5 Best Drawer Liners For the Kitchen

Every few years we feel the urge to change our surroundings. Some opt for new furniture, others might look for a new place to live in and then there are those that like to remodel where they are. There can be many different ways to start a remodeling project at home or where you stay.

Shelf liners or contact papers are rolls or pieces of paper that can be used to decorate, remodel or make a surface slip-proof. You can use them to redecorate your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen shelves or cupboards. Shelf liners are an economical way to make your house look brand new.

Best Drawer Liners for the Kitchen – My Top Picks

Duck Brand Select Grip Easy Liner12 in. x 20 ft.YesGrip bottom cushion
Dll Shelf Liner12 in. x 10 ft.YesViscose / Polyester
CleverPL Mosaic Contact Paper18 in. x 78 in.NoAluminum plating
Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner12 in. x 25 ft.NoPlastic



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1. Duck Brand Select Grip Easy Liner

  • This lovely, easily accessible shelf liner is non-adhesive. It is applied and can be removed without any mess.
  • Its non-slip material sticks to the surface and helps keep the liner and things on top from shifting.
  • Duck brand liner can be effortlessly cut into its desired measurement and can be installed with ease.
  • The liner is machine washable which lets it be used multiple times if it gets dirty or stained.

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2. DII Shelf Liner

  • A versatile shelf liner that is ideal for cabinets, bathrooms, laundry room, drawers, etc.
  • DII liner is a nonadhesive, foamy cushion material. It can be cut, reshaped and comfortably fit any kind of surface.
  • It is available in different floral, vegetable and abstract patterns: Dahlia Aqua, dahlia black, dahlia tango red, dots black, dots green, dots tango red, lattice Aqua, lattice black, lattice tango red, vegi gray, vegi green, vegi tango red.
  • You can easily wash it and not have to worry about wiping it every time.

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3. CleverPL Mosaic Contact Paper

  • This gorgeous crystal blue mosaic shelf liner has the ideal design to be used on countertops, walls, or tables.
  • Its aluminum plated material has a self-adhesive back that is easily peeled off and stuck to the surface.
  • Can be wiped clean effortlessly and its shiny, metallic surface make it look as new every time.

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4. Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner

  • Plast-O-Mat ribbed shelf liner is an excellent choice for people who want an affordable, durable and long life product.
  • It has a clear, glossy finish that makes any surface sparkle.
  • The ribbed design wipes clean easily with water and lets air flow beneath the objects kept on it.
  • Can be cut to any specifications and lays flat on the surface.

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5. Valleycomfy Shelf Liner

  • Valleycomfy shelf liner is made from environment-friendly 100% vinyl.
  • It comes in different designs: blue rose, pink peony, blue enchantress, peony and purple flowers.
  • The liner has a self-adhesive back that peels back and sticks to the surface.
  • Can be easily cut with a regular scissors and placed neatly.
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Why Use Shelf Liners?

So you’ve bought a new cupboard or a new house with shelves but they’re just a bit too plain, a little too boring. You start thinking about all your good crockery and delicate glasses that might be a hazard and need to be safe.

Here’s where shelf liners come in handy. They make the drawer or shelf slip-proof. On accidental spills, may they be liquid or otherwise, they are easily wiped or washed.

Another plus, they shelf liners come in an array of designs, colors, and materials so you can pick the one that matches your style.

Shelf liners are versatile and can be used anywhere. People have gotten creative and used them for a number of different things. You can use adhesive shelf liners on bathroom walls to hide unsightly walls or tiles. They work best and have been known to work where ordinary wallpapers have failed.

You can also use transparent shelf liners with designs for privacy on windows instead of hanging curtains or blinds. They give the window a modern and sophisticated look without drastically blocking the view or sunlight.

Some shelf liners are made of plastic and can be used as book covers. They’ll be an instant hit with the children as their books would remain protected and be stylized. They can also be used as wall decoration. Get your creativity cap on and put out an abstract design on a wall using various colored or textured shelf liners.

Types of Shelf Liners

There are two main kinds of shelf liners: functional and aesthetic. Both have their pros and cons and can be used for a number of ways.

Aesthetic shelf liners come in vast designs and also in transparent form. They have varying textures to suit and decorating needs.

Functional shelf liners can be made from heavy weighted plastic or soft foam. They prevent objects from slipping and in case of wired shelves; they can stop small objects from falling.

What to look for in a Shelf Liner?

There are a number of things that you need to look out for when purchasing a shelf liner/contact paper.

1. Texture

Shelf liners come in different textures and satisfy varying needs. Plastic shelf liners can be used on table tops, shelves, cupboards and even books. Thick plastic shelf liners come in handy on wired shelves as they aid in keeping things from falling off the wired shelf.

Glass shelf liners are made of plastic but give the illusion of being glass. They are suited well on dining tables, coffee tables or bedside tables.

Soft foam shelf liners are also a popular choice for people who are more into functionality than design. The soft foam proves to be very supportive and provides a cushion for fragile things.

2. Adhesive

A very important question to ask yourself when buying shelf liners: to stick or not to stick? Shelf liners are either self-adhesive or not. If you are living in a rented space or are always thinking of changing the outlook of your furniture or interior, it is advisable to use the non-stick shelf liners/contact papers.

Shelf liners with adhesive are a splendid idea when it comes to semi-permanent to permanent usage. Some adhesive shelf liners have the ability to be removed and stick again. Adhesively backed shelf liners are ideal for walls, windows, doors, shelves, drawers, etc. where the liner needs to be fixed for longer periods of time.

How to Stick Shelf Liners

The best thing about shelf liners is that they can be cut into any desired shape to suit your needs. When pasting a liner, it is best to start with a clean surface. Wipe any dust, dirt or grime from the surface.

If the contact paper is adhesive, you need to peel its back cover quarter of the way and place it firmly on one end of the surface. Now gently start pulling the rest of the back cover, smoothing the top paper and making sure no bubbles appear. Once the paper is in place, firmly press it with a soft cloth to ensure it is stuck properly and no air is present.

3. Cleanability

You’ve placed your ideal shelf liners on and you’ve noticed with a passage of time they’ve gotten dull or perhaps dirt, dust or liquid has spilled. There are shelf liners that are easily machine or hand washed. Some can only be wiped with or without water.  Choose according to your usage you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

4. Design

Their numerous designs to choose from. Windows and glass materials look chic with frosted or transparent contact papers with beautiful floral designs. There are many patterns that would hide and improve any imperfections that your furniture or interior might have. Cartoon figures, abstract patterns or plain colored shelf liners cater to all kind of design and functionality needs.

These four pointers can help to choose the ideal shelf paper for your requirement. Below are a few product suggestions to get you going.

Let shelf liners be the starting of your very own DIY project. Indulge in your very own home redecorating. Surprise family and friends with wonderfully designed liners that will convince them you hired a professional decorator. So what are you waiting for? Time to get lining.

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Rachel Tucker

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