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Summer is here and it’s cherry season. Cherries are loved by everyone. They are delicious, tasty and part of many desserts. Fruit markets are full of fresh cherries. These sweet and tart cherries are delicious and enjoyable. But the big question is where to put its pits.

However, you must figure how you are going to remove their pits. You can buy a cherry pitter from the market which is easy for you. Moreover, you can make a one from your kitchen stuff. Watch this video and learn this simple technique of converting your fork into a cherry pitter


OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter5.8 x 1.2 x 4.8 inches4.8 ouncesOXO
Ionox Cherry Pitter 7.4 x 1.3 x 0.5 inches5 ounces Ionox
Leifheit 37200 Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container5.5 x 4.5 x 12 inches15.8 ouncesLeifheit
idoker Cherry Pitter Tool 8 x 1.5 x 4.8 inches 3.7 ouncesidoker
Progressive Cherry Pitter 7 x 2.9 x 2.2 inches9.3 ouncesProgressive

Cherries World

Almost 370 million pounds of cherries are grown annually. Cherries have uncommon and short harvesting period. So their harvesting is rather tricky. You have to gather all the cherries and store them properly as early as possible. It’s sad but true. We only have fresh cherries only for three years. Other 9 months we have to eat canned cherries.

Normally cherries are of two types i.e. sweet and tart. Sweet cherries are eaten as raw and fresh while tart one used in baking. Tart cherries are also used for making cherry juices.

You can make a lot of desserts with cherries. When someone says cherry! The first thing comes into your mind is gigantic ice cream sundae with cherries in it with raspberry sauce. Cherries are also preserved by drying and dipped in sugar syrup. You can have cherry pie, cherry chocolate mousse cake or summertime salad.

Cherries are enchanted

Cherries have very nutrients in them. They are very healthy and Yummy. It helps you in sleeping more soundly, relax your muscles and you will feel more energetic next morning. Cherries have natural potassium, potassium balances flow of blood through our blood vessels. Hence, cherries balance our blood pressure. Also, helps in muscles soreness.

Cherries also have vitamin C, carotene, quercetin, and anthocyanins in large amount. Studies have shown that these elements fight against cancer cells. Cherries also regulate your uric acid level. Want to burn extra fat, eat cherries.  Research has shown that cherries remarkably reduce belly fat. If you want to lose your weight cherries are very helpful for you.

Why should you Remove Pitts?

According to the latest research, various plant seed or pits contain amygdalin. When Amygdalin metabolized it releases cyanide. In small amount, this product is not toxic. But when it consumption increase it may cause death. If you accidentally swallow its seed there are chances that you may get a minimal amount of toxic elements. If you chew any seed than it is more dangerous to your health. Some of the symptoms of mild poisoning may include a headache, confusion, anxiety, dizziness, and vomiting. In severe cases, the victim may face coma, convulsion or serious death from respiratory capture.

Some of the symptoms of mild poisoning may include a headache, confusion, anxiety, dizziness, and vomiting. In severe cases, the victim may face coma, convulsion or serious death from respiratory capture.

Seeds of fruits like cherries, plums, almonds, apricots, and peaches may contain amygdalin. Its amount depends on the taste of the fruit like bitter in taste. When a large amount of seeds or pits consumed by any living organism, the situation becomes fatal. If you eat two cherry pits it has potential to kill you. So always make sure your cherries are pit free when you eat them.

Sometimes you may think were to spit cherry pits? In a bowl or in a napkin or in your hand. At times you are eating cherries unconsciously and you may disturb your teeth. So now you understand how important it is to remove cherry pits before you eat.  You can try different methods for removing pits, let’s discuss some here.

1. Using piping tip

It is a super easy method. You just have to place the tip of piping bag side up on a cutting board and push the cherry onto it. Go smooth and the pit will come out of the other end.

2. Using chopstick

Take a stick and push it through the end of cherry at 90 degrees. Push more and pit will come out of the other side.

3. Using paper clip

Dig your paper clip into your cherry. Move it around a little bit and pit will come out easily.

However, you don’t need to struggle with cherry pits anymore. You just the need to get a cherry pitter. A lot of cherry pitters are available in the market you can select anyone from them.  Some of them follow!

1. OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

The OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter deliver perfect cherries anytime you want. However, it is very economical.

  • It has a Splatter Shield which protects workplace from juices and eradicates the need for cleaning
  • Have Tough and die-cast zinc structure which helps in removing pits easily.
  • The easy and comfortable handle which can absorb pressure.
  • Large holder provide accommodation to large cherries.
  • Also, have a Lock closed for suitable storage
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2. Ionox Cherry Pitter

Want something small? Ionox has a seamless model for you. This machine can even fix in your lunch box too.

  • Removes cherry pits easily and conveniently. Easy to clean and made of 100% natural materials.
  • Perfect cherries are available every time. Works for both smaller and bigger cherries.
  • Can be clean in a dishwasher.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
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3. Leifheit 37200 Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container

Leifheit 37200 Cherry Pitter Gives you pits free cherries throughout the season. You can make all desserts with your fresh pits free cherries.  You can rapidly remove pits from your cherries with the help of this cherry pitter. It can remove pits of almost 25 pounds of cherries in one hour.

  • Easily HAND OPERATED cherry pit remover
  • stainless steel plunger
  • DISHWASHER SAFE cleaning
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4. Idoker Cherry Pitter Tool

Are you looking for something simpler and super easy to operate? Idoker cherry pitter tool is perfect for you.  It helps you in getting your cherries pit free. It removes cherries pits quickly with little to no hand exhaustion. It has specially designed scoop which makes scooping up cherries and pitting an easy.

It is perfect for every time. It is easy to store and it can make its room in your kitchen easily. It comes with a warranty. Means if your cherries pitters break it will be replaced by the company.

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5. Progressive Cherry Pitter

A lot of unique and innovative fun kitchen tools are created by progressive company Pvt. Their aim is to provide such products which make your work enjoyable.  Progressive cherry pitter is highly functional and proficient. It is revolutionary pitter.

You can remove pits of four cherries at once. There are four spaces for your cherries place the cherries on these slots and push the upper lid.  When done simply open it and empty the container. It works so fast and no juice is produced in the process. Your workplace will remain clean.

  • Innovative cherry pitter which can pit 4 cherries at the same time.
  • Revolutionary Spring attached technology which provides ease of use and locks for compact storage.
  • The perfect Non-skid base which catches pits for easy discarding provides full grip and won’t slide around on the counter.
  • Sleek and Patent pendant design which helps in keeping counters and clothes free of stains and messes.
  • Disassembles easily
  • Easy cleaning and dishwasher safe.
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If you want to fully enjoy your cherries, you need your cherries pits free. Otherwise, you might disturb your teeth and may confuse about where to spit. These cherry pitters help you in removing pits from your cherries so you can enjoy your cherries and make yummy desserts.

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Barbara





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