if there is spilling.

So yes that is all about oven mitts.

Why are Silicone oven mitts better than the cloth ones?

In this modern day and age, there many different kinds of materials of which oven mitts are made. The primitive being leather and the wool and then cotton and now silicone and Teflon and Kevlar and other polymers.

Our personal favorite is silicone and these new synthetic polymers and you will soon find out why.

To start off, silicone oven mitts are made from heavy-duty silicone which is a barrier against almost everything. They are non-porous, non-absorbent and spill proof. So yes, that makes them water resistant almost hydrophobic. If you drop a hot liquid over them, it will simply slither down instead of getting soaked in a burning your hand!

They remain stain proof and are dishwasher safe. They are odor proof and easy to clean. They can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. They are flexible and easy to use and you can just hang them anywhere without having to worry about anything.

When left damp, unlike the conventional cotton oven mitts, they do not promote the growth of mold or bacteria.

They come in all the many designs and patterns and colors like the cotton ones. The only drawback is that they are a little too costly. But we think that can be ignored when it comes to getting a burn or paying a few more bucks, right?

How to take care of your oven mitts?

So if you turn your oven mitt inside out or even on the outside covering, you might see a small tag which says ‘dishwasher safe’ or ‘remove trimmings and then wash’ or a tag like that. The tag is not supposed to be there but if it is there, it can only help you look after your oven mitts better.

Now take a bowl of water and add a little detergent. Mix it well and add your oven mitt. Leave your oven mitt for a good two hours. After the duration, rinse the oven mitt under cold water but not too forcefully that the threads hang out.

Hang the mitt up to dry naturally and your job is done.

Avoid using any type of bleach or strong detergents. A light one would do the job. If your cotton one is wearing out, buy a new one and be wary of storing it in a dry place.

What to look for when buying oven mitts?

When buying oven mitts, price and durability is the major thing like when buying all other products.

So when buying them, we would suggest to first wear them and try them out in your hand. Are they well fitted? Does the quality feel good? Is the padding enough? Ask yourself these questions.

The glove should have a thickness sufficient padding in case of a cotton oven mitt and in the case of silicone, be sure that you are not buying a conventional oven mitt which is less heat-resistant.
It should fit you well and the length of the mitt cuffs should not be long so it fits you like a nail, if your hand is small.

It should be easy to manipulate and easy to maintain and tidy.

When all these factors are present, you can buy the oven mitt.

That is a wrap, mates. Find the size which fits you and keeps protecting yourself from burns. Enjoy hot meals right out of the oven! Good day, dear readers!

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