The Best Foods for a Picnic Date

There is always so much pressure when you have to plan a date, the venue the food the time the clothes, everything just needs to be perfect in order for you to impress your date and make that first impression.

Picnic dates are a timeless tradition that has existed for centuries and even with the 21st century’s modern restaurants, a picnic is the most elegant date you can plan for your significant other.

With picnic dates comes the worry of what to pack or take along for your picnic date. Picnic food needs to be easily prepared and stored and movable, not to forget easy to eat so you don’t look like a hot mess in front of your date.

What To Pack Along?

Before deciding the food that you will make and pack along, make sure you have the right containers and basket.

A picnic without a picnic basket would be missing the point if you could get your hands on a traditional cane picnic basket that would be ideal.

To make things more interesting and romantic, pack along a few flowers and a small vase, just to set the mood. Now for the more practical bit, see whatever containers you have and then decide your food items accordingly. This way you will know exactly what you can make.

Now let’s get to the actual food.

Refreshments & Drinks

You definitely need to pack some drinks for a picnic; the food will be quite useless if you don’t. So firstly pack some water bottles.

If you be fancy to get a bottle of wine or if you are in the mood for a casual picnic then a couple of beers would do the job too.

Try packing you according to what you are going to take to eat, for example, if you are taking brunching snacks then a thermos of tea and coffee could be a really good idea, and if you are thinking lunch then cold beers would be perfect to accompany that.

Fruit And Cheese

A very simple and yet sophisticated food item can be a fruit and cheese platter. Get some fruit and salty cheese that would go well with it, and add crackers to the mix for something little more.

This will be light and delicious and not too filling, you definitely don’t want picnic food to be too filling.

How About Some Dips??

Most dips are really easy to whip and hardly take a few ingredients and a blender. Hummus could be a great option to take along, it required only a few easy ingredients and you can make variations according to the flavors you prefer.

Some toasted pita bread with that hummus would be very satisfying, simple yet scrumptious.


Sandwiches are the most versatile food item and it can be made exactly how you like using exactly what you like. If you are an English person you would already know about the esteemed cucumber sandwiches which are so simple and for some reason very refreshing and delicious.

But if you need something with more flair then try a ham and cheese sandwich, maybe add some pickles for some character and flavor. Feel free to experiment with your sandwich ideas.

An important tip as far as sandwiches are concerned is that always make cold sandwiches for a picnic. A hot or grilled sandwich will not be appetizing at all after having been in your basket for more than half an hour.


Salads are as simple to eat as they are to make, and again you have a plethora of option and ways to go about when making a salad.

I would prefer you go with a salad that makes use of a vinegarette as a dressing rather than a creamy dressing, this will ensure your salad stays fresh for longer.

See what are the salad veggies that are in season, some crisp iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, some grilled chicken pieces, I mean go crazy and be creative. Work with flavors you know and trust so that you don’t freak your date out.

Bread And Cakes

What is easier to carry around than freshly baked bread or cakes? Think about it, grab some baguette or some French bread from the bakers and pack some of that in.

To make it more delicious and palatable try packing a spread along with you, something that comes easily is a small jar and can be applied with a butter knife. You will have an entire supermarket aisle to choose from.

It is simple and you have to do practically nothing, and it will still impress your date and make your picnic date a success.

And you can take a freshly baked cake or banana bread for something sweet.


Do not forget dessert, it may come at the end but it is what ties the entire meal together, and without it, you might miss the entire point of the picnic date.

Other than dessert’s importance as a part of the meal, it is also the most romantic food item if you let it be.

Now remember, after all, that you ate, you need your sweet dish to be very simple and light, I am thinking berries and cream?

It is a classic combo and definitely super easy to take with you in a picnic basket. All you need to do is sprinkle some castor sugar and some lemon juice on your mixed berries, and keep them in a container. This will ensure they are sweet and tart and totally fresh and juicy.

As far as the cream is concerned, the easiest way to work with that is by taking a whipped cream spray can. It is handy and a no mess option. If you want to make your own whipped cream you could do that too, just find a tiny container to put it in, and you are good to go.

When You Are There

After all the preparations you have made for you picnic date, don’t forget to prepare yourself, after all, your date is coming because of you.

If all goes well the good food will bear witness to how awesome you are, especially at picnic date food, and your date will go smoothly. Just make sure you give your date good company along with that scrumptious food that you prepared.

Good luck!

Image credit by Flickr creative commons: Remy Sharp

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