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Are you looking for the best-cast iron teapot? Well no need to worry or hurry, here you will find what you are looking for. A cast iron teapot is no doubt an excellent utensil for brewing a good cup of tea. They are durable and also a lifetime gift. It can be a family cherished item and gives you quality drink every time you want. They came in different beautiful designs and definitely increase the beauty of your kitchen. Watch this video and learn best-cast iron teapots of 2017.


1. Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot/Tetsubin, Gold, And Black Maple 5.5 x 5.5 x 4 inches3.4 pounds Kotobuki5.0 out of 5 stars
2. Cast Iron Teapot – Purple Hanabi 7.4 x 7 x 4.9 inches 4.5 pounds MIYA3.0 out of 5 stars
3. Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron 40 Oz. Black Hobnail Teapot 7.8 x 7.6 x 4.6 inches6.8 poundsHappy Sales3.9 out of 5 stars
4. Primula Pci7440 Black Cast Iron Teapot 7.8 x 7.6 x 4.6 inches6 poundsPeerless4.1 out of 5 stars
5. Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot, 26-Ounce 8.8 x 7.2 x 5.5 inches 3.9 poundsOld Dutch Int'l, LTD4.2 out of 5 stars

History of Cast Iron

Cast iron teapots were very popular in a late seventeenth century. However, because of their benefits, they are widely used today in all around the world for brewing a wonderful cup of tea. Cast iron teapots were initially used by Japanese people. They are known as tetsubin. Tetsubin is a kettle with a pouring spout, a lid and a handle crossing over the top of the kettle.

They are basically used for making tea. They also have an enamel coating inside it to preserve it from rusting and other damage. As they are beautiful and durable, people start liking them.

From where cast iron teapots were originated? This question is debatable though controversial also. According to some people, cast iron teapots came during the era of Sencha (leafy green tea), and then they were introduced to Japan from China in late seventeen and start of eighteen centuries. Gradually Sencha became part of Japanese culture and people is to share a cup of tea in their formal event and gatherings. Initially, they were using Chinese utensils for making sencha.

For Japanese those Chinese utensils were expensive and many of them could not even afford them. To overcome this problem Japanese came up with new teapots to replace Chinese teapots. That’s how Japanese cast iron teapot tetsubin was introduced. They were used over charcoal.

Going an Extra Mile!

In the end of eighteen century, the cast iron teapots became part of most kitchens in Japan. They were used for boiling water, making tea and sometimes used for keeping the house warm during winter season. And with the passage of time, different and new designs of cast iron teapots were introduced to fulfill the requirements of people.

It was becoming a status symbol; it was believed that owning an expensive cast iron teapot shows your status in Japanese society. They start putting different symbols on teapots, each symbol had a different and unique meaning. These teapots are very beautiful and are decorated with interesting designs and unique patterns.

Cast Iron Teapots Symbol of Elegance

The designs of teapots are unique and exclusive, they represent strength, happiness, good fortunes, positive energy, and friendship. These cast iron teapots are used all around the globe nowadays. Sometimes they also come with a stainless steel infuser sencha function is to hold the loose leaf of tea in place during the making. It also helps in easy and convenient cleaning.

Cast iron provides you ease in brewing loose leaf tea; it also provides you many benefits. They are available in different sizes and provides you even heat distribution and heat retention properties. They are available in elegant designs and they will increase the beauty of your kitchen.

Proper seasoning of the teapot is also important; you can season your cast iron teapot with your favorite tea flavors. I know many people who were just being the tea drinker and became tea enthusiasts after using seasoned cast iron teapots.

Cast iron teapots were used over charcoal grills and oven, however, today you can use them on the stove also. They work fine on the stove too. They can also be used on gas grills but you should be careful while handling it.

Increase Iron Content

It has been said that cast iron increase the iron content in the food cooked in it. Researchers have cooked same food in cast iron and other pans. They have found iron content higher in the food that has cooked in cast iron pan. If it works on food, then definitely it will also work on tea. Tea that would be made in cast iron teapot will have more iron and it will add a flavor. You will find a different and unique flavor if you brew your tea in a cast iron teapot.

Moreover, because of their mass, tea in cast iron will remain hot for a long time as compared to ceramic and stainless steel teapot. They can be your office pal too.

Brewing Tea in Office Using a Cast Iron Teapot

Mostly we have electric kettles in our offices for making tea. I am addicted to the tea brewed from a cast iron teapot as I mentioned earlier it has a unique taste. I can’t tolerate tea from an electric kettle, I can’t even drink more than a sip.  Some of you may think that it is impossible to use a cast iron teapot in your office or at work. But there is nothing impossible I do it so I can also. And here you will find how easily you can make your tea in the office using a cast iron teapot.

