Best Appetizers To Pair With Champagne

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Champagne a sparkling wine. If it does not prepare according to certain laws and rules it will not have called champagne in some countries. It is part of your formal gatherings and dinners. You can enhance the flavor of appetizers by serving them with this bubbly crystal clear a glass of champagne. Watch this video and find how can you serve them with champagne.


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Going an Extra Mile!

Champagne a variation of wine, mostly famous because of its sparkling appearance. It is made of grapes that grow in champagne region in France. Champagne is made by secondary fermentation of wine in a bottle to create carbonation in it. Store in vinegar, grapes exclusively become sour making champagne. Grapes used in the production of Champagne are mostly black Pinot noir and Pinot Meniere but also white Chardonnay.

Many people believe that champagne is just any old sparkling wine. And sparkling wine may taste like ordinary wine. Basically champagne is usually a celebratory drink and part of your weddings and formal events, thanksgiving and new year’s eve. Alcohol content in champagne is very low as compared to wine and whiskey. It’s transparent look and sparkle make it perfect to drink to serve at beginning of the event. It also comes in a variety of flavors.

My List of Appetizers

Here you will find my list of appetizers that can be served with champagne in your gatherings. You can make any appetizers of your choice. It can also be served with your meat appetizers like chicken, fish, scallops etc. your guest will not enjoy your appetizers but also your party.

Potato Chips

The combination of potato chips with champagne is surprisingly perfect for your evening.  We all love potato chips and they are easy to make at home.

However, you can say potato chips alone are boring so spice it up and serve it with champagne. Serve your potato chips with champagne as an appetizer in your parties and formal gathering.  Making chips as a home is super easy if you have the right equipment, ingredients, and tools.

Take your potatoes, wash them very well in clean water. If you like peel potato chips then don’t remove peel, if you like them without peel you can peel them. Always make your meal according to your taste, your likeness.  Slice your potatoes well using a potato chip slicer. Now take a cast iron pan and pour some vegetable oil in it. Heat it. You can use Lodge Cast iron pan for frying.  Find some more about Lodge Cast iron pan here.

When your chips are fully fried take them out on a paper towel, it will absorb excess oil from your chips. Lastly, add some seasoning as you like. You can season them with salt and pepper but if you want original chicken flavor in your chips use McCormick Bag Season Original Chicken


Scallops are very delicious and full of nutrients. Champagne beautifies your scallop’s appetizers while serving. You can make your scallop in many ways however you should try this one. You will love the flavor I am sure. Cook them in extra virgin olive oil and crush some fresh garlic over them. They are delicate and cooks quickly so avoid overcooking them.

You will need a cast iron pan for frying and freeze scallops for making scallops appetizers. You can find everything you need here.


A quick and easy cheddar bacon quiche goes nicely with a glass of bubbly champagne. Recipe of quiche is very simple and easy. You will be needing two eggs, bacon, diced onion and some cheese either parmesan and cheddar.

Fill a frozen pie crust with the mixture you made with the ingredients.  Now put your plates in an oven at 400-degrees F. bake it for 45 minutes, or until the top of quiche has turned a golden brown color. Then take them out and let it cool for about 15 minutes. Serve it with a glass of champagne.

Crab Cakes

A sophisticated choice for appetizers is crab cakes. Crab cakes are served well with champagne. You can make your crab cakes just by using a simple recipe. You can impress your guests easily.

Take some crackers and crush them and mix them with two tablespoon of mayonnaise and a half teaspoon of mustard. Plus, add a quarter tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, a beaten egg and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Now stir in a pound of fresh, well-drained crab meat and let cool for one hour in the fridge.

Put some breadcrumbs on a plate and take your chilled mixture form it into four patties and roll them in the breadcrumbs until consistently covered. When fully covered fry them in Lodge cast iron pan in some vegetable oil. When crispy brown takes them out and serves with a beaker of champagne.

Things You Will Be Needing!

Products you will be needed for making these appetizers.

1. Lodge Round Cast Iron Pan

A versatile pan by Lodge company. It is pre-seasoned and can be used in both for cooking and baking. Good for deep frying.

  • It is heavy in weight and hence can cook efficiently.
  • It also has an insulated handle so you can grab your pan easily while cooking.
  • It has two side lips for pouring.
  • For best result hand wash only. Don’t put in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • After washing, place it on a stove and dry it. Then take a toilet paper and put lodge seasoning oil in it, now cover all the surface with oil with the help of toilet paper. Always store it in a dry place.
  • It can be used on stoves, On fires, on grills and in ovens.
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2. McCormick Bag Season Original Chicken

Some people like the original taste of chicken. If you are one of those people who like eating chicken having original taste this seasoning is good for you. It enhances the original flavor of the chicken. This seasoning helps you in getting that fancy crisp on your chicken.

  • Easily mixed with chicken.
  • Comes in a cooking bag makes easy cleaning.
  • Gives you tender, aromatic, savory chicken every time.
  • Made with all natural ingredients.
  • MSG Free and artificial flavors free.
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3. Penny Lane Single Fold Paper Towel

You need a paper towel for drying your lettuce.  Though they are an all-purpose paper towel.  Helps you in storing your lettuce fresh for several days.

  • It has 250 towels, and 16 cases 4000 towels per case.
  • High-Quality towels.
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4. Francesca’s Favorites Fresh Atlantic Sea Scallops

If you don’t find fresh scallops near your place and worry not. You don’t need to but those old ones from your local market. You can easily find this Francesca’s Favorites fresh sea scallops easily from your grocery store and online as well.  They are not frozen but fine. The quality of scallops is highly maintained. They check every scallop, process them and freeze them and store them.

  • Wild catch from Atlantic sea
  • They are fresh and never frozen.
  • Every scallop hand picked and hand cut
  • Restaurant quality
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5. Annie’s Organic Saltine Classic, Baked Crackers


Best crackers for making cheesecakes and crab cakes.

  • Certified as organic.
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients and have no artificial flavor.


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Looking for something which can accompany your appetizers in formal dinners? Go with champagne. It will add elegance to your dinner table. You can serve it with your crab cakes, potato chips, and quiche. Your guests will impress by your serving!

Image credits via Flickr creative commons: Micolo J



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