Balsamic Pickled Onion

Picked onion, a food consisting of onions pickled in vinegar, salt, and other preservatives. Onion pickles are also part of cocktails. People who love intense flavor enjoy the flavor of onion pickle.

However, faint hearted people can’t bear its strong taste. You can easily make this snack at your home and serve it with different dishes. Any onion can be used for pickling no matter what shape it has and what color it owns. You can try different recipes for making a pickle at home. Balsamic pickle onions are great in taste.

Watch this video and learn pickling iron.


Pickle onions are chef part of many bars.

Do you know about Gibson? Gibson is a martini cocktail which has parts of onion pickle. When onions are subjected to pickling in a jar there is a large number of small white pickles onions known as “silver skin”. Silverskin onions are smaller and pickled usually in white vinegar.

They are picked separately and don’t serve. So they are used as a vital part of the martini cocktail. These onion pickles don’t have the strong flavor. Sometimes their taste is quite bad. Heard about a cocktail pickle?

Cocktail pickles are pearl onion pickled in a brine solution with turmeric and paprika. They make a perfect pair with many cocktails.

Picking Onions for pickling

Pickling onions is not that tricky business. Though you need to take care of many factors like size, type etc. You can pick any onion for pickling, you can use either spring onion, red onion or white onions. Of course, everything depends on your choice. The size of the onion should be one inch in diameter. Full-sized onions such as Spanish onions should be sliced first.

I have a real problem with onions and I’m sure a lot of people may also have. Tears come out when you peel and chop onions. This is because onion has a large amount of Sulphur. However, different home remedies help us in avoiding them.

One of the remedies is to cut the onions in running water or you can wet them before cutting them. You can also dip them in water for a few minutes.  Always use a sharp knife for cutting them. Place them in the refrigerator before cutting them.

Onion pickled are eaten in different ways depending on the area and history. In United Kingdom union pickles are served along with fish and chips.

It’s your choice what ingredients you are going to put in your pickle. The brine solution is way common though. You can make your balsamic pickled onion in many ways. Let’s share some methods with you.

Balsamic Pickled Shallots

For this recipe, you will be needing following ingredients.

  • Shallots
  • White wine vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Water, caster sugar, salt and cracked black pepper
  • Basil leaves
  • Balsamic vinegar

Take a pot add your shallots in it. Now add boiling water to the shallots. Leave it for a second and then drain them. Now leave them for cooling. When cool enough to handle peel them nicely. After finish peeling and brushing put them in a large pan. Pour all the ingredients in it excluding balsamic vinegar. Heat it to boiling and then lower the heat. Mix them and let them settle.

When they are tender shift cooked shallots into a jar. If your jar is filled use another one. Now boil the remaining liquid for five minutes and add balsamic vinegar to it. Finally, cover your shallots with this liquid sauce. Leave the jars for 3 days. Hope you will like this way of pickling. This pickle can stay for three months.

Balsamic Pickled Onions

Here is another recipe. For this recipe, you will need following ingredients.

  • Pearl onions
  • Salt, cinnamon stick
  • Malt vinegar
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Pickling Spice
  • honey

Peel your pearl onion and set them in a bowl. Add water to the bowl in addition to salt. Leave it for overnight.

Now take a small piece of cotton cloth place cinnamon stick and pickling spice in it and make a bundle. Place this bundle in a stainless steel pan also add malt vinegar in it. Heat it and boil it. Also, leave it overnight.

Add balsamic vinegar and honey next morning. Now drain the onions and wash them carefully with water. When they are fully cleaned set them in a jar. Add the mixture you made in it. Close the lid of the jar and store them in a cool dry place for 14 days.

Balsamic Pickled Red Onions

These pickled onions have a sweeter flavor than the other two. Because of the red onion. For this pickle you need:

  • Large red onion
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Agave nectar, light honey, sugar
  • Salt

As red onions are large so you have to slice them first. Wash your onions thoroughly. Boil some water in a pan pour the boiling water over the onions. Rinse it properly. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients in it. Add a little whiskey too.  Pour brine over the onions and stir it and coat the onions completely in brine. Leave them for few days with regular stirring.

If you want to enhance flavor or change the flavor you can add some other ingredients after picking.

Products You may need

You will be needing a lot of products for pickling, however here are some products which can help you in pickling.

1. Pakkon Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar with Metal Lid

For pickling, you must need a jar. This jar will help you in storing and preserving your onions. It has many features. You will definitely love this jar in comparison to others. You can save a lot of money if you buy this jar. It is a top rated jar at this price.

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2. Home Brew Ohio Muslin Bags

You will be needing a muslin for making a bundle of spices and place them in your pickle jars. You don’t need a piece of cotton cloth if you have this muslin bags. All the spices you wanted to put in your pickle you just have to put them in your muslin bag.

  • Made of Disposable and recyclable materials
  • Can hold grains, hops, and spices
  • Comes in Ivory color otherwise dark colors are artificial.
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3. MiaBella Balsamic Vinegar

For making balsamic pickled onion you must need balsamic vinegar. This vinegar is a vital part of your snack.

  • Italian product.
  • Good for all meat, cheese, and fish. You can use it with strawberries, salad or even vanilla ice cream.
  • The main ingredient for your dishes.
  • No artificial additives.
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4. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave


  • Contains a low glycemic sweetener.
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5. Kitchen tools Gallon Glass

It is a complete set. This kit has everything you will be needing for brewing and fermenting at your home. This jar comes with a traditional cotton cheesecloth lid along with an elastic band.

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The glass is the best material for fermentations and preserving unlike plastic it does not produce toxic materials. You can also use it for storing stuff.

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Pickling onions is an art. It’s a tacky business but if you learn some basics you can make your own pickle at home easily. Balsamic vinegar is often used in onion pickles. Balsamic pickles are very common and adore a lot of people. Moreover, you can find this balsamic pickle at bars in your drinks.

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