5 Best Cookie Presses

In today’s post, I will review the best cookie presses.

I’ll also cover other important aspects later in the post.

But take a look at the top list first:

Top 3 Best Cookie Presses

DKST Kitchen Cookie Press Kit12.3 x 8.6 x 3.1 inches2.6 poundsStainless Steel
Wilton Cookie Pro Preferred Press, 2104-40183.5 x 8.8 x 10.9 inches1.3 poundsMetal
Vktech Cookie Press Machine Biscuit Maker Cake Making Decorating Gun Kitchen Tools Set8.7 x 2.4 x 5.9 inches0.6 poundsAluminum

1. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press

The Oxo Cookie Press is quite popular among people, comes with Stainless Steel disks and a Disk Storage Case.

OXO Cookie Container works on the guns’ “Load and shoot” principle and squeezes out evenly shaped cookies.

While dispensing,   its non-slipping base keeps the Cookie Press steady.

It has a transparent and clear cylinder to show the quantity of batter in the container and also indicates how much dough is left in it.

OXO Cookie Press has a large and comfortable to use the lever for squeezing out the dough and for repetitive use.

Along with the above-mentioned specifications, the pack includes 12 stainless steel cookie disks with different patterns and designs to make your cookies more tempting.

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2. Vktech Cookie Press Machine

Vketch Cookie Press is a new yet reliable and high-quality machine. The pack is comprised of an aluminum cookie press machine, 20 pieces of different flower-like patterned-disks and 4 different mounted flower mouths for icing.

You can bake cookies and biscuits of different shape with it and décor them with the flower-mouth instead of using piping bags. The use of flower mouth is not confined to icing of cookies only but can be used gracefully in cake and cupcake frosting as well.

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3. Wilton Cookie Pro Preferred Press, 2104-4018

Wilton Cookie Pro is one of the easiest and most comfortable cookie press to use with an easy to fill the container.

It comes with 12 fabulous different shapes along with 4 mini cookie designs.

The interesting thing which comes with the pack is an instruction guide for newbies and some of the must try delicious recipes.

It gadget has a non-slippery bottom ring which makes it easier to use and prevent sliding on the cookie sheet.

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4. Kuhn Rikon 24601 Clear Cookie Press and Decorating Bottle

Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press is also popular among chefs. It has a clear barrel which lets you see the content inside and its quantity as well. An easy to operate stainless steel handle in place on its top.

By using Kuhn Rikon, you can get perfectly portioned cookies out of the oven every time.

It is very simple and easy to clean tool but one thing to be kept in mind is not to put the cookie disks in the dishwasher and clean them manually.

This video will help you out how to use the Cookie Press.

Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press

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5. DKST Kitchen Cookie Press

DKST is considered to be the best choice for cookie lovers. DKST fixes perfectly to an experienced Baker’s kitchen as well as of a beginner.

DKST cookie press has made the cookie baking process more fun and easy, and has put some serious efforts to let you enjoy evenly proportioned cookies.

Well, if you are going to bake cookies in bulk then you no more need to use a rolling pin.

DKST Cookie Press has a comfortable grip, assuring no more sore hands after making so many cookies.

DKST not only provides you with the gadget but also offers famous and reliable cookie recipes, so that you aren’t left behind to taste good cookies rather than getting a good shape only.

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6. Marcato Made in Italy Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker Cookie Press

Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker by Marcato squeezes out the firm cookie dough/batter into creative and attractive shapes without creating any mess. It is also made up of stainless steel and includes 20 perforated disks with various designs which is much more than usual cookie press companies give.

It has a knob with it which helps to adjust cookie size from small to large and the container has the capacity to yield 20 to 25 large sized cookies and 35 to 40 smaller ones.

You can get the cookie of your desired color and shape by using Marcato’s fantastic gadget. All you need to do is remove the top cover and pour your favorite cookie dye and then fill it with the dough. The second step includes replacement of top with the handle.

After each press, you will get ready to bake consistent and tempting cookies.

The set includes 20 aluminum die-plates with a wide variety of shapes.

A hand wash and wipe dry also comes with the package to keep the process less messy.

Instruction booklet and recipes are also a part of it too comfy you.

Though, it is not so pocket-friendly but serves you with outstanding results.

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How to bake a cookie or just how to shape it perfectly?

A cookie press is a gun like a kitchen tool which helps you make cookies of your desired shape.

If you have started thinking that we are going to tell you “How to bake and decor cookies” then you are absolutely wrong! We are just going to educate you about the gadget which may take your simple looking cookie to a next level.

Cookie Press

A cookie press is a gun-shaped cylindrical gadget having a trigger to squeeze out the cookie dough at one end and a hole on the bottom end by which the dough makes its way out from the cylinder.

The cylindrical tube is filled with the cookie dough or batter and by pressing the trigger you get evenly shaped cookies of uniform size.

What if you shape a cookie by your own hand?

If you are not a pro and try shaping cookies by your own hands or by using cutters then you may surely end up creating a huge mess and unevenly shaped cookies.

Perforated Plates for your favorite design

Most of the cookie presses have different carved plates along with them which is attached at the bottom end to give your cookie different shapes.

Cookie Press-A Stress Reliever or a Tension?

Using a cookie press to make your life easier may sound relieving but if you chose a wrong one then you may not get desired results.

There are also a few products which themselves are a huge mess and are complicated to use.

Filling cookie dough in them and then squeezing it out is a bit uncomfortable with low-quality guns. They either spritz out too much or too less batter or stuck at times; forcing you to put more efforts in producing uniform and perfectly shaped cookies.

Hope you enjoyed it!

We have tried our best to lessen your efforts and to help you make a wise choice. The above-mentioned products are the leading Cookie Press Machines which makes your task much easier by a trigger’s push.

These Cookie Press can create dozens of uniform and delightful cookies within a matter of seconds or else you’d have to shape the cookies by first making the dough even by a rolling pin then cutting them down with cookie cutters.

Also, you can get easily rid of the complicated use of piping bags and shape your cookies in a flash.

The best cookie press is the one which is easier to use and clean or else the batter will stick to it if any portion remains uncleaned.

Not all cookie press pumps out pleasing and tempting cookies because the output solely depends upon the manufacturing of the product and a bit of credit goes to the chef out there; making cookies to enjoy and make his surroundings happy by the feast.

The Cookie Press you chose to buy will be of no use if you don’t have a perfect recipe for it.

For that purpose, you may ask your mom to share her recipe or google and you will get smashed by several thousand of best recipes and you will have to choose one out of the lot

Image Credits via Flickr Creative Commons: David Burillo

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