5 Best Oils for Cutting Boards

2018 Update: We think the best Oil for Cutting Boards is Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil. (read the review below) 

Best Oils for Cutting Boards

Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil, 12-Ounce1.9 x 3 x 7.9 inches8.8 ouncesHoward Products
Howard Butcher Block Conditioner3 x 1.85 x 7.88 inches2 poundsHoward
Food Based Cutting Board Oil 8.2 x 1.5 x 2 inches6.4 ouncesGreener Brands
4 oz - Food Grade Mineral Oil 6.5  x 1.5 inches4.8  ouncesUltrasource
CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil3 x 3 x 7 inches10.4 ouncesCLARKS

1. CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil

  • The particular product is not just suitable for cutting boards but also wood utensils, wood countertops, and salad boards.
  • Whenever people buy the product they do not just buy it for their own use but they prefer giving it as a gift because it looks presentable and is very precious.
  • Clark’s cutting board oil is one of the safest oils available in the market for use. It never goes rancid or it does not harbor germs at all.
  • The overwhelming smell of the cutting board oil is what makes it very attractive for people. It is perfectly blended with orange oils and natural lemons.
  • The cutting boards and butcher blocks should be oiled timely so that they are prevented from drying and cracking.
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2. Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

  • You can treat your cutting boards, salad boards, butcher blocks and stainless steel with the mineral oil to prevent them from drying and breaking.
  • It cleans stainless steel and gives you the new shine back. You can also oil your food processing machines. The oil also helps you prevent the rusting of knives and other utensils in the kitchen.
  • The product does not let your utensils get old. From a single knife to a large cutting board, it helps you give the natural and new look of everything it is used on.
  • If you have a dry skin, the mineral can also be used as a moisturizer especially on the baby skin. It has been tested in the laboratories that it is suitable to be used on the human skin.
  • Additionally contains vitamin E, a characteristic cell reinforcement to ensure quality amid taking care of handling and storage.
  • The food review white oils are synthetically, and naturally steady, and don’t bolster bacterial development.
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3. Food Based Cutting Board Oil made in the USA

  • It is made from Non-GMO and pure kosher walnut oil. You would not even find a tiny trace of petroleum.
  • Contrast with other butcher block oils such as John boos mystery oil, Howard, and John Taylor, walnut oil is no doubt the safest way to naturally love up and save your food preparation surfaces that come into contact with your food. It can work with any hardwood such as maple, cherry, bamboo, and oak.
  • The convenient 3-mode dispenser lets you drip, stream, or spray for easy and quick application saving you money and time. It is one of the best ways to condition and preserve all kitchenware including wooden boards and wooden utensils, spoon, salad bowls and even the furniture.
  • It is made of pure walnut oil and is far better than the mineral oil because it does not contain any petroleum.
    Also, the sprays included are recyclable and eco-friendly to the environment. Everything is completely made in the USA using high quality and heavy duty materials.
  • Moreover, the company promises that if you do not like the product due to any reason they will completely refund it. That is a great offer for people who are doubtful about such things. It is recommended to avoid the product if a person is allergic to nuts.
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4. 12 on Howard Butcher Block

  • The particular product does not just prevent the cutting and salad boards from cracking but also increases the life span of the food.
  • Once the butcher block with vitamin E has been applied on the cutting board the ingredients start to penetrate into the surface of the wooden board.
  • It is mostly used in restaurants rather than home kitchens.
  • The 12oz oil has all environmentally biodegradable organic waxes that make it one of the safest conditioners available in the market.
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5. Howard Cutting BoardBBB012

  • The particular conditioner is stabilized by vitamin E. The product completely meets all requirements of the FDA.
  • It is safe to be used on any food surface such as cutting boards, butcher blocks, salad boards, bowls etc.
  • It is perfect for direct and indirect contact with the food, helps the ingredients to penetrate through the surface of the board being used. Also, unlike the last product discussed earlier, this one is recommended for both restaurants and home kitchens.
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Mineral Oil

Mineral oil which is also known as fluid paraffin is a non-dangerous, non-drying item extracted from petroleum that is vapid, unscented, and flavorless.

Its properties help water to not get absorbed, which makes food review mineral oil a famous decision for wooden kitchen things, for example, wooden spoons, bowls, and, obviously, cutting sheets and butcher squares.

The key thing here to notice is ‘food safe’. As discussed earlier that not all types of mineral oils are suitable for your food. Make sure you get the mineral oil labeled with ‘white mineral oil’ which is safe to be consumed by humans.

Other mineral oils are used as lubricants in food processor machines and other kitchen utensils.


Beeswax is also another option to use as a lubricant on the cutting boards. It’s a characteristic wax created in the apiaries of honey bees and has a lot of applications. Utilize beeswax to hydrate and sparkle your cutting board.

You can either buy the ready-made beeswax from the market or make your own at home. The one you make at home would be more natural and might have more uses. If you want to make beeswax at home melt one part beeswax and mix with four parts of mineral oil, your blend is ready.

Coconut oil

Coconut oils have of late turned out to be profoundly prominent for a large number of uses, particularly in appearance, since it is rich is soaked fats that are useful for skin well-being.

Just like the mineral oils coconut oil also have different categories. Not all of them are suitable to be used as a cooking board oil. We need to take care that the oil we are using does not harm our health in any way.

Coconut oil is steam distilled before being capable of being used on the cutting boards. During this refining procedure, coconut oil is isolated with the goal that the long-chain triglycerides are evacuated and just the medium chain triglycerides are cleared out. This gets you a pure oil.

The oil made after steam distillation is superior to all other oils used for the same purpose. You cannot just treat your cutting boards with them but also the utensils and bowls.


Carnauba is extracted from the leaves of palm trees in Brazil which is why it is also known as Brazil wax.

Apart from being used in your kitchens, you will see it being used in automobiles, cosmetics etc. Like beeswax, it is available in the market and you can also make it of your own which obviously would be more natural.

Carnauba is a perfect way to give your food a shine and a great appearance.

The importance of the cutting board oil has been conveyed in the text above, now people must know what is safe for their health and what is not. The wide range of products discussed lets you choose according to your needs.

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Chotda

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