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Yesterday, you celebrated Thanksgiving at your place. You had your entire family over, your relatives over, your friends over, your neighbors over so it was indeed huge get-together. Huge gatherings call for huge feasts.

There were all kinds of dishes from four types of potato mashes to Turkey and lasagna and ribs and chicken dishes and Bolognese sandwiches and quiche and roast with gravy and meringues and cakes and brownies what not.

Everyone devoured to the utmost and appreciated your deft efforts of preparing a wonderful meal.

Here is a YouTube video on how to store food in freezer containers.


Rubbermaid LunchBox Sandwich Kit, Food Storage ContainerRubbermaid5BPA free plastic Containers
Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon Size-28 ctZiploc1An airtight plastic bag
Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Square Glass Food-Storage Containers with LidsBormioli Rocco3Glass containers with lids

At the end of the lovely evening, you made sure to send most of the leftovers of the meal home with everybody but what about the leftovers still lying on the dining table and kitchen counters? You can’t shove so much food down the trash bin with people dying of hunger in some areas!
What to do with them? If you leave them out, they will go stale and useless and that is wastage again of the food and the long hours you spent making them. Ah, there is an idea! FREEZE THEM.

Freezing food is getting common every day with the increase in leftovers. And also, because of the busy schedule we are all tied up in now, people make food over the weekends, put them in freezer containers and warm them or microwave them up later in the week and have frozen foods without the hassle of coming from a busy day at work and eating from a takeout box or whipping something up for yourself.

Guests coming over? No need to hurry and make something or order food, just take the frozen mac n cheese out from the refrigerator and warm it and serve it.

The benefits of freezing food

When you freeze a meal in a freezer, first of all, you are minimizing wastage. Nothing goes to waste. Your food is well preserved in the freezer or refrigerator. In this age of hunger and poverty, it is necessary to save food resources and do our bit by not wasting food.

By freezing food, you are saving effort. You put in bulk and the bulk amount of effort in preparing a delicious meal and it is just heartbreaking to see a meal go down the rubbish bin just because some of it was left over.

By freezing food, you are saving time! Next time, when you feel like dipping fingers into some curry and you will have it frozen in your freezer, you will just have to warm it up a little and there you go, your very own curry with you in no time. In other scenarios, where you haven’t already frozen some curry beforehand, you will have to make it again or order it in which is the waste of both time, money and effort.

Freezing food and vegetables feels and looks organized. Your freezer and kitchen counters remain clutter free.

Freezing food slows down the bacterial and mold growth. Low temperatures make the enzymes of these microorganisms go into action which inhibits your food from going stale. It locks in freshness and makes your food taste the same as when it was made.

This also reduces the risk of food poisoning and indigestion. Hence, you are doing a bit for your health as well. Remaining healthy is the ultimate goal as it is said, ‘Health is Wealth’.

Preserving food locks in not only the freshness but the nutrients too. All nutrients are trapped in and for long weeks and days.

Most vegetables and fruits are not available throughout the year which is sad. We mean, who does not feel like eating mangoes in winters? No one? Come on!

Anyway, by freezing fruits and vegetables you can preserve them throughout the year and use them in seasons in which they are not high on stocks in the markets. Or better yet, make a smoothie out of them and then store them in freezers.

So this is pretty much all about the benefits of freezing food in containers. Our suggestion, you should start freezing food asap and if you already do, well kudos to you! You win the world!

The Do’s and Don’ts of freezing food in containers

When it comes to storing food in the freezers, there are a few things you should consider. First how long can that food last up to in the freezer? Second, what is the proper way to freeze it in the freezer? Third, what kind of freezer container would do the job for you?

So first, you need to have separate sections of foods. Keep raw meat, eggs, poultry, and vegetables at one side and your frozen contents on one so the odor cannot be caught and trapped from one and another.

Always keep your food in airtight packaging and containers so they trap no odors and are not affected by the change in temperature when you open or close the fridge.

Use airtight plastic bags or containers, but if you want to save food for a few days, then even aluminum foil would do the job.

Freezer tapes and cling foils are also available which can do the job for you.
You should label your food too and name them so you know which food is what and which is going to last up to how long. Milk and sauces and few vegetables should not be frozen for long as they can go stale quickly.

That is pretty much all about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to freezing foods.

What to look for when buying freezer containers?

Freezer containers are generally reasonably priced.  So the thing to note here is size and quantity. You should big containers too and small ones too depending on the leftover quantity.

They should be nesting to save you space. They should be airtight and if made of plastic, they should be BPA free and FDA approved, be sure to buy freezer containers which are sturdy and do not break easily so they remain durable.

Make sure your freezer containers are see-through so you can check its contents. An additional feature to look for is that you need to ensure that your freezer container is eco-friendly and microwaveable to save you much more time. When you can check these factors off your list, go ahead and take a look at this list of best freezer containers.

Recommendations for the Best Freezer Containers

1. Rubbermaid LunchBox Sandwich Kit, Food Storage Container, Green

  • This comes in green color however these freezer containers are available in different colors and packs too.
  • They snap together to save space in your freezer and also stick together while you are on the go.
  • They have a secured lid which prevents leakage.
  • It is BPA free and microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • Total five containers in quantities with different sizes for different food components.
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2. Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon Size-28 CT

  • It comes in a gallon size of 28.
  • This is an airtight bag which comes with an easy to open and close seal.
  • It is designed to store meat and poultry.
  • It ensures protection against freezer burns.
  • It is also available in a pack of four.
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3. Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Square Glass Food-Storage Containers with Lids, Set of 3

  • They are glass containers with lids.
  • They come in packs of 3 and the lid is made of BPA free plastic.
  • They are dishwasher safe and microwave safe (without the lid)
  • They are freezer safe and remain odor and stain resistant.
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So this was all about the best freezer containers. Best of luck in finding your favorite pick! Happy shopping, dear readers!


Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Natalie



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