Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Global Knives

There could be two possible reasons that brought you here, one, that you already have the coveted Global knives, OR, like many kitchen enthusiasts you are planning to purchase a set of Global knives.

Well, if you are the former then you already know why these knives are the top rated in market. It is not just their sleek and cutting edge design that makes them so aesthetically appealing, but also the perfectly angled blade that is especially useful in Asian style cooking.

Global Knives

Global is a Japanese brand, and hence caters to the needs of Asian cooking and knife requirements. The knives have a low 15º angle, which is super sharp and hence perfect for the slicing of sushi and other delicate Japanese and Asian dishes.

The Global knives, with their different sizes, are also perfect for julienne vegetables, a staple in not just Asian food, but also a lot of other cuisines.

As far the quality factor is concerned, Global knives are as good as it gets. These knives can last you a lifetimes, if used carefully with the proper instructions.

So I am sure you’re wondering how and why you would need Global Knife sharpener, if they are as good as I say they are. It is quite simple really, blades and metals tend to become dull after a set period of time and it is inevitable no matter what the quality.

Keeping your knives perfectly sharp and in good shape is part of taking good care of them. Just as your Mercedes needs perfect care and handling and fuel and washing in order stay in fit shape, so do knives.

Global Knife and Tomato

Of course now that we have the agenda cleared out, you must want to know what exactly is in the market and how well does is suit your needs and requirements. You are in luck then because there are some really great knife sharpeners in the market, perfect for Global knives.

Why Choose an Electric Sharpener?

Well it is quite obvious really; living in 2017 we just need our tools to do the work for us. An electric knife sharpener would be your best friend in the kitchen if you have a super busy lifestyle and time is of the essence.

Electric knife sharpeners do the work so much quicker, giving you a cleaned up and sharper knife, but other than that it also ensures a much neater finish on the blade. And don’t forget how handy these electric global knife sharpeners are.

Everything you need to know before you choose!

First thing you must know are what companies are in the game and the two most popular companies are Wusthof and Chef’s Choice. Between the two of them, there are enough different models to fulfil your requirements.

But of course that is not to say there are no other companies, because there are, and I will talk in detail about some of the best options for global knife sharpeners below.

If you are kitchen person and love to cook, then you know how much difference lies between eastern and western knives, and then their sharpening also depends on that.

It is mainly all about the angles, 15º for Asian or Eastern knives, while 20º works best for western knives. Now you have two options here, either you can buy two different sharpeners for two different needs, which is viable if you’re a professional, or you get a two in one model.

Chef’s Choice M1520 is your go to if you own both types of knives and need to invest in something that will cater to both their needs. It may be costlier than a few other models, but it does give you a wide range of services, so the price is definitely justifiable.

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No matter what option you go for, it is always a mistake to use the wrong sharpening angle to sharpen your knives, because they will lose their original sharpness. Especially since Global knives are so carefully crafted to ensure a certain kind of sharpness necessary for the Japanese blade.

Another option to consider is Chef’s Choice Trizor, and although it sharpens all knives at 15º, it is a suitable choice for your regular kitchen knives too.

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Sharpening Abrasives

The material that is used in the construction of a knife sharpener, or the abrasives, can matter a lot in the quality and kind of sharpening you want. They can vary from diamond abrasives to stone, and it all depends on what kind of knives you want to sharpen.

Diamond abrasives are more common and highly recommended for kitchen knives, because they provide a certain refinement that cannot be expected of a stone.

Obviously the best quality Global knife sharpener will come with more than one stage, in order to make sure that each stage focusses on different elements of sharpening, stropping and polishing.

Wusthof’s Black 3-stage Chef’s Choice PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener is a well-known and recommended 3 stage model, which is not exactly cheap but it is definitely worth it.


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Not only does it promise efficient Global knife sharpening, it will also look great sitting on your kitchen countertop thanks to its sleek design and style.

The above-mentioned model, Chefs Choice 1520, is also a great 3 stage sharpener. Not only that but it is also very well equipped to avoid any safety hazards in the kitchen, with its rubber grip.

Another great option, if you need something that you will limit to sharpening kitchen knives is, Shun Electric Knife Sharpener, it may not seem as fancy as the Chef’s choice, but it is a comfortable use, and good for the money that it costs. 

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Well, lastly, I should leave you with some advice regarding your knives and your knife sharpeners. Global knives offer an amazing set of knives, something even a professional chef would not mind using, so it is that much more important that you keep them properly to ensure then longevity.

Knives are bound to get dull eventually no matter what their quality if they aren’t treated properly. You must make sure you care for your knives properly and make them your priority in the kitchen; after all you cannot really work in a kitchen without knives.

Last but not least, you must realize that blunt or dull knife are not just bad for your cooking, but a dull knife can greatly increase danger in the kitchen. The more pressure you apply the more likely it will slip and no one wants that.

Keep your knives sharp with the Global knife sharpeners.

Image credit via Flickr creative commons: Jack Zimmermann

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