Best Bread Maker for Sourdough

You know that smell when you enter the bakery area of a supermarket or any large store that has live baking?

Now just let that delicious aroma immortalize in your brain.

Oops, you must be craving some fresh out of the oven bread now, am I right?

Can’t even call it a guilty pleasure because I mean who doesn’t love freshly baked goods, especially bread. Anything that’s made from freshly baked bread is going to taste ten times better than yesterdays or two days old bread.

Now if you are thinking that you get fresh bread from the bakers on a daily, just know they cooked that stuff up almost a day earlier, so it isn’t exactly the freshest, but you want to know where you can get perfectly delicious fresh bread? In the luxury of your own home!

The Best Bread Maker for Sourdough

Product NameColorMaterial TypeSize
Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Bread maker with Gluten Free Menu SettingsBlack/SilverSteel2 lb loaf
Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Bread MakerBlackStainless Steel2 LB
Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread MakerStainless SteelStainless SteelStandard
Panasonic home bakery 1 loaf type Brown SD-BMT1001-TBrown

And you want to know what’s the favorite and most versatile among the bread? Sourdough!

What’s so Special About Sourdough?

Firstly I have to make clear that loaves of bread do not deserve to be put in some man-made hierarchy because they are all pretty darn amazing!

But having said that, every kind or a variety of bread has a few distinctive features, which make them stand out from the rest, so what is it that’s so special about sourdough?

Well, as the name suggests, the making of this bread includes a very common procedure known as fermentation of the dough by two naturally occurring bacteria, namely lactobacilli and yeast. Yeast is the one that I am sure everyone who is interested in bread making, and I am sure you know what fermentation means if you are a wine lover (wink wink).

The starter or fermenting batter as I like to call it, mainly consists of water, flour, and the two bacteria, which can then easily be turned into a dough for sourdough bread by adding flour and water, and a little pinch of salt for some extra flavor.

That’s how the delicious bread comes into existent, but you need to know what makes it so great. You see the bread is not just a winner for its taste, but also because of its nutritional value and how healthy it can be.

To put it in simpler words, the stomach finds it easier to digest this, while the absorption of nutrients is much more efficient thanks to the lactic acid which neutralizes the phytates. I would say this bread is an all-rounder.

How To Use A Bread Maker For Sourdough?

Like most bread, this can be made by the use of your bare hands, but who has time for all that effort, why not make things simpler for yourself and just use a sourdough bread maker?

Sourdough can be made from your regular bread making machines, but because of the technicalities in making a sourdough, it is always a good idea to use something that is custom built for making sourdough.

Sourdough bread will require an adjustable rising timer due to the fact that it tends to take a lot longer to leaven in comparison to other bread, and it can be really tricky to tell.

If you are new to the entire making your own bread thing, you should opt for the San Francisco Sourdough Starter Expert Baker Bread Maker Tool Kit, it will work wonders for a newbie.

The kit includes every last thing that you will require to make sourdough bread, from a recipe to thermometers to brushes, it has everything, so it is the perfect sourdough maker that you cannot go wrong with.

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Another staple ingredient for you if you are a starter is Prepared Pantry’s Old World Whole Grain Sourdough Bread Machine Mix.

It gives you a pre-prepared mix of the dry ingredients which include four wholesome rolled grains like wheat, oats, rye, and barley, making it both delicious and a healthy option.

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The Best Sourdough Bread Makers For You!

Bread makers are not exactly the cheapest machines out there and if you want to buy one you will have to be mentally prepared to spend some dollars. But there are some great options and models available that will handle your sourdough bread making needs easily.

Zojirushi, a Japanese company produces some really great quality bread makers for sourdough and other bread. I will be talking about two models that have gotten great reviews from users because of their efficient system and great features.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20BA BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker

The Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker with Gluten Free Menu Settings is the perfect option especially if you have some specific dietary needs that you need to take into consideration before baking your sourdough.

It makes a 2lb bread and offers a quick baking cycle, meaning it can prepare your bread in 2 hours. It also includes a measuring cup and spoon for your ease.


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Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery

Another one by Zojirushi is the BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Bread Maker.

Black, again it is very similar, but without the gluten-free settings, but that’s why the price range is lower than the first one. So if you don’t require gluten-free settings then this is the best sourdough bread maker for you.


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Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

Another great option is by Breville, and although it costs less than the Zojirushi, it looks very modern and sleek and offers some great specs of its own.

The Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker lets you add your mix in nuts etc. in your bread while baking at the right time so that they get distributed evenly rather than stay at the bottom like it happens when we make bread manually.

Other than that it also lets you customize your loaf size by offering 4 different loaf sizes, 1.0-pound, 1-1/2-pound, 2.0 ln and 2-1/2-pound, which is perfect so you can make just the amount you need to keep everything fresh.

Another reason why this is my favorite is that of the progress-indicating LCD screen that it comes with, pretty cool right?

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Panasonic home bakery 1 loaf type Brown SD-BMT1001-T

Another trusty company is Panasonic, which has built a name for it over the years and offers a great sourdough bread maker. 

It may look a little old fashioned but it is probably the trustiest out of the lot.

It is a little pricey, but under $300 for a sourdough bread maker is reasonable enough. Besides it can be used for a number of other things like cakes and brioche and steamed buns etc. definitely a great choice.

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Fresh Bread Daily

This may seem like a huge investment right now but imagine all the morning that you will get to have and enjoy freshly made bread just for any purpose you want. Besides all these investments are long term and will definitely prove useful. Enjoy that freshly baked bread.

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