5 Best Kitchen Torches for Sous Vide


Sous Vide Cooking has been viral now- a- days. Though it is a quite old cooking technique but has been popularized recently. It is the best way to cook food perfectly and is better than the old traditional methods.

Sous Vide

Sous Vide is the French term for “under vacuum”.  Sous Vide is the best cooking method and is better than all other cooking techniques. In this process, the food is sealed in a plastic bag and placed into hot water. The process may take more time than traditional cooking but gives you flavorful and perfectly cooked food.

Top 3 Best Kitchen Torches

Iwatani Cooking Torch7.2 ouncesButanePro
Sansaire Searing Kit4 poundsPropanewhite
CHULUX Searing Torch10.6 ouncesButaneBlack

Sous Vide Cooking

The food in this process barely gets overcooked and the results are always in its favor. The taste, texture, tenderness, and flavor of the meat cooked are always superior when compared with other cooking methods.

The food comes out healthy, retaining all the nutrients. The problem is faced while preparing a steak. Though the steak is cooked perfectly inside out but lacks exterior beauty. This problem will be resolved soon in this article.

Sous Vide Torch

Here, in this article, we won’t in deep details of the Sous Vide method but will tell you something more interesting. For Sous Vide technique you may read out our detailed article if you are still unaware of it. In this article, we will talk about the Sous Vide torch, which is a quite interesting thing.

Why Need a Torch?

Searing a steak adds flavor, color, and texture on the outer layer of the meat and especially when cooked Sous Vide. There are rare chances that your steak will have the same texture as it will have it upon grilling. Your Sous Vide cooked steaks can be seared in a pan on the stove. Sous Vide torches create a fine texture and color without overcooking the steak.

If you are fond of Sous Vide cooking, then adding a Sous Vide torch will be great to complete your Sous Vide cooking set. The use of Sous Vide torches is not only limited to sear steaks. It has many other uses and it is best for baking and preparing desserts.

The Sous Vide torch is also called kitchen torch or searing torch. It is used to brown meringue for the sweets like baked Alaska and to create garnishes of burnt sugar. There are a lot more uses which are hard to mention at the same time.

What to look for in a Sous Vide Torch?

A Sous Vide torch is an essential tool if you are cooking Sous Vide. Your food and especially your steak won’t look appealing besides of all the perfect flavors. The world today prefers looks and don’t bother much about the taste at times. So, a perfect meal is the one that has both; the perfect taste and the perfect texture.

While you are going to spend money on the torch, then why not choose the right one? There are some features which are to be considered while buying a Sous Vide Torch. The major features are listed below.


The temperature of the Sous Vide Torch is a very important thing to check out. Faster searing depends on the high temperature of the torch. If you have no experience with the Sous Vide torch, then avoid the ones with much higher temperature. Such torches will ruin your food at times. However, the torches have knobs to adjust temperatures but it is preferable to go for moderate not-so-high temperature torch.

The torch should be versatile enough to be used on delicate desserts and on meat items as well. The torch with adjustable features is a good one to use.

Shape and size

Sous Vide torches come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The small torches aren’t meant to be the ones which have low temperatures. In fact, they can burn over 3500 degrees Fahrenheit at times. Though they do not cover large surface area but offers a pretty good deal in a small package.

Whichever Sous Vide torch you use, it should be convenient for you to handle. A good torch isn’t bulky, nor does it have hard knobs to adjust its settings. Select the torch which is easy to grip and use.


Now comes the consistency factor, so, in the case of Sous Vide torches, it is the heat distribution. You should ensure that the torch you are going to buy holds a consistent temperature. In the case of online shopping, you can obviously not test the torch but reviews are always there to help you out. Go through the review section of the product and check the user’s experience.

After this much long debate, hopefully, you are able to choose the right Sous Vide torch for your meals. After these features, there is another important thing to consider for your torch. There are some torches that leave an undesirable taste on the meat and you are left helpless.

Sous Vide Torch Fuel

Many people say that the unpleasant taste is because the torch is held closer to the meat’s surface. Another reason for it is the fuel used in the torch. Let’s see which fuels can be used for Sous Vide Torches.


It is a cooler burning gas and is easy to control. Although it is a bit pricey than others but is among the most common fuels used in the kitchen appliances.


Propane is incredibly cheap and is easy on the budget. It proves to a good start for people who have just started using the Sous Vide Torches. Propane provides enough heat to sear a steak and also does not affect the taste of the food.

Map-Pro Gas

Map- Pro burns 200 degrees Fahrenheit hotter when compared with propane. It is considered to be the variant of propane and is also more expensive than propane.

Our Recommendation

The hotter the torch, the easy is the searing process. No matter if it’s a beef steak or baked Alaska, a torch with high temperature is preferable. Map-Pro gas torches are recommended due to its adjustable temperature control. You can start with a low temperature and may increase it gradually or work with a consistent temperature.

The Best Sous Vide Torch

We have figured out the best Sous Vide Torches for domestic use. You must have a look at the below mentioned torches if you don’t own one. Our research will help you select the suitable one for you.

1. Sansaire Searing Kit

Sansaire Searing Kit is an amazing kit with the most powerful blowtorch. It is perfect to sear Sous Vide cooked food items. The kit has a torch head, propane fuel cylinder, a searing rack and a drip tray. The cylinders will last months if you use it normally.

A magazine has reported that every part of this kit is built like a rock and looks great in the kitchen. It also has plenty of entertainment power to boot.

To buy this searing kit, visit the link given below. The product’s price, weight, and other specifications can also be seen on the same page.

Buy From Amazon


2. Gas Refillable Cooking Culinary Torch Searing Butane Brulee Torch Kitchen Blow torch with Safety Lock by CHULUX

This Sous Vide torch has a built-in children safety lock to avoid any trouble. It has an ergonomic design and protects you while you are using the torch. The flame is adjustable and can be used for various purposes. Searing, caramelizing sugar, glazing baked ham, roasting bell pepper, melting cheese and much more can be done by this single torch.

The torch is reliable and includes a fuel gauge window for easy refill indication. It is a heavy duty torch and uses Butane as fuel. It can heat up to 1300 degrees Celsius or 2370 degrees Fahrenheit. The continuous fuel option allows you to use it for long time with minimal efforts.

Visit the link below to buy it via Amazon.

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3. Iwatani Cooking Torch – Professional Culinary Butane Creme Brulee and Food Torch Burner

Itwani Cooking torch has adjustable gas flow control for small to large sized flame and an air regulating knob. The torch can be used on Au Gratin, Browning Meat, Sous Vide, Melting Cheese, Skinning Peppers, and Tomatoes & Eggplant. Corn on the Cob.

You can use it with Iwatani Cassette Gas. It is reliable and easy to use. Click the link and buy it via Amazon.

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Attachment for Sous Vide Torch

If you already have a Sous Vide Torch, then this attachment may help you out in its better functioning.

 4. Searzall Torch Attachment

Searzall is an attachment for the Sous Vide torch to create the perfect searing temperature. It has a high temperature-resistant wire mesh to produce consistent heat and spread the flame evenly. It gives professional quality finishing to your food items. The back screen is coated in palladium to provide more temperature and oxidation resistance.

You can buy this torch attachment via Amazon by clicking the link below. You can also check the price and other specifications on Amazon.

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Image credits via Flickr creative commons: John

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