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The world we live in is polluted every day with the worst kind of dirt and filth. The four major types of pollutions are exacerbating every single day, relentlessly. This gives rise to the term of cleanliness and hygiene.

Cleanliness and hygiene are a major part of our life. And if they are not, they very well should be. Cleanliness definition wise is the act and verb of keeping away from all sorts of dirt and disease and not only keep ourselves away from it but implement the same beneficial rule to our surroundings.

And why is that necessary you ask? Dirt is what invites diseases. Not maintaining cleanliness is what causes degradation of hygiene. Loss of hygiene causes spread of diseases and illness. This what eventually causes the death rate to increase and lowers the standard of leaving.

But that is all about us. Now let’s take a look at how the lack of cleanliness destroys our environment.


Product NameBrandQuantityMaterial
Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels Dish ClothUtopia Towels12Cotton
AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning ClothAmazonBasics36Two types of synthetic fibres
Liliane Collection Kitchen Dish TowelsLiliane Collection13Cotton
DII Terry Kitchen Dish ClothsDII Terry6Cotton
World’s Best Dish ClothsWorld’s Best12
Full Circle Tidy Organic Dish ClothesFull Circle3Cotton

Garbage and litter laying stray and unremoved on the road cause stench to spread and causing aerobic bacteria to come into action and use up oxygen in the air to decompose this mass of filth. This leads to air pollution. This lowers oxygen levels for us. Littering the land, we live in reduces space for the growth of vegetation. Vegetation is what supports life on this Earth. Littering the sea kills the sea life.

And here are a million other ways in which pollution harms us and our environment. Hence, it can be concluded, that maintain a clean and filth free environment should be our major duty and every person should be held accountable for it as cleanliness is a basic ethic.

And to assist us in this major job, we have towels!

Towel World

Nowadays and probably in the last century too, towels have been present and used everywhere. Whether it is hung in a kitchen or in a gym or just for a decoration in the bath.

Towels are an absorbing piece of linen or cotton which soak or tidy wet or dirty areas. They come in a range of different sizes, colors, types, shapes, and designs; all to serve the same purpose that is cleaning.
Thus, whether it is orange juice spilled on the floor or your wet hair, just place a towel over it or drape a towel around your hair and your job is done.

So what is the mechanism of a towel?

Towels usually have a mesh of the cotton bristles on its body or microfiber which when kept on a wet surface, absorb that liquid in them. This additional water absorption causes them to become heavy. Though due to evaporation they become dry again.

With wiping, what happens is. The dirt clings onto this cotton meshwork and is hence removed.

Towels, therefore, are easy to use. Like even a five-year-old kid could do it himself. They come is a variety and a multitude of different types and fulfill each and every purpose of yours. There is the bath towel, the foot towel, the kitchen towel, the dish towel, the tea towel, the foot towel and much more.

So yes they fulfill all your needs and wants. Besides, they can be kept anywhere. They are portable. Towels are harmless and are made from eco-friendly products. They themselves are friendly towards the environment.

Hence, everyone needs towels, everywhere.

What is the purpose of towels in the kitchen?

Towels are needed in the kitchen to serve their basic purpose. Cleaning.

Did you just spill some tomato sauce on the counter? No worries! Clean them off with a towel.
Is there water on the floor? Put a towel over it for it to be soaked. Does the stove need some tidying? Rush a towel around it. Are your plates wet? Use a dish towel to dry them off.

Are your hands wet? Use a towel again. Is that pot hot? Use a towel instead of mittens! Our point being, a towel can do any sort and type of cleaning for you. You just need to name it.

And they are not like bloating or tissue papers or wipes that you can just use once. You can reuse your towels as much and as many times you want. The only thing you have to do is keep them maintained.

Soak them in a washing powder for a reasonable time and gently scrub them with hand. Then let them dry off and your towels will be as tidy as new. No stain, no stench guaranteed. You can use a fabric softener on them if you want them to be a little soft but it is tried and tested that rough towels work better. They have more absorbing capabilities.

