Best Beer Mugs for the Freezer

2018 Update: We think the Best Beer Mugs for the Freezer is the Double Wall Color Frosty Freezer Mugs. (read the full review below)

3 of the Best Beer Mugs for the Freezer

Product MaterialCapacityFeature
Double Wall Color Frosty Freezer MugsPolypropylene14 ozMade of strong and food safe polypropylene
Freezer Mug – Double WallBPA Free Acrylic16 ozBPA Free Acrylic Double Wall Construction, filled with Non Toxic Refreshable Crystals
Decodyne Beer Freezer MugBPA Free Acrylic16 ozFilled with non toxic, refreezable crystals, BPA free

Types Of Beer Freezer Mugs

Acrylic with solidifying gel

Most cooler mugs will non- BPA  utilizes acrylic plastic, with a non-poisonous gel in the middle of the two dividers of the mug. The gel will turn white when it is legitimately solidified.


Some barkeeps keep glasses available in the cooler, with the goal that they will be prepared immediately to put in a frosty drink.

Be that as it may, some glass is vulnerable to softening when kept up the cooler. It’s prescribed to keep the glass no longer than 2 hours in the cooler before pouring a beer – something else, the ice gems that create in the brew can cover the lager taste. The

It’s prescribed to keep the glass no longer than 2 hours in the cooler before pouring a beer – something else, the ice gems that create in the brew can cover the lager taste.

Just like heaven


The Right Glassware

It might take a thicker mug longer to get chilly and cold, however, the thicker glass dividers will likewise warm up more gradually so your brew will remain frosty longer.

When cooling any glass, ensure that it is at room temperature. Applying solidifying temperatures to a hot glass would cause be able to it to split or break.

Cooler Method

Keeping the brew mugs in the cooler guarantees that you generally have a cold glass prepared for your next pour. It would take be able to up to 10 minutes for the temperature of the glass to dip under 32 F, contingent upon your cooler temperature.

Ensure that within the glass is dry when you put it in the cooler, generally, the dampness will stop and afterward weaken your brew as it dissolves.

Snappy Chilling with Ice

If you don’t have a cooler helpful or on the off chance that you have to accelerate the icing procedure a bit, you would use be able to ice to ice your mugs.

"Beer Daiquiri

Essentially fill the mug to the top with ice, and afterward finish it off with icy water. Sit tight around six minutes for the glass to chill and wind up noticeably cold, and after that discharge out the ice and include your lager.

The primary disadvantage of this technique is that dampness may solidify within the glass before you would wipe be able to it out and pour, which would result be able to in weakening.

Speed It Up

There are a couple ways that you would chill be able to a beer mug much more rapidly.

Some expert barkeeps ice mugs quickly with fluid nitrogen, however, that isn’t a suggested strategy for the home authority. A more reasonable technique is to wrap a wet paper towel around your mug before putting it in the cooler. This would frost be able to the mug in as meager as three minutes.

This would frost be able to the mug in as meager as three minutes.

If you have to ice your mug much more rapidly, store vodka in the cooler overnight. Fill the mug with vodka, and after that unfilled it out following 30 seconds to 1 moment to have a quickly iridescent glass.

Things To Consider While Buying Freezer Beer Mug

Freezing time

The gels utilized as a part of cooler mugs have an extensive variety of solidifying times. Some prescribe a solidifying time of 6 hours, while some will suffice with 4 hours.

Best if frozen upside-down

When you put your cooler mug in the cooler, it’s prescribed to put it topsy-turvy. That way, the gel will solidify close to the mouth of the mug- – so it will keep the majority of the drink chilly, not only the base.

Not Fragile

Check to see that your cooler mug will hold up to rough use. You would lean toward a mug that won’t smash like glass if dropped.

Try not to confer a taste to your drink

Favorable position of glass over plastic is that glass doesn’t influence the essence of whatever you are drinking. In spite of the fact that there are some shabby plastics that antagonistically influence the taste, producers of cooler mugs are mindful so as to just utilize polymers that won’t destroy the essence of chilly beverages.

Wash by hand just

Users suggest washing the drinking mugs by hand just – high temp water from utilizing a dishwasher may harm the solidifying gel.

Criticism Regarding Freezer Beer Mug

Here are a couple of the focuses that analysts make when giving criticism on their auto wax buys:


A lot of freezer mugs are made to contain 16 ounces. Some lone hold 11.5-12 ounces- – it’s great to observe the mug’s ability before making a buy.

Try not to abandon them in the cooler too long

One client had a go at leaving the cooler mug in the cooler at whatever point they weren’t utilizing it.

The issue is that in the event that you abandon it in the cooler for a really long time, it will solidify any drink that you put inside- – you’ll need to sit tight for it to defrost before you drink it.

Top Best Freezer Beer Mugs

1. Double Wall Color Frosty Freezer Mugs

  • Super cold mugs keep your beverages colder and stronger
  • Freezing liquid no ice required
  • Made of strong and food safe polypropylene
  • Ideal for beer, soda, and water
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
Buy From Amazon


2. Freezer Mug – Double Wall

  • These Decorative Mugs are extraordinary for the day to day utilization of all your icy drink needs.
  • BPA Free Acrylic Double Wall Construction, loaded with Non-Toxic Refreshable Crystals.
  • Eliminate the requirement for ice keeping your cool drink while not weakening or diluting it.
  • Basically put in the Freezer for 1-2 Hours before utilize, and look at the gems solidify, preparing themselves for you to pour your drink and appreciate.
  • Hand washes Not suggested for Dishwasher or Microwave utilize.
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3. Decodyne Beer Freezer Mug

  • Set of four twofold walled mugs
  • Incorporates one red, orange, green and blue mug
  • Mugs each hold up to 16 ounces of fluid
  • Place mugs in the cooler for up to 4 hours to keep drinks additional icy
  • Inexact measurements are 4.75″ x 3.5″ x 6″
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Wrapping It Up

Keeping your beer cold has never been less demanding with the assistance of our freezer mugs.

Regardless of how hot the climate is, you will even now have an icy drink to appreciate next to you regardless of where you happen to be.

Also, you won’t have to carry a cooler with you too.

Additionally, the freezer beer mugs are produced using materials that are appeared to be non-poisonous for people – in case you’re anxious about danger then we guarantee you that you shouldn’t be. They are magnificent for use for anybody that desires an icy taste of a super cold beer.


Images Via Flickr Creative Commons: Kelly Midori and Ingo Meironki

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