Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes! Ah, everyone’s comfort food, cheat food, go to food! One vegetable which is absolutely and utterly loved and adored by every single person around the globe. Whether it is roasted or baked or fried or mashed, we all love it.
And all its various types, tater tots, purple potato salads, gravy and mashed potatoes, fries, and cheese, whatever it may be or what it may be, potatoes marriage and pair up smoothly and flawlessly with anything and everything.

Here is a YouTube video of making delicious, smooth, fluffy, satisfying mashed potatoes using a hand mixer!

Mamma Mandy's Mashed Potatoes

Name of MixerBrandAdd-ons:Speed settings:
KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand MixerKitchenAidnoyes
Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer ComboSunbeamyesyes
KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand MixerKitchenAidnoyes
KitchenAid KHM7210CU 7-Speed Digital Hand MixerKitchenAidyesyes
Hand Mixer AicokAicokyesyes
Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand MixerHamilton Beachyesno

Recommendations for the Best Hand mixers for mashed potatoes:

When it comes to hand mixers, KitchenAid has been doing a pretty well-rounded job so most recommendations will be of them.

Here is an overall comparison between the best hand mixers for mashed potatoes.

1. KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand Mixer

 •It comes in white color and most customers seem satisfied with it.
•It comes with 3 variable speed settings for operating.
•The beater rods are removable.
•It comes with a year of warranty and the beater rods are of stainless steel.

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2. Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo

•It comes in white and black colors with a deep 2 quarts’ stainless steel bowl as well.
•It operates at 250 watts and comes which chrome beaters and dough hooks.
•It has a five-speed setting.
•It is a hand and a stand mixer both and customers, yet again seem satisfied.
•The cost may be high but that is due to the additional feature of the bowl.

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3. KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

 •The model comes in a variety of colors, this one being in empire red.
•The speed limit ranges from one to five.
•It comes with a one year warranty and is dishwasher safe.
•The beater rods can be removed and plugged in providing ease in cleaning.

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4. KitchenAid KHM7210CU 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

 •This comes in four different colors and an additional whisk too.
•This color is contour silver and it may be a bit costly.
•The speed setting range from 1-7, with four being for mashing potatoes.
•It has a soft start feature which avoids ingredients from splashing out.
•The handle grip is firm and the accessories are removable.

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5. Hand Mixer Aicok

•It operates at 300W and has speed range from 1-6.
•It has stainless steel chrome beater and dough hook which can be removed and plugged back in for ease of cleaning and for desired results.
•The beater does not overheat while you use it and has an easy eject button to remove the beating rods.
•It comes with two years of warranty and easy, smooth handle grip of the beater.

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6. Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand Mixer

 •This model is not very costly and comes in a red color.
•It has add-ons of three different beater styles helping you achieve the consistency that you want and serve multiple purposes too.
•It comes with an add-on of a storing case too which attaches to the hand mixer and is there to store the beating rods.

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So this was all about our recommendations for the best hand mixers for mashed potatoes. Hope you find your soulmate hand mixer which allows you to make the ultimate comfort food that is the mashed potatoes. Until later, dear readers!

Best Hand Mixer for Mashed Potatoes- Buyer’s Guide

Potatoes are being eaten from about 60 centuries back.
With just 100 calories per spud, potatoes are great for losing weight if obviously eaten alone and not doused in oils or heavy amounts of cheese or cream. Potatoes are a major source of vitamins and minerals. In fact, it has more Vitamin C than tomatoes or most citruses.
Potato is also enriched with Potassium which helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.

It is high in carbs which keep your tummy satisfied for a long while, eliminating the urge to eat again. Potatoes contain fiber which improves digestion and avoids constipation by causing increased peristalsis. These naturally salty vegetables are also a good source of Vitamin A which makes your immune system stronger making you less prone to illness.
Potatoes are also thought to have medicinal benefits and that they help to cope with acne, frostbite, minor aches and pains, and even depression! I mean, a dish of French fries and chipotle sauce would cheer anyone up!

Potatoes can be hydrating as they are 80 percent water and rest 20 percent is all mass. Potatoes are fat-free and thus, are incorporated by many dieticians in their weight loss programs. They are cheap, easily available and eaten worldwide in every home.

And these lovely vegetables help to make something even more soul-satisfying! MASHED POTATOES. They are the side to every steak, the side to all Sunday roasts, the side to beef burgers and what not. The smooth, silky, oozing mass of potatoes which captivates and draws every heart to itself has more fiber than potato.
This fiber again aids in digestion. In the record, Mashed Potatoes have been certified as Heart healthy food by the American Heart Association.

Their taste, texture, flavor is to die for. So it is no surprise they are bringing in innovations to help improve this comfort food. And this innovation is a hand mixer.
So in this article, you would be looking at why you should get a hand mixer, what kind of hand mixers and our recommendations of them. So, put on those seat belts because it will be a mashed ride!

Above all, why choose a hand mixer?

So all hand mixers are electrically operated. This makes the work of beating and frothing easier, less time taking and efficient.

You can just put the boiled potatoes to getting beaten by the beating rods and meanwhile do something else. Therefore, hand mixers allow for multi-tasking. They require less manual effort as they are electrically operated.
This factor basically, also ensures that there is no mess and your sleeves remain stain and potato free!

While using a hand mixer, there is less wastage of potatoes. Besides, the mash you make is lump free and as smooth as silk. Most hand mixers come with additional attachments which ensure better results and allow you to use them for multiple purposes. Like, whisks, stirrers, kneading hooks.

Hand mixers are easy to use and generally, versatile. If you have a huge gathering expected, do not waste time and put effort into mashing relentlessly countless potato spuds, just use a hand mixer. Hence, you can easily prepare a large serving.

Moreover, yes hand mixers occupy more space in your cupboards than the mashers and all, but many come with removable beaters and beaters which snap back thus, consuming little space.
Conclusively, you need to have these beauties in your kitchen cupboards to make you work as easy as spelling work! And as fast as a horse.

What to look for when buying a hand mixer?

Whenever you buy something, the first thing people usually have in their mind is the cost and durability of the model. So yes, you need to keep these things in your mind here as well.

Other than that, you also need to look for a model which is easy to use and has a clear instruction manual.

It should have multiple speed settings so that when you are putting in a liquid for example cream in case of mashed potatoes, the liquid does not splash out on the counter because you have your hand mixer on normal or low speed.

The model should be small, portable, lightweight and should have removable or swappable beaters so they occupy less space so they can serve multiple purposes.

These two or more different beaters will allow you to obtain different consistencies and hence, you can prepare mash potatoes according to the liking of every member of your family.

The beating rod should have wide holes and nooks to allow for easy cleaning.

It should be ergonomic which a good, secure handle grip so you don’t get marks of the handle on your hand.

It should come with a suitable watt rating and should be sturdy. The base should have a secure footing so it stays put on counters.

Keep this checklist in your mind as we go through our favorite recommendations of the best hand mixers for mashed potatoes.

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Emily



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