So these very purposes gave rise to the idea and need of a kitchen towel; manufactured specifically for kitchen purposes.
One such towel is a dish towel which we will be discussing further on.
And this combined with the other kitchen tools and implements make our kitchen experience a little bit easier.

Dish Towel World

Dish towel as the name suggests is used for speeding up the drying process of dishes. This avoids spots being formed by water on the plates.
You might be wondering why not use the same towel for all the chores in the kitchen. Do you really want those marinara remains to catch up on your freshly washed plates? No, right? That is exactly why there different types of towels for every purpose in the kitchen.

Here is how you make use of these towels in the kitchen.

Now that you know the importance of a towel in your life especially in your kitchen and you have knowledge about what a dish towel is and its needs, you might want to buy a dish towel in fact that might be the very reason you started reading this in the first place; we will break everything to you all shortly.

What things are you looking for when buying the best dish towels?

The first thing you need to sort out is your own need. Are you looking for a towel which looks better as a decoration or a one which actually does its job?

If you are looking for a decorated one then you should buy linen towels. Linen towels are less durable than cotton towels and their basic function is to act as decorations. They do not absorb well and but are very gorgeous.

Whereas, cotton is perhaps, the best type of dish towel. It is durable and the most absorbent. A cotton dish towel will never disappoint you.

So yes buy a cotton towel and that too should be high quality because sometimes bits and pieces of poor quality towels stick crockery and look very unappealing. They are a menace to clean themselves.

Plus, make sure the towel is double hemmed, thick and well-meshed so it lasts longer and can withstand repeated use and washing without you having to rush to the market every now and then.

It is also advisable to buy more than one towels. They will be a lot of help. If one is spoiled, you can use the other. Most people, in fact, tend to buy them in packs.

The next few things all depend on you like the color, size, shape, and price. But the things mentioned above are to be kept in mind while buying the best dish towels for use in your kitchen.

1. Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels Dish Cloth

  • These come in a pack of 12 with white and blue color.
  • They can be washed in a washing machine are not costly.
  • They are made up of cotton and measure 15 by 25.
  • They are free of man-made fibers and other harmful substances.
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2. AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • After cotton, microfiber is the most absorbent towel for drying dishes.
  • They come in different quantities, this one being a pack of 36.
  • They are not costly and come in yellow, blue and white colors.
  • It does not leave scratches or lint on the dishes.
  • It absorbs ten times more than its mass.
  • It is made up of two types of synthetic fibers.
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3. Liliane Collection Kitchen Dish Towels

  • They come in a 13 towel set and measure 27 by 14.
  • They are white based with blue stripes towel.
  • It is made up of cotton.
  • It can be bleached and ensures a spot and lint less cleaning.They come in a variety of different sizes and are hemmed on all four sides.
  • The towels are not expensive and come with a money back guarantee.
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4. DII Terry Kitchen Dish Cloths

  • They are made up of cotton and are very cheap.
  • They measure 12 by 12 inches and can be washed in machines.
  • These have a crisscross pattern and come in a variety of different colors and patterns so you can buy the one which matches your kitchen needs.
  • These are in a set of 6 and in gray color.
  • Customers seem pretty satisfied with it.
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5. World’s Best Dish Cloths

  • They come in a set of 12 with different colors.
  • They have different quantities too and are reasonably priced.
  • It is advised to wash this towel before using it, this helps to enhance its absorbing capabilities.
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6. Full Circle Tidy Organic Dish Cloths

  • It comes in a set of 3 and is multi-colored.
  • It is very cheap and comes in different colors and quantities as well.
  • It is designed with loops to ensure proper tidying and wiping.
  • It is made up of cotton and the dyes used are not harmful.
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So this was our list of the best dish towels. Hope you are able to choose from them, adios, dear readers!

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