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We all have a busy schedule and bad diet routine. Mostly our meal consists of all unhealthy things which cannot fulfill our body needs. That why we feel hungry and always want to eat. After having a glass of shakeology you will feel full and it will give you extra boost and energy.

Unlike other products shakeology comes with no added or artificial sugar. For making shakeology you need an efficient blender so all ingredients may blend well and you will have a glass of full nutrients.  Watch this video and learn how can you make shakeology.


1. Nutri Ninja Pro 15.2 x 15.2 x 35.6 cm3.4 KgNinja
2. Magic Bullet Nutribelt Blender32.7 x 22.9 x 33 cm3.5 KgNutriBullet
3. Epica Personal Blender & Take-Along Bottle Epica


You may be thinking that what is shakeology? A lot of people may not know about it. Shakeology is, in fact, a drink which is made up of more than 7- different and highly effective ingredients. It offers you best and healthy replacement to your meal. Your body will get all nutrients so you will feel any craving like you normally feel after a big and unhealthy dinner.

After using this for more than 6 months you can easily maintain your weight and control your diet. However, there are many misconceptions about this drink.

Misconception #1: Shakeology Is A Protein Shake

It is believed that it is a shake that has extra proteins. The main reason for this misconception is those articles and images published in 2008 and 2009, in which they have said that protein shakes can be interchangeable for any shake. All shakes are not created equally.

However, shakeology is a very nutrient and dense meal replacement. Its nutrient level is equal to the level of five plates of salad. it helps in avoiding extra calories and maintain your health also.

Misconception #2: Shakeology Is About Macro Nutrients

It is a full standalone drink and provides you all nutrients. It will work on the cellular level, depending upon the quality of ingredients and where they came from and what they do for you. But the main thing is that shakeology does not have any artificial flavor, sweetener, color, and stimulator. Made of all 100% natural materials. Hence it is a quality food.

Misconception #3: Shakeology Is Not A WHOLE Food.

Well, this fact is true to some extent, unlike other processed foods shakeology have unique ingredients in it which are imported from other parts of the world. Processing of food is a difficult and tedious process. The process for drying and preservation of ingredients, shakeology adopted best ways in which their whole food integrity remains in them.

Misconception #4: Shakeology Is EXPENSIVE.

While knowing its benefits a lot of people believe that it is very expensive and you can’t afford it. However, you can easily buy it. You may have spent some extra dollars on ridiculous false products which are useless and does not do anything well. Shakeology comes on an average side and of course, it is the replacement of your meal. If you can save money from the unhealthy food you can use is for buying shakeology.

Misconception #4: Shakeology Is for WEIGHT LOSS.

As most drinks are labeled as weight losing drinks and fat-free drinks or metabolic booster etc. there is nothing such mark on it. It does not reduce your weight; besides it will complete all nutrients needed by our body. As we take all nutrient we will not feel hungry for a long time. we will not take extra meals and snack as we do. And after using it for several months we will definitely find some change in our body. As our eating habits will be changed.

What To Look In A Blender For Making Shakeology

Shakeology is your basic food. You don’t to lose weight but you need to be healthier. Shakeology provides you nutrients. You can easily make it in any of your blending machines. But blender must have some qualities, you can’t make your shakeology in a regular blender.

High-Quality Motor

You will be needing a high-speed motor for making shakes and smoothies in the home. These blenders can also be used for making shakeology. It will easily crush all ingredients of shakeology and gives you efficient results. No matter how large the parts of the mixture, it will crush them and blend them well. Cheap and low-quality motors will burn where high-quality motors will run several times a day.

Bender Should Be Stable

The blending of ingredients may need a stable blender that will not fall off once you have started blending. Make sure that your blender base is made of metal instead of a piece of plastic. Metal bases give blender stability which is required to withstand the vibrations from a high-speed motor used for making your shakeology.

Make Sure It Is Good Size for You

Choose the blender according to your requirements. A perfect size of pitcher according to your requirement can give you excellent results. Moreover, its material is also important. For best results, the blender pitcher size should be not more than 5 cups or 40 oz. if your blender has more than one pitcher and that of different sizes you can use any one of your choices. The pitcher is made of glass or plastic. However, glass is little brittle but plastic is best and meets all parameters.

Easy and Convenient Cleaning

It is also an important factor that how easily your blender can be clean. If you have to buy a new one that doesn’t buy a one which is difficult to disassemble or you have to disassemble it before cleaning. Blenders can easily be cleaned with hot water.

Best Models for You

You can find a variety of blenders in the market, but consider some from my list of best blenders.

1. Nutri Ninja Pro

The Nutri Ninja Pro is a standalone blender which can work efficiently and process whole fruit and vegetable even ice. If you want healthy drinks and want to easy method this is best for you. This machine does not separate pulp from juice. So you will get all the nutrients of whole foods.

  • Have a powerful 900-watt motor. This machine can process whole foods, including the skins. It can also process ice, seeds, and frozen fruits right from the package.
  • BPA free container and don’t contain harmful toxins.
  • Have to take along containers. The blender set comes with two take-ups along containers in the 24 ounces and 18-ounce sizes.
  • Very attractive design and features a brushed steel finish, with attractive black accents. It looks pretty on the counter, so there is no need to store it in a cabinet.
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2. Magic Bullet Nutribelt Blender

Best for your drinks, if you want to make healthy and nutritious drinks that can help you have healthy and younger-looking skin or want to reduce weight then the right product for you to use is the Magic Bullet NutriBullet.

It is 12-Piece High-Speed Blender and Mixer System. It is made of new extractor technology; it utilizes a motor with cyclonic action. It has the power of 600 watts. Now if you want to have full nutrients of fruits and probably asking yourself why you should eat extract foods. No need to worry, extract foods and drinks are very nutritious and therefore, appropriate for everyone.

  • Have a user manual and cookbook
  • Have 2 stay-fresh reseal able lids, 1 regular lip ring, and 1 handled lip ring.
  • Have 2 short cups and one tall cup.
  • Also, have 1 milling blade and 1 extractor blade.
  • have high torque power base and power of 600 watts.
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • Have capacity volume of 3 cups
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3. Epica Personal Blender & Take-Along Bottle

You can find several blenders in the market but Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle stands out among them. This exclusive blender which ensures that you can make a blended drink on the go in a safe, good, healthy and faster. It comes with a drinking jar attached to the base and allows you to blend and carry the drink with them.

  • The pitcher is made of BPA free plastic. Which is also break resistant. It is safe to carry with you while going on trips and fields. Its cleaning is very easy.
  • The mug is tight and sealable and does not spill the drinks.
  • Heavy duty blades made up of pure stainless steel for easier cleaning and great healthy blending.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Comes with a warranty of two years.
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Shakeology gives your body all nutrients which your body lacks. Hence to make sure all ingredients are mixed well in your glass you have to blend them well. Blending is not possible with ordinary blenders you need a powerful one. You can choose any of the benders from above list.

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