5 Best Kitchen Towels for Drying Dishes

When it comes to effective kitchen cleaning, there are a number of do’s and don’ts to consider. Every cook; professional or nonprofessional, is conscious about his/her clean kitchen and dishes equally as he/she is concerned about cooking food. Every cook requires durable and long-lasting dish towels as well to keep the dishes clean and dry.

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To serve the dish cleaning and drying purpose, paper towels are not a good choice all the time. Some people recycle their old and rough clothes to make kitchen towels but that too isn’t a hygienic approach either. If you are still one of those who use old clothes in doing so, then you better switch to Kitchen towels instead of those t-shirts.

There are several companies manufacturing kitchen towels; lavish and cheap. Some of them are not at all easy on the pocket, while you may have cheaper ones serving the same cause and will last as long as you want.

NamePackage DimensionsMaterialPackage Weight
Now Designs Ripple Kitchen Towel30 x 20 inchesCotton0.55 pounds
Fecido Classic Kitchen Dish Towels10.5 x 10.5 x 2.7 inchesCotton1 pound
Royal Classic Kitchen Towels12.5 x 7.7 x 3.6 inchesCotton2.5 pounds

Tips for your Kitchen Towels

There are many things to be kept in mind but a few tips are listed below if you want your dish towel to absorb effectively:

Choose cotton towels

Linen towels may look appealing while they are hanging on the hook but you may not get the desired outcome. Cotton towels absorb more and are far better than linen ones.

Wash your kitchen towel before using it for the first time

A new kitchen towel may seem clean before its first use but for some extra safety measures, you should clean it once before using to confirm the purity.

Wash the dish drying towel a few times after use

This tip may sound funny but it is necessary to wash the towel for a few times so that it will be easier to use it the next time rather than washing it just before drying the dishes.

Use darker colors

Use dark colors of the kitchen towels for drying dishes. In case the towel gets a stubborn stain, which doesn’t clean even after multiple washes, then it may not look nasty at the time of reuse.

List of best Kitchen Towels for drying dishes

A vast range of dish towels available nowadays which apparently are cute and glossy but are not at all good absorbent.  But it is mandatory to have a lot of absorbent towels if you cook a lot!

We have figured out some of the best, absorbent and durable kitchen towels for drying dishes which can let you save your money.

1. Now Designs Ripple Towels

Now Designs Ripple Towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton, which is softer and more durable than any other existing material of towel. Also, they are a good choice for both home and a commercial kitchen as they are oversized and more absorbent.

Now Designs Towels are among the best available kitchen towels due to their excellent quality which remains intact even after multiple washes and lasts for years. They cover the surface area of 18” x 28” and come in 20 different colors to fit in with your kitchen’s color scheme.

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2. Fecido Classic Kitchen Dish Towels

They are super absorbent, made of 100% pure imported cotton and each towel measures 19″x27″ which is an ideal size for everyday use.

These towels become luxuriously soft after every wash and are perfect to dry glassware, cookware, and all other utensils. They are also durable and won’t leave any lint behind over your dishes and glasses.

They come in 8 different colors and a pack of multicolored towels is also available. However, they won’t prove much friendly to your pocket as a pack of 4 towels is much economic than of other companies.

Here is the link to buy Fecido Classic Kitchen Dish Towels

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3. Royal Classic Kitchen Towels

Royal Classic Kitchen Towels are also made up of 100% natural cotton with strong and long lasting fibers that won’t scratch your dishes and pots, even of fine silverware.

These towels are lightweight, ultra-absorbent and dry quickly giving less bacterial buildup rate. Along with these qualities, Royal Classic Kitchen Towels are machine washable and dryable and also resist any sort of shrinkage.

During their production, they have been through countless testing series and are available online on a keyboard’s stroke without any flaw.

You can buy these kitchen towels to dry your dishes with full confidence and satisfaction with Money Back Guarantee on Amazon by clicking on the following link.

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4. Utopia Kitchen Towel

Utopia Kitchen Towels are also a good option with sturdy machine edged edges and are made up of 100% pure ringspun cotton. These towels are also highly absorbent and dry quickly.

Utopia Kitchen Towels are long-lasting and can be used at home and commercially for drying, wiping and cleaning dishes. These are machine washable and also minimize lint. In addition to this, these towels can be used to cover dough when it’s proofing.

Washing these towels before using it for the first time will set the color and improve absorbency.

Utopia Kitchen Towels come in pack of 12, which can be ordered from Amazon by visiting the below mentioned link

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5. Cotton Craft

Cotton Craft Kitchen Towels come in the pack of 4, oversized towels which are too made up of high-absorbent pure 100% cotton.

There are 7 available colors of Cotton Craft Towels which are a heavyweight but high quality is woven, covering a surface area of 20’’x30’’, making dish drying process easier. Coordinating Dish Cloths are also available from Cotton Craft.

These are much safer than paper towels and are machine washable too. One pack of 4 towels won’t be a big deal for you as it is comparatively much cheaper from the above-mentioned towels. To order Cotton Craft Towels, click its Amazon link below.

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Tip from our side

Don’t forget to check the reviews also before buying the Kitchen Towels Online. Although, we have listed the best kitchen Towels available for drying your dishes for your ease. The above-mentioned Kitchen towels are readily available on Amazon.com and you can also read out the reviews of the customers on the same site.

A dishwasher may comfort you more by letting you free from the manual dishwashing and drying process but for that purpose, you may search for best dishwashers.

What the Best Kitchen Towels for Drying Dishes? – Comment below and tell us your opinion!

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