First of all, preheat your cast iron teapot with water over a stove. If your office doesn’t have a kitchen, then you can add hot water from an electric kettle or hot water spigot of a coffee machine. Let the hot water sit in the teapot for some time. now heat it as needed by your specific tea. you will need 175-degree F for green and white tea and 200 degrees for black and Oolong tea. now pour out the preheated hot water from the pot and add a measured quantity of loose leaf tea in a stainless steel steeping basket and place it in the teapot.

Now pour in the hot water in the pot again and steep for few minutes or as you like. Green tea needs 2 to 4 minutes whereas black needs 3 to 5 minutes. Oolong tea needs to steep for 5 to 7 minutes. Now enjoy your favorite tea brewed from your favorite teapot in your office.

Cast Iron Teapots Are Very Beneficial


Though modern inventions have revolutionized our lifestyle they do not always work well for us. They are the cause of thousands of health issues. Lately, Teflon cookware’s had become very famous. However, Teflon is not good for our health. This material release different harmful chemicals when heated. These chemicals get mixed with food and make food toxic for us.

What Is Under the Nonstick Layer of TEFLON

Under the nonstick layer, there are chemicals like per fluorinates (PFCs). According to different studies, it has observed that these chemicals are the cause of different health problems. These chemicals are not biodegradable. They can even cause water pollution and dangerous for marine life.

Because of these reasons many people have switched to old and natural products. Moreover, making tea in cast iron will increase health benefits of your tea. it will enhance the content of many minerals and provides you the appropriate level of iron hence prevent your body from anemia. Helps in improving your mental performance and decreasing fatigue.


As cast iron teapots are durable and long-lasting. If they are properly maintained they can be used for many generations. They can be used as a family heirloom.  And of course, if you have a teapot from your ancestor and if you will display it in your home then people will adore taste.


Tetsubin comes in various and unique designs. They can be very simple and sometimes all blank. The designed ones are very elegant and increase the beauty of your kitchen. High-quality teapots were made by a craftsman.

Best Models for Your

You may find some second hand cast iron teapots on some websites. If they maintained well they will give you good results and you will save some bucks. However, you can also find some new teapots in the market. Here is a list of my picked teapots for you.

1. Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot/Tetsubin, Gold, And Black Maple

Iwachu is a leading industry and famous for their cast iron teapots and tetsubin for past 100 years. Their quality is matchless. It looks beautiful and decorated with leaf designs.

Iwachu promises to gives you premium quality at minimum price possible.

  • Its color is black and gold which gives it a traditional vintage look.
  • Perfect for one and two people.
  • The capacity of this cast iron teapot is 22 ounces.
  • Made of cast iron and keeps your tea warm for a long time.
  • Interior is coated with enamel and prevent teapot from rusting.
  • Additional stainless steel infuser.
  • Made in Japan.
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2. Cast Iron Teapot – Purple Hanabi

This is an eye-catching teapot by Miya. This elegant teapot is more economical than the previous one.

  • The exteriors of this teapot have impressions of famous Hanabi fireworks, that why its name is Hanabi. This teapot also has and enamel coated interior which makes cleaning easy.
  • The capacity of Hanabi teapot is 34 oz. and makes almost four cups of tea.
  • Additional stainless steel infuser and enable you to have your favorite tea every time.
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3. Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron 40 Oz. Black Hobnail Teapot

This teapot is elegant and prevents in design and gives you excellent results. The manufacturer M.V. Trading Co. makes sure to provides you enough capacity so you can serve tea in big gatherings.

  • The capacity of the teapot is 40 oz.
  • Inside enamel prevents it from rusting.
  • Also, comes with an additional stainless steel infuser and enable you to have your favorite tea every time.
  • Made of heavy cast iron and provides equal distribution of heat every time.
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4. Primula Pci7440 Black Cast Iron Teapot

This is another large teapot perfect for large gatherings primula by peerless. It is made of all high quality and durable materials and provides your excellent results. It is a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Primula peerless have a capacity to boil water in just five minutes.

  • Interior of the teapot is fully enameled which prevents it from rusting and makes its cleaning easy.
  • Can hold 40 oz. of your tea.
  • Comes with an additional stainless steel infuser
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5. Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot, 26-Ounce

Flatter designed teapot by old Dutch is last in this list.

It works efficiently because of its design; it exposes the large surface area of water to heat from a heat source. Moreover, its design is also very elegant and unique than others. It will boil the as compared to other models.

  • The exterior of pot is decorated with the design of bamboo stalks.
  • Available in many different colors hence a good addition in your kitchen.
  • The capacity of 26 ounces and can serve more than two persons.
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Cast iron teapots are no doubt wonderful and adaptable addition to your kitchen. if they maintained well they can last for many years. Moreover, they can boost your nutrient value and add additional flavor in your tea. You can choose teapot according to your choice and need.